Electioneering: cottage town or village

31.05.2010 09:48
<div style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: 12px;"><span style="font-family: Tahoma;">Country house you can buy or build, not only in a separate cottage, but in the ordinary village and township. Pluses and minuses are in both versions.<br />Thus, the cottage community - is, in fact, the usual locality, but planned in a picturesque place with connector modern engineering infrastructure and roads to each house. Also, in each such town is the management company, which helps address technical contents of the house and plot.<br />In the long-existing village or town with this could be the problem - and the house will have to serve yourself, roads and communications are not always nearby. Benefits lived-settlement that minimum social and engineering infrastructure it already has, and most people live here permanently. Because there are cases of selection in lying in the vicinity of large cities settlements of individual building plots, with the formation of the future tenants associations or cooperatives.<br />Yet, qualitatively planned, implemented and managed by the developer cottage community liveable.<br />Last week, <strong>the director of RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko </strong>took part in the television show" Ranok 5 каналі ", the theme of appliance has been budget cottage building.<br />Here is what Mr. Kovalenko viewers:<br />- At present our data in the Kiev region 269 towns, including 85 under construction, 92 built and 92 planned.<br />Of the 177 planned and built towns in 50% of the construction is suspended.<br />By number of towns first place in Kiev Svyatoshinskiy area (60 townships), second place at the Obukhov area (57 townships), and third place Makarovsky District (33 campus).<br />Average cost of 1 square meter in the cottage of the Kiev region as of April 1, 1324 amounted to U.S. dollar.<br />In the current year in the Kiev region can be expected commissioning 10-12 cottage townships.<br />Those who bought houses in the villages of economy and business class proved to be the loser, since the cost of homes over the past year fell by 40% -50%.<br />The price of luxury real estate in the villages was more resistant to crisis - suburban squares decreased by 10-20%.<br />Currently, the price of suburban housing more adequate than before the crisis, when the market was overheated, so buy now housing benefit. Especially in the cottage communities, which are nearing completion. The buyer will avoid unnecessary risks associated with lack of infrastructure.<br />Application developers are not always followed - to date there is little realized suburban towns, where infrastructure would be 100% ready. The peculiarity of the Ukrainian market is its construction in the last turn.<br />Trends:<br />Many development companies will develop the market suburban housing cottage towns economy class. Requirements for such facilities are not as high as an elite housing. The infrastructure there is the minimum required - to build them easier, faster and cheaper. Moreover, in recent years actively applied new technologies (frame construction), which allow cheaper project by 30-40%. Building a house of 100 sq.m. costs of 30-50 tys.u.e.<br />A new trend is the interest of private investors to purchase land in the townships. The demand is dictated by a substantial difference between the cost of the finished cottage and built independently. Private developers can use cheaper materials, technologies, reduce the area of the object, etc. Moreover, the communication is already laid, and the labor force, land and building materials over the past year, much cheaper. I think that the demand of individuals on the ground in a cottage village will grow.<br />Many companies have no means to implement the conceived projects, willingly selling land, sometimes in demanding - a single house should not fall out of the project concept.<br />On the market in 2010, there were new projects cottage villages in Kiev region. In general, these are small towns economy-class area of 2.3 ha to 20-30 households. Most likely, the land they had purchased before the crisis, and now to return the funds will implement projects. For them appropriately to build townhouses, than to sell building plots. That they were not advantageous.<br /><strong>Viktor Kovalenko<br /><em>www.zagorodna.com</em> </strong><br /></span></span></div>
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