Emotions - the enemies of the choice of housing

19.10.2010 17:05
In one well-known American book on real estate investments, the author tells how he buys as the judges: "I look 100 options, pick 10, while the remaining 10 - one suitable for 99%."<br /><br />Struck in this statement is not the number of scanned objects! And the approach - a man has earned his millions by buying and selling real estate, he was a professional buyer, and, nevertheless, did not rush to "cheap" or attractive options, but each time carefully chooses.<br /><br />But our people are known to take a taxi to the baker does not go. And therefore to buying a home are somehow too in Russian: very often too emotionally or "maybe", or too trusting.<br /><br />I had a client who bought a studio apartment just because the switches were touch (if only there), and the money is quite enough for one bedroom, but requiring repairs. To anyone's persuasion did not yield! Son in shock, the daughter lost her power of speech ... Happy shopper enters a new "apartments", the remaining money is spent on the arrangement of life in a new town (moved closer to her son).<br /><br />And six months later comes the disappointment - the apartment is dark, cold, upper neighbor always forgets to turn off the water in the kitchen, and the neighbors on the site some shady characters are going to ... But with the switches all right!<br /><br />And these examples are set. Well, we are not Americans! These are the emotional! Only, unlike Americans who change their home, depending on the needs of (the birth of children, new job, etc.), we often buy an apartment once or twice in my life!<br /><br />So, the first enemies in the choice of housing - the emotions. And equally harmful and negative emotions, and suddenly emerged euphoria. How can this be avoided? Never go to view the apartment (or even more of a private house) alone. Invite a friend (friend) or a distant relative.<br /><br />Why are not parents or children? Because in this case, the family relationships - is a complex emotional well-established system of interactions and emotions - is the enemy! Beside you should be someone neutral, whose opinion you would have been able to listen. And only then to discuss the family and re-watch!<br /><br />The second enemy - the sun! To blame it that night do not shine! But basically all views occur in the evening after work. In the six years of my real estate activities can be a handful of buyers who wanted to see the apartment and the house in which it is located, even in the daytime. Others look at the "breakers".<br /><br />But you do not buy the wall! And in many ways your lifestyle and health! If you liked the apartment, and you hesitate to buy it or not - look at the different times of day, you can evaluate the degree of light and the rooms and the courtyard and the house itself, and the staircase ...<br /><br />Next is your enemy - it is your illusions about the neighbors. Clearly, you are with them not to baptize children, but will have to live through the wall! There is a popular saying that not choose your neighbors, but not in this case.<br /><br />Virtually impossible to make animal lovers to part with their one hundred and twenty cats (and if you have allergies?) Or alcohol lovers who gather every morning under the porch, volunteer to be on the road to reform. And just what neighbors do not happen! But that's about the people with whom you will live in a stairwell, and on those above you - it is better to find out.<br /><br />To do is not easy, but very simple - to talk with grandmothers at entrances (an invaluable mine of information!), And by you can see the future neighbors, and they, in turn, can and sellers of apartments many interesting things to tell!<br /><br />Assume flat like that. Neighbors are wonderful - drink tea with biscuits. On the asset management company (HOA) to pray, you can: house, porch, yard and communication in perfect condition - come in, live and rejoice! But there is another important aspect.<br /><br />This infrastructure of the neighborhood. Every morning you will need to get to work and home in the evening - hence the need to assess the availability and performance of urban transport, how far are stopped.<br /><br />If you're on your own car - the presence (absence) of traffic jams and at what time, the possibility of the entrance to the house. Where are the school, a kindergarten, a polyclinic, leisure centers - you should be at the new location is convenient and comfortable in all respects!<br /><br />Only objectively assess all these factors - you take the right decision! With some inconveniences you will be able to accept (eg, lack of kindergartens, if your kids have school children), but with something there. In any case - you will have pros and cons.<br /><br />And then on the agenda raises another question - how to verify the legal purity apartment?<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />
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