Element birth and style of your home

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Articles about real estate | Element birth and style of your home Here are brief practical advice to help you establish a connection between an element of your birth and style of your home. Do not forget that this style may change and evolve with you. After working on the room, apartment or house in accordance with their current views, you are six months later may find that you like a different style. But one thing remains unchanged: the interior of your home should keep in touch with the element of your birth.

Do not use all the tips and ways simultaneously. Choose one color, one subject, one general idea and make it a reality instead of trying to do everything at once.

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For the people of Fire. Fire blends well with wood and sympathetic to him in his environment. Wood fuels Fire and makes him a feeling of comfort and reliability, and sometimes causes him to break out of passion. However, do not need too zealous. If you zapolonyaete his room with wooden furniture and plants, lay on the floor green carpets and wall hang wallpaper with a green pattern, then shift the balance strongly in favor of the Tree. It begins to dominate, and it creates a surplus of energy balls rumble, which does not strengthen, but weaken you.

You're good to respond to flaming reds and bright colors, but your room needs to be combined with hints of wood or earth to harmonize the energy of your fiery personality. Your love can be hot and passionate, surround yourself natural colors, so it does not become overwhelming. Select a color that is associated with the Tree: pastel green and yellow-green tones of sage, rosemary, thyme and mint, strong fir greens or delicate shades of young grass. Colors of the Earth is yellowish-brown, images reminiscent of a ripe wheat field, ocher hues krasnozems or changeable palette of late autumn foliage. They can be dark, like brown coal, or with fiery streaks as terracotta. But avoid the poisonous yellow hues: in this situation you will stun the gloom and despondency.

Very well, if the window of your room overlooking the garden, or you can see at least some trees. If not, hang next to the photograph or picture of a pleasant landscape.

Wooden sculpture or beautiful pieces of old wood nodular found on the beach can make a pleasant atmosphere in your room. If you do not like a tree, as such, that a compromise can be a powerful sculptural plants such as ficus or aloe. Elements of the tree helps to wake fading passion in your intimate life.

Books are a good source of energy wood. While picking up a home library can not be called "fiery" occupation (and if you have it, it is unlikely that you keep it in order.) Several shelves of books, especially old editions will give your room a sense of stability and comfort.

In the bathroom, a combination of wood and earth manifests itself in another way: it's shell, pebbles, and useful items made from natural materials such as pumice and sponge. In the kitchen, it will be old glass jars and the phial, filled with exotic spices like cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. Everything that happens on Earth, could find its place on the kitchen shelf. Look good climbers and creepers, but not trailing - the last people to have a depressing effect of Fire. Cacti and plants with bright colors to the leaves are not suitable for fire: too strong aggressiveness and competitive spirit.

And finally, you can bring to the interior of your room a little bit of metal to add shine and sharpness in an intimate relationship. Gold is more suitable for the Fire, than silver. Put on the shelf a book with gilt-edged, or paste the star of the gold foil on the reverse side of the door. Gold-plated statues or picture frames are more suited to connoisseurs. You can just put a gold chain on the table beside the bed, and gilded trinkets hanging on a bedpost, can liven up your imagination in a moment of intimacy.

DPJ people on Earth. Do you usually well-developed sense of the environment, even if you do not feel thirst for beauty and not inclined to surround himself with fine things. The land is very favorable response on the elements of Fire and Metal, but with an excess of water, you lose support under your feet and start to feel insecure in their abilities, and the excess of the Tree makes you too static. Abundance of plants and natural objects in the interior can cause your feelings in a complete mess.

Because you need to express their close relationship with the natural world, this is best done outdoors: messing around with plants and animals, gardening, growing vegetables. If these lessons you do not like, try to visit more often in nature and a walk in the woods or in the park.

To create a romantic atmosphere in your room, use the elements of Fire and Metal.

We have already talked about the adverse effects of wood, so that if this part of your home is replete with wooden furniture and plants, if possible try to move them to another location.

Emphasize the metal element white candles, mirrors in gilded frames and subdued wall lighting. Nowadays there is a wide selection of lighting fixtures - how about a wall of milky glass, curved in the form of a swan neck, or fixtures in the style of the art decor, made of onyx and Bakelite? Try it, and maybe you will like.

The kitchen is more use pans made of cast iron and stainless steel. If you are a man of means, order the cutting table with a working surface of stainless steel.

