"Elita-Center" will be the same as careless investors

30.04.2014 01:15
Articles about real estate | "Elita-Center" will be the same as careless investors No state mechanisms for the protection of investors will not work if carelessness - someone's personal position. This opinion was expressed by Andrew Vavrysh , deputy director of the Department of Urban Development and Architecture , Chief of the urban cadastre KSCA on Internet conference " How Urban cadastre will counteract illegal building ? " Held on April 25 at the portal LІGA.net . Asked about the fate of the many " unfinished " in the Ukrainian capital , Andrew Vavrysh stressed that "elite centers " will be as much as you will be heedless of depositors and investors.

"The last few years I have watched a few developers that are quite ugly way , without a single document , exclusively under the patronage of some representatives of law enforcement agencies engaged in illegal buildings " - says Andrey Vavrysh , adding that even more outrageous and irresponsible than a violation of the law by developers was existence of dozens of buyers not yet built estate .

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" Their presence on the background of the absence of any legal document , the most worthless prisoners developers contracts except thirst for savings and personal stupidity I can not explain . Therefore " elite centers " will be so much and be so many as to be heedless of depositors and investors. and no government mechanisms to protect their interests in this case, can not work because carelessness - their personal position , and therefore should be responsible too personal ! " - Said Vavrysh .

During the online conference Kiev asked Andrew Vavryshu many questions as urban cadastre and real benefits for the city and the fate of appearance in the Ukrainian capital , and even Andrew Vavrysha conflict with the current head of the KSCA Vladimir Bondarenko.

Talking about the urban cadastre , Andrew Vavrysh assured that when he prevented the illegal construction - a lot. " Urban cadastre is the main instrument that should provide broad public access to all the important transformations in the city. Conversion - is an investment , reconstruction, the construction , modernization" - added Vavrysh .
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Такой мерзавец, взяточник. Лично сталкивался.
Вот тварь, интересно, почему среди элитовцев и сотрудники прокуратуры, и СБУ, и администрации президента. А бля, точно, они ж все лохи и понесли деньги в контору, которая ни одного документа не имела. У меня целая папка разрешительных документов по Элита центр на руках.
Ваврыш был поставлен в управлении архитектуры Киева регионалами смотрящим за денежным потоком при Попове. Нет взятки, нет его подписи. Оооочень циничный и наглый персонаж. Как он до сих пор там держится, где же эта люстрация...???