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15.11.2010 00:08
Articles about real estate | EKOsovety: Ecology of household Now, when the pages of newspapers, television screens and strips of Internet sites abound with reports that mobile phones are harmful to health, our food is replete with preservatives, the environment - harmful and toxic substances to the health, are increasingly reluctant to recall the old aphorism of Soviet times, "Live harmful. " Do people in the XXI century completely powerless against harmful side effects of scientific and technological progress? Our tips will help you reduce them to nothing at least at home, and in addition, to contribute to environmental protection. One only has to learn some simple rules, and we will breathe easier, and the world around will become cleaner and better.

Represent the ideal situation - a new apartment, we can arrange to your liking. Or even the old, in which we want to make the most "environmentally friendly" repair. So, let's begin.

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Paul. Floors should breathe - the main rule. Warm floor - it's good, but only if the heating is provided by hot water. Nevertheless, this technology is often criticized for "complications" in the form of water heater in place of joints. But an electric floor heating completely discouraged hygienists - this additional electromagnetic radiation. If you are really too cold to walk on the floor, wear shoes made of natural materials, or put him on a natural cotton mat, woven mat - anything that will help you feel comfortable.

The quality of linoleum, too, have certain requirements, which often hold back sales. Meanwhile, a conscientious producer always indicates a sanitary certificate. In the children's institutions use one, at the office - the other with a more pronounced flavor. Erode, it will erode and harm from him will be no more, but here's a head for a while may be ill, and his eyes watered. So think - is it worth saving on your body, if he needed extra allergy? In general, the study of the hygienic certificate must be EKOpravilom number 1 in the choice of building materials.

If you have allergies, then instead of linoleum can lay laminate, but certainly not a carpet, especially if you are allergic to dust. Or, if you spent all his life in an apartment in a Soviet-style, adorned with carpets and charges, and could not live otherwise, get a modern vacuum cleaner water and carry out wet cleaning several times a week. The ideal option is a natural flooring, but it is not everyone can afford.

Wall. One of the most environmentally-friendly materials are a wallpaper, ideally - from natural materials. There are vinyl materials that meet modern requirements for environmental safety, non-woven wallpaper with printed patterns and many other kinds of "safe" wallpaper. If you are supporter of modern technology, you can use the persistent natural-based paints to paint the walls, but remember that they are quite expensive.

Ceiling. Natural (if we speak about environmental) of paint for the ceiling, not all can afford. Cardboard-gypsum ceilings have been and remain a favorite, ergonomic and economical technology for the average reader. Harmful if drywall? If you choose a good quality material from the manufacturer with a reliable reputation, then no. Check the certificate, especially by studying data on water-resistance: if the material does not possess good resistance to water, he quickly falls apart when hit on it of moisture, even after a year and a half of regular wet cleanups - then, of course, neither of which ecological say no.

Window. Certainly, in terms of ecology, you should choose windows with natural wood ilimetalloplastik.Vse firms производителиметаллопластиковых windows now provide assurance to the safety indicators. On advanced production has long used lead-free technology and high quality plastic. Himself plastic can release hazardous solid matter around as a result of chemical decomposition reactions only at very high temperatures - above 100 degrees. Conducted a large number of studies - at +35 degrees in the apartment no harmful manifestations of the plastic windows were not. A few years ago because of the high degree of isolation occurred only one problem - the stuffy in the apartment with windows - but now the producers to "invent" the window with the function of ventilation. And vostalnom windows these "environmentally friendly", with high heat, heat and sound insulation.

Having minimal repairs, turn to the technical equipment of our home. Remember that the main principle of guaranteeing the balance of "ecology - scientific and technical progress' in acquiring any modern technology-razumnyypodhod and sense of proportion.

For example, the kitchen. Nuzhnoli small kitchen equipped with many electrical appliances if it has already standing electric cooker, microwave, fridge (and some more and freezer separately)? Unfortunately, usually do not stop. Electric kettle, microwave, TV, and even today, many are equipped with kitchens, regardless of their Living surface. But nobody thinks about the fact that so many devices simultaneously included vyzyvaetinterferentsiyu (superimposition of the electromagnetic field of one device to another). And it is really can be harmful to health. But there is a solution: if you are in the kitchen will certainly need a full set of modern technology - from the kettle to the bread maker, at least include it in turn and do not stand for long periods over the appliance on the circuit.

On the microwave should be discussed separately. The instruction means that the appliance is used for quick cooking, heating and defrosting pischi.Oni very convenient: stylish, fast to use - plus the kitchen occupy little space. On the one hand, they use the electromagnetic energy is sufficiently high power (ultra high frequency to 2000 MHz, with a capacity of up to 10 kW. On the other - the safety of these devices - in their integrity. Volnovku Buying micro, pay attention to one important detail - the door to the front wall should be very tightly closed. stove itself has a highly efficient metal grid that protects the individual from the influence of electromagnetic energy. But during the operation may leave the door, and the generators shelf in the room receives the electromagnetic energy - it is also dangerous to health. Remember also, that fast food in it can not only keep pace destroy some nutrients (which are focused in the advertising producers microwaves), but also has enough time to collapse the protein. Therefore, ideally, should use the microwave to heat food more than her cooking

Bathroom. Today there are many tips for eco-friendly operation of washing machine. We are talking about new technologies, laundry, and the materials making up the tank and drum, and the economy, spending power (It is believed that the improper use of a washing machine overrun electricity can be from 10% to 30%.) But one of the highlights influencing both the environmental friendliness of the process of washing, and the state of laundry after it, is still the quality of washing powder. On the market today, there are many environmentally friendly gels or powders without phosphates. In addition, you can significantly "improve" the environmental quality of the clothes, avoiding air conditioners and bleach, as well as any chlorine funds. Using the powder (as well as other household cleaning products), then make sure that the dose of funds consistent with the manufacturer's instructions. Use a measuring cup for powder. There are also new methods of washing are available to reduce its number (eg, popular nowadays magnetic beads).

