Elite Residence is ahead of demand

24.03.2011 23:14
Articles about real estate | Elite Residence is ahead of demand Elite housing in Moscow again after 2 years after the peak of the crisis on the real estate market, can compete in price with the best parts of the world's capitals, leaving behind many of them at an average cost per square meter, and their number.

And, in the Moscow case, the number refers to both the meter apartments, as well as to the total number offered for sale housing.

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Penny Lane Realty Company made a rating of the most expensive housing capital. According to experts the real estate market, this segment has emerged from the crisis of trends and is gaining both the demand and cost. The new rankings were 10 districts of Moscow, which focused the most expensive luxury housing primary and secondary markets.

Thus, in the top 10 companies on the 1 st place was traditionally Ostozhenka - 34,9 thousand dollars for a "square" the "golden mile". On average, prices range from 14.6 to 44 thousand dollars.

At present, there is proposed about 290 apartments, 12% of which are exhibited in the secondary market. 88% of total supply accounted for new residential complexes and houses.

For example, the cheapest meter Agency experts here give the following: 6-room apartment in Eropkinskom lane, finishing with a total area of ??395 meters.

At the 2 nd place - the Patriarch's Ponds, where the average price of 33,3 thousand dollars, and prices vary from 15 to 61 thousand dollars. In total, the area offers approximately 240 apartments. The main volume in the primary market are apartments in residential complexes and luxury home in Sytinskaya impasse.

Cheapest Metro - in a historic mansion in the Small Kozikhinskiy lane. This 2-room apartment with total area of ??125 square meters. The apartment is a good repair, but not exclusive.

At the 3 rd place - the Arbat. Average cost per square meter - 30,6 thousand dollars. Here today sold 480 apartments. Of these, 69% are the primary market. In general, the area fraction of the elite offers is less than 11% of the total sold to housing.

The most affordable on Arbat standards "square" is estimated by sellers in 9,1 thousand dollars. This 8-bedroom 2-level apartment with total area of ??432.5 square meters. Ceiling height of 5 meters, there is a fireplace lounge, billiards room, sauna and room service.

At the 4 th place - Tver with the price of 24.69 thousand dollars per meter. Put up for sale about 500 apartments, of which 55% is offered at the primary and 45% - in the secondary markets. The least expensive price per square meter in the Tver region makes 10,3 thousand dollars. This 3-bedroom apartments with a total area of ??90 square meters.

A little behind the Tver Yakimanka with the price of the "square" to 23,5 thousand dollars. Are on sale only 45 apartments, a near majority of them - is the primary market. The most affordable square meter is worth 7.4 thousand dollars. This 3-bedroom apartment with open plan, finishing with a total area of ??102.5 square meters.

At the 6 th place in rating of the company was listed Plyushchikha area with 21,5 thousand dollars per square meter on average. The total volume of the current proposal here is more than 55 apartments. On the primary market accounts for about 86% offer, the share of real estate now stands at 23%.

The most inexpensive "square" is proposed for 12.9 thousand dollars. This 5-room apartment with total area of ??101 square meter in a new residential complex without finishing.

At the 7 th place - District Zamoskvorechye. The price averages about 18-19 thousand dollars. The most expensive meter is estimated at 27,000 retailers.

Almost all elite classification Penny Lane Realty apartments in the area offered in the primary market, secondary market is 15% of the total proposals. The most affordable square meter is estimated at 6.9 thousand dollars. This 2-room apartment with total area 71 square meters, with basic repairs.

Further, on 8 th place - Net ponds, have lost credibility before the crisis. The price of the "square" - 16 thousand dollars. The volume offers minimal - only 80 apartments, represented both the primary and the secondary market (58% and 42% respectively). In general the structure of supply of objects for sale, luxury segment is only 7%. The cheapest square meter is estimated at 9.4 thousand dollars. This 4-room apartment with total area of ??142 square meters with an excellent repair.

At the 9 th place - Presnya. Proletarian district in ancient times in the last 10 years has become "almost an elite." Today the "square" is worth about 15 thousand dollars. The total volume of the current proposals to date - 180 apartments, of which 87% were primary and 13% - on the secondary market. The most affordable square meter is estimated at 11 thousand dollars. This is a studio with a total area of ??60 square meters.

Closes rating most expensive metropolitan housing Sretenka - Color Blvd. The cost of a meter - about 14 thousand dollars. Elite proposal area today presented 95 apartments, of which 63% - the primary market. The most affordable meter costs 13 000. This 4-bedroom apartment with open plan, finishing with a total area of ??138 square meters.

"In Moscow, a lot of amazing, and housing, particularly its elite segment - it is more than just a" miracle "when compared with counterparts in world capitals, - says LOOK-Real Estate, the independent expert of real estate market of Moscow Gennady Chukanov. - Moscow - a clear leader and at prices to "elitku, and square meters of luxury apartments, and the number of submitted proposals on the housing market. That, in rich America would be prohibitively expensive, and in our capital - is normal. Moreover, according to statistics, almost 95% of all metropolitan housing sold by their own means, without lending by banks.

The third feature of Moscow's bohemian housing - this discrepancy value for money, if we start from the generally accepted world standards of quality housing, such as a comfortable environment, ecology, availability of green areas, ease of transport availability and homogeneity of the social environment. The last criteria is meant, again, not as we have homogeneity of residents of a single entrance, or at home, and the district. "

"There's approach to the expensive housing in Moscow is something old-merchant, in the spirit of freemen, and at the same time - in the style of" walking the last time "- says the price of real estate market of Moscow director of the metropolitan real estate companies Olga Artemiev. - Thank God that in the past year, though no longer enjoy the incredible demand for apartments earlier in the style of "Hail, King!" - With a gold lepnikoy, palace decor elements, and so forth on the principle that the more expensive - the better. However, if the style has become more moderate, the prices are on the contrary show growth. Willing and, accordingly, demand can only please ".
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