Elena Baturin refused to build an elite settlement

03.10.2010 00:03
Articles about real estate | Elena Baturin refused to build an elite settlement Hardly anyone would argue that the most dramatic news stories of recent days - is the resignation of the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. September 28, 2010 decree of President Dmitry Medvedev's mayor, was dismissed from his post due to the loss of confidence. It seems that with him "lost confidence" and wife, Elena Baturin. According to some media reports, Russia's richest woman has already begun to revise their plans for conducting development business. One of the first under the "hot hand" got a project of elite cottage settlement.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union among officials, entrepreneurs and stars of show business has become fashionable to demonstrate their inchurched. Someone donated the Russian Orthodox Church, large sums of money, someone he built temples, someone to finance reconstruction of the ancient shrines. Could not overcome this plague and party chief "oligarch in a skirt" of our country. In 2004, Elena Baturin has built a hotel complex "Diveevskaya Sloboda" in the immediate vicinity of Diveevo monastery, where the relics of one of the most venerated saints in Russia - St. Seraphim of Sarov. For "very important" pilgrims wife of the former mayor has erected a real ancient Russian city, with white-stone Kremlin and princely houses, timbered farmstead boyar and peasant huts. Despite the archaic appearance, inside is very modern: a cafe, restaurant, conference hall, business center, disco, sauna and billiards room. And in the houses located hotel rooms with all amenities.

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In 2007, the site of the hotel complex, it was reported that in the surrounding area for the pilgrims will soon be a gated development. Apparently for those who are in the room "Diveevskaya Sloboda" partake of the holy things is not comfortable. In the news it was stated that "settlement of luxury will be erected soon in the territory adjacent to the complex, and will be merged with the same style and infrastructure. It will consist of 27 log cabins, each with an area of 15 hectare site. Cottages, a residential area from 150 to 240 square meters. meters, will be fully equipped with all necessary engineering: electric power, gas, heating, sanitation, HVS, GPS, telephone, satellite TV system, fire and burglar alarm systems, video surveillance system. "

To the pilgrims did not miss much at the time of his thoughts about "high", in addition to the entertainment infrastructure of the hotel to be built stocking of the pond, fitness center, an equestrian school, a mini zoo and much more. High probability that by "many others" means an apiary for her beloved husband, for which there is no greater happiness than breeding bees.

But, unfortunately, all this idyll was not destined to become a reality. In 2008 came the global economic crisis and two years later came the crisis in relations between the president and the mayor of the capital. In the "Battle of the Titans won the youth - a two-year president won eighteen of the mayor. Following the resignation of Yuri Luzhkov, the threat hangs over the business and his wife. First came news that several banks refused to lend to Inteko. Then rumors that Mrs. Luzhkov soon planning to transfer assets "in the signal and move to permanent residence in Austria. It is not surprising: the information that the Prosecutor General's Office will check the conjugal couple Baturin, not long to wait.

Naturally, in such a situation of "high" it seems at the very least, to the forefront the salvation of his own flesh and worldly goods. Therefore, plans to build luxury villa community for the pilgrims had to roll. All information on this project since the site has disappeared, and perhaps no one would never know that such plans ever existed. But the Internet - a very spiteful thing, everything that ever was published online, will be stored there forever. And journalists - do not feed them bread, give me some dirt on the disgraced officials and businessmen to dig.
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