Electronic inventory rule machinations to land

15.03.2013 00:30
Articles about real estate | Electronic inventory rule machinations to land A few months after the start of the new system was uncovered a large number of irregularities. Abuse of the land that existed a few months ago, it became practically impossible after the launch of electronic cadastre. Said Chairman Serhiy Goszemagentstva Timchenko, writes League.

"Even today, a few months after the start of the new system, reveals a host of abuses that have been before. On the other hand, 99% of all the abuses that were before - is impossible," - he said.

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Timchenko also stressed that the new system increases security of property of the landowner. "First - this is the inventory number, which we appropriate land, and this is the main guarantee of ownership of it. Second - the speed of processing, which enables the complete automation system. And third - protection of the land," - said the head of Goszemagentstva.

He recalled. that due to the national inventory system through the Internet every Ukrainian has free access to land information. After digitizing the data obtained by aerial photography, created a single electronic card. Each interested in online access can see public information: the Ukrainian border, border areas and settlements, as well as the boundaries of the site, its size and purpose.

Recall the national inventory system started on 1 January 2013. During the first week to "public cadastral map" on the official website of the State Land Agency of Ukraine visited 81,600 people.

In electronic stratifications public cadastral map contains a digital map of Ukraine (orthophotomap), information about the Ukrainian borders, regions, districts, villages, indexed cadastral maps, land, and their boundaries, cadastral parcel number, ownership, purpose, size, and a map of the soil of Ukraine. Later we will add other layers.
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