Your aesthetic sense, perhaps, sufficiently well developed to experiment with different combinations of colors. Choose the wallpaper with the basic theme - the various elements covered by the mutual passion. Try toned wood paneling adhesive varnishes and semi-permanent color, but choose transparent or opaque coating instead of glossy. Bright colors such as purple, "Indian Summer" and orange and orange zest add to your sense perception.

Use one of the color of water for sexual expression and physical motivation - dark and mysterious purple, emerald green or even black. In the bedroom, you can choose blankets and covers for pillows from faded Camci or in the style of the old French tapestry.

Metal for the people. Although the main characters are metal gold and silver, it must be remembered that, surrounding himself with the attributes of your own element, you are breaking the balance between pragmatism and romantic relationships. It can make you very wealthy man, but it hardly makes you happy. Greed and hunger - is not the same thing.

In order to bring their homes into a state of harmonious balance, use the elements water and earth. The tree is also useful, but you probably have enough furniture and books to reflect this element in everyday life. Water and earth create an atmosphere of frankness and honest communication between partners. Sink, picked up on the beach, rounded pebbles, pieces of weathered stone or pieces of glass polished by the waves, it is easy to include in the interior of the room. Flint has a particularly strong energizing effect on the metal, although it is difficult to find, unless you live in a suitable location. You can use any piece of ancient rocks found during the walk, you can put on the shelf with a pink sink the sea. If you find it hard to get out of the sea or go to nature, get a piece of raw amber and put it on the windowsill in my bedroom.

Seascapes, pictures of lakes, even the simple Japanese drawings of intimate landscapes will give your room an extra comfort. Water color can have a depressing effect on you, in which case you should put a cup of black and blue marbles on the highest shelf in your room. You will not see shades of the water, but they will still work for you.

Adding colors room warm terracotta, yellow ocher and umber earth burning, especially if it corresponds to the interior of your kitchen or bathroom, you can get a better understanding of the relationship with your partner.

Picture in a frame of black wood or ebony add magical touches the water element into your interior. Black and dark blue shades can also be present in the form of hints in various tissues - especially in the bedspreads, curtains, drapes and pillows. Avoid bent iron and metal furniture: it will stimulate your energy, like a powerful magnet, and push to the extreme in the expression of feelings.

For the people of Water. Although Wood and metal are best combined with water, it needs to start to stabilize by the element Earth. To revive the romantic feelings, put in a prominent place in his room malachite box or splice crystals of rock crystal. Fossilized shells, or even just a handful of colored pebbles in a glass bowl or a stone pot, too, will be favorable background.

The tree is useful for water, because it can absorb its penchant for melancholy and mixed emotions. For peace of mind would be the best small statuette of a bird - the freedom that it symbolizes, is important. It is also good to include in the interior of carved furniture and ornaments of carved wood.

Background music reduces anxiety and calms your over-sensitivity, so you ideally set of hollow pendants Chinese in traditional Chinese style. Now on sale a wide selection of pendants, so we can find that will be most pleasing to your ears, not just the latest fashion.

If your house is no musical instruments and you can not play them, often listen to CDs or cassettes with the melodies of nature. Music is fluid and changeable, it improves the quality of your relationship, because it reflects your "water" the essence, and does not eat it.

Whenever possible use in the interior of the metal elements - it helps to clearly define your attitude to love, or loved one. If you prefer silver, try not to expose it for show: money makes the emotional nature of water is even more sensitive. Of course, not many of us can afford real gold jewelry or even gold chains, but enough to be included in the interior of a hint of gold in the form of shades, brass and copper door handles and kastryulek in the kitchen. Metal Water is necessary for clarity of thought and freedom of expression.

Include in your color palette rich purple or turquoise. For dramatic contrast, especially in the bedroom, you can add a spark of fire, which will add dynamism to your intimate life.

For the people of the Tree. Fire - a magical and creative element for the tree, so if possible, hang the chandelier in the bedroom, put a candle or get a bright color shade in the kitchen. Another excellent "fire" symbol for the kitchen will be a garland of dried red peppers hanging on a wall near the door. It will inspire you and give fire your passions.

If you do not have a fireplace, hang a picture or pictures where there is the presence of the element of Fire. This can be anything - from the battle scenes before the autumn bonfires and pictures of distant galaxies. In the bedroom, try to hang a mirror near the window so as to catch the rays of the early morning or evening sun.

