"Elita-Center" in the Ternopil

10.01.2011 11:46
In Ternopil repeat history "Elita-Center". Almost two thousand depositors in Ternopil never received the promised housing. Against the developer has already filed two criminal cases.

In Ternopil actually repeated construction scam "Elita-Tsentr", which several years ago was at the center of attention in Kiev. Several thousand depositors did not wait for the promise of housing, 15 apartment buildings in various stages of construction freeze, says TSN.

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With respect to the developer in the prosecutor's office has filed several criminal cases. The first case, according to the prosecutor Sergei Ternopil Banach, in fact malpractice in obtaining bank loans.

"The second criminal case is also on the fact of abuse of power and appropriation of another's property by fraud with respect to those funds that are brought from dolevikov" - he explained.

Refer the matter to court prosecutors promised in the near future. People are in despair - to give a lot of money and nowhere to live. Depositors have organized pickets and set up action groups, from which now make referrals to officials and law enforcers. However, if the developer declared bankrupt, the cost of housing them would cost twice as much, and finish building its own people can not.

Recall, as a result of fraud "Elite-Center, open in 2006, affected more than 1,5 thousand depositors housing. It took four years and the government just recently approved a mechanism for transferring home ownership to victims of fraud.
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