Eco-town built in Latvia

27.08.2010 09:48
Articles about real estate | Eco-town built in Latvia Latvian millionaire sold around the city of Cesis fantastic project. Bought 3000 hectares of forest in hilly terrain, he built Sun City, where there are special rules and people are very different routine life.

Storeyed buildings with environmentally friendly materials are designed in view of the terrain that the windows of each house is not visible to other buildings. Near each of the 300 homes is a small lake and forest are included in the cost area (from 0.4 to 1.3 ha each).

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All houses are equipped with central sewer (special equipment is laid under the roots of pines and spruce), high speed internet, electricity. Each house has a geothermal heat pump wells 90-100 m, which converts energy to heat the earth. This is enough energy to heat homes and hot water heating for the whole year, and only in severe winter days to ignite the fireplace, which is also in each house. Garbage collection and other urban services are also available.

In the forest in no fence (forbidden), and forbidden to keep dogs on a chain - only the house. Roe and other living creatures freely roam the "city" and Laem dogs just do not happen.

With 300 lots sold so far 150. For example, the site of three Tilbites house with all amenities, lake and forest area of 0.44 hectares worth 94,000 euros.

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