Room. After the sweltering heat of summer the first device, which were awarded our attention - with air conditioning. Everyone knows the stories about infections, which have paid for the comfort of some zealous fans of these devices ("boleznlegionerov). However, not everyone knows that cause these infections in most cases is ... failure to comply with the rules of environmental safety - untimely replacement filters. What can happen if you forget to change the filter on time? There may be symptoms similar to colds or allergy. Becomes difficult to breathe, there are dry in the nasopharynx, nasal congestion, skin rash, nausea. Sometimes these symptoms are accompanied by severe fatigue, difficulty concentrating, memory impairment ... The fact that the amount of toxins in unventilated rooms with air-conditioning is 6-7 times higher than in natural ventilation. If the filters do not change in time, they are dirty and have themselves become a source of various toxins, including microbial infections. Negative effect can also have air ionization and air. So - do not skimp on the filters and change them according to instructions. Also, keep not only the temperature in the room, but for the humidity!

This is followed television, which is written many times greater than on the air conditioner. Do not hesitate, that none of the readers are not going to abandon the blessings of civilization in the apartment, give just the basic security rules under which health warnings and TV talk not pridetsya.Bessporno, this device is a source of electromagnetic, ultraviolet, infrared and soft X-ray radiation. A voltage electrostatic air ionization around the picture tube creates an air space with positively charged ions. All together does not pass in vain for health if spent hours at the screen. Therefore the first principle - the more the screen - the further need to stay on televizora.Naprimer, 17-inch screen requires a safe distance from him at a distance of 2 m and 21 - inch - 3-3,5 m. However, these recommendations are usually no one adheres to. The second principle - Limit time spent in the blue screen. Especially for children. For preschool-age children - up to 2 hours, aces per day for adults - up to 3 hours. And be sure to take breaks in watching television.

The apartment can be a host of other devices on each of which is physically impossible to cover in one article. Therefore we indicate only the main principle of security: placing appliances apartment, be sure to follow the recommendations outlined in the instruction manual. Avoid electromagnetic "weaves" and stay in their area for a long time (especially the planning of recreation areas and beds).

Below is a list of tips that will allow you to "protect" themselves in terms of ecology in all spheres of life - home, cottage, at work, on the street. Observing them, you not only a responsible attitude to their health - you are helping protect the environment! And these words today mean far more than any quarter of a century ago.

EKOsovety for the adherents of a healthy lifestyle and environmentalists
1.Otkazhites of excess household chemicals. For example, sex can be perfectly cleaned without tools for cleaning floors, if the apartment lasted for years without repairs.
2.Select meters of water supply - this will allow to adequately assess the water consumption.
3.Provodite in the shower no more than 10 minutes and includes warm water instead of hot. And save electricity, and the skin retain moisture.
4.Pri washing reduce the flow of water from the tap, adjusting his head. From a fully open tap water every minute goes down the drain up to 15 liters of water.
5.Ispolzuyte batteries instead of disposable batteries.
6.Ispolzuyte in a flat fluorescent light bulbs (they consume 75% less energy).
7.Bez need not include electrical appliances and not leave them running in the background (eg when a mobile phone is not in charge, do not leave the wall outlet charger).
8.Vyhodya of the room, always turn off for a light, and leaving the car - the headlights.
9.Chasche use the stairs instead of elevators - and useful for the shape and health.
10.Na to and from work go on foot if possible. If this is not possible, try every day at least 30 minutes to walk.
11.Otkazhites from the car by at least 1 - 2 days per month.
12.Ispolzuyte mobile phones tolkodlya brief conversation - the link is not for nothing called the mobile phone and uses tough enough electromagnetic waves.
13.Vybirayte product in environmentally friendly packaging. Pay attention to the signs: round arrow icon indicates that the packaging is made from recycled materials, buying goods in a package, do you support environmentally conscious producers.
14.Priobretayte commonly used goods and products in economy packs.
15.Pokupayte drinks in glass bottles - they can be taken and reused, while the disposable plastic containers can not be natural biodegradation.
16.Otkazhites as possible from the plastic bags. Now on sale have a special cloth bags for shopping. If you really take a plastic bag, then try to use it again, for example, for the garbage.
17.Ne buy products that look unnaturally bright at the expense of colors and flavors.
18.Ne buy products with a too long period of storage at the expense of artificial additives and preservatives.
19.Otkazhites from the use of disposable utensils
20.Pokupayte organic cosmetics (companies producing similar products, not tested it on animals and try to replace synthetic ingredients are natural).
21.Po opportunities do not disdain the popular cosmetic recipes using natural ingredients.
22.Staraytes not waste paper in vain, for possible use under the drafts printed documents.
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