The tree also requires the properties of water to calm peace. This can be an aquarium with fish or simply elegant finish bathroom and shower. If you happen to have a garden with a small pond, this is ideal, if you live in a room or apartment, hang on a wall with a picture of an isolated pond or photographs of dragonflies and frogs. Terra cotta pots in the kitchen or playground in front of the entrance door, lined with decorative stones, - a simple way to activate the stabilizing energy of the Earth in your home.

Try to avoid pronounced presence of metal in your bedroom, as this element is opposite to tree and can lead you to believe that a friendship or intimate relationship has no value. However, you can wear metal in the form of jewelry, to emphasize their status in society.

Deep green and dark blue color of water helps you keep in touch with your emotions. Select one or two shades of earth, such as security, coffee or tea tones, to stabilize and more sensual self-expression in your love life.

Phase elements
. Before proceeding to a detailed study of your birth element, examine the list of their qualities. In my life, you can go through different phases of the unit of energy, different from the one under which you were born.

Browse through each section of the list and think about what set of qualities that best describes your personality. Activation of the various elements is quite natural at different stages of your life. For example, do not worry if you feel very different from the human metal, although born under the sign of this element and feel more contact with, say, water energy. In such cases it is advisable to examine both the partition and install a link between them. While you may be under the influence of another cycle, the latent effect of your birth element continues to play an important role.

Let's say you're in that phase, when your personality reveals more quality fire than one would expect judging from the fact that you were born in the Year of Water. Man consists of all five elements, and should take at least a little of each of the paths at some stage in their lives. Follow what you feel is important for myself at the moment.

If you were born on the last day of a cycle or the first day of the next, it is recommended to carefully examine the quality of both elements, since the exact time of changing lunar cycles do not always coincide with the calendar date. It may be that one element is closer to you than another.

Your birth element. Energy changes, and while your dominant element can not be so, under which you were born, birth element still serves as a guide to the cycle of energy, which determines your attitude toward life and love. Do not take it for granted that if you were born in the Year of Fire, then necessarily manifest all the qualities of fire. But remember that the energy of the element is hidden inside you. Adapt to it, make it part of your life and harmonious partnerships.

In the chapter on "Manifestations of personality" you get some idea of personal expression for the energy of your element. If you use this information in conjunction with the principles and techniques of Feng Shui to create a harmonious environment in your home, you will be able to develop a new attitude toward the world and life in general. The fact that you are investing in their housing situation is a reflection of what you invest in relationships with others. Energy exists not only in your home, but in your heart.

Yin and yang. If you were born in the year, Yin, they are apt to express the energy yin. This is a passive, receptive, flowing energy.

If you were born in the year of yang, they are apt to express the energy of yang. This is an active, dynamic, powerful energy.

List as an element of birth. Read the list of qualities of his element of birth, before proceeding to a detailed study of the expression of his personality.

1. You may find that the item under the sign of which you were born, not quite describe your personality at the moment. But if you agree with at least 15 of the 27 listed properties, then you can skip to the section about your birth element.
2. If you feel that the quality of another element well describe your current situation, review the appropriate section. Perhaps at this stage of life you are associated with this element more directly than with an element of your birth. Again, if you can count at least 15 of these attributes, refer to this element, as if it were your own

impulsive passionate dynamic
dominant proud tactless
optimistic self-centered active
saucy romantic intuitive
independent original impatient
demanding childly cheerful
loves fun inclined to risk cavalier
causing willful dreamer
exciting annoying conceited
sensual gentle patient
owner smug pragmatic
cautious opinionated perceptive
emotional clingy raunchy
charming jealous serene
closed sexual materialist
Artistic thoughtful skilled
sequential greedy caring
loves nature resistant tolerant
powerful erotic kinky
purposeful independent unbending
spunky secretive arrogant
extremist lone instigator
biased melancholic ambitious
resolute devotee insatiable in bed
realistic lucky fascinating
Hardy picky dodgy
holistic visionary cynical
altruist sophisticated detached
pedant unflappable diplomatic
ambivalent freedom-experimenter
broadly balanced thinking headstrong
individualist eccentric active
liberal idealist, a charming
charming helpful friendly
extrovert humanist unassembled
aesthetic fear intimacy
sociable romantic imaginative
Flexible sensitive gullible
Passive graceful scattered
unstable volatile witty
koleblyuyschiysya evasive neurotic
intuitive talkative escapist
elusive charming deceptive
convincing unpredictable talent
unstable optional impressionable

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