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10.05.2020 01:00
In recent years, there was a steady increase in demand for suburban housing. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon lies in the pursuit of citizens to obtain the inherent advantages of living outside the city, namely, favorable ecological conditions. The estimate of this important figure was produced and is produced mainly in the emotional-psychological, personal perception of the state of the object.

Is it safe to cottage villages?
The image of a cottage framed by woods, with a pond and unpolluted air entrenched in the minds of Ukrainians as a guarantee of the notorious "clean environment". And the majority of potential customers who live outside the city, enough of the proposed developer of benefits with emphasis on the "beautiful environment, and bright images in an advertising booklet dispel recent doubts about the poor state of nature. But are all so "pure" near Kiev, as sellers try to submit a property?

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If you talk about ecology, it is worth noting that in the modern history of our civilization, this problem - one of the most difficult. Megacities are traditionally the epicenter of environmental ills. How to recognize the market players, the myths of the environmental perfection of Kyiv region has long been dispelled. The fact that the so-called clean zone are not they in the full sense of the term, the fact remains. To see an exaggeration of advertising slogans, praising ekodostoinstva objects sufficiently acquainted with the environmental map of the capital region.
The purchased land or cottage can "please" chemical or radioactive contamination, and even cattle cemetery or dumping ground for neighboring grove. Therefore, experts advise to buy the land for an independent environmental assessment, which will help identify such "surprises".

Examination of state and independent
Let us turn to the legislative framework. According to Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On ecological expertise", the purpose of this study is to "prevent the negative impact of human activities on the environment and human health. It would seem that the state environmental expertise and is one exam, which must pass the builders to get construction rights in a particular area, but on the basis of this regulation, the priority of the state audit - The Nature Conservancy. The question of the examination a country house or village, which, among other factors also affect the environment, the legislative framework did not adequately considered and resolved. As experts underline, the procedure for allocation of land includes the harmonization of regulatory services, rather than expertise. The project does not pass an environmental audit, since the issuance of documents to the developer of a cottage is reviewed and agreed upon in the first place the lands, as well as the future location of water and sewerage systems.
Under the law, the authorities also include informing the public about planned and carried out state ecological expertise and their results. However, in the media is not so common to see a note on the suspension or closure construction is due to the adverse impact on the environment. Rather, information is the reason stop work because of unresolved financial issue or ownership.
In this situation, the next logical step would be an invitation to the developer of the auditor to obtain, at least, permission to cut down the trees or to determine the legal rules of construction in the coastal territory. At the same conclusions about the environmental safety of a cottage and its environs examination did not publish.
Today, environmental study of housing in the interests of potential owner by private companies. Audit procedures is as follows: after the application for an independent environmental review team of specialists examines the territory cottage and identifies the main characteristics of the object. The next step is measuring harmful to human body radiation, noise and vibration, as well as sampling of water, air and soil. To this list recently added to the sample on the quality of building materials. More special accredited laboratories analyzing each measurement, the results of which form the conclusion of a comprehensive environmental assessment. It is also important that independent auditors do not just fix the irregularities and violations, but also develop recommendations to address identified adverse impacts. According to Alexander Malicki, director of the company "Spann, a company-auditor for several years has monitored the environmental transformations of town client - the environment, as well as human health, requires periodic diagnosis and ongoing care.
However, there are some reefs, hidden dark waters of business. If a private environmental assessment is conducted after the purchase of land, and even when completed, it is hardly a negative score would closing the object, which had invested millions. Rather, we can expect "flexible interpretation" of its results, especially since, according to the letter of the law, the conclusion of non-state examinations are only recommendatory in nature.

"Cat in the bag" for the buyer
"The last word" which, as we know, always for the buyer, in the latest fashion the fight for the environment becomes an unambiguous meaning. New - it's always uncertainty, turbulence, attempts to speculation. For example, at the conclusion of the sale an investor has the right to examine the documents testifying to the ecological status of the acquired land. However, according to Mr. Malicki, modern buyer badly educated in this industry, and those who voiced such requests in a transaction - units. In the opinion of the expert agrees and CEO of the group of companies Maetok Natalia Semchenok, arguing that educated the buyer chooses a home, based not only on such conventional features as the presence of the forest, distance from highways and proximity to the capital.
A potential client, is now acquiring suburban housing, already aware that the village can not be considered clean only because of its location in the so-called ecological direction. And even if the object is satisfied by all accounts, no harm will be available with the findings of environmental audits. But there is a buyer who filed the documents, hardly alone sort out the charges against the findings and terms - he will likely need to hired an expert who is available and qualified to explain all the environmental pros and cons lurking in the shadow of selected forest, coveted the waters of the lake and in the walls of the proposed cottages.
According to experts, noted only isolated cases of environmental audit buyers. In turn, realtors and developers, using the ignorance of the client, not really trying to get to the root of the problem.
Alexander Malitsky at the entrance of the site which is not confirming his environmental security documents, recommends that potential buyers to take with a dosimeter (and who knows how to use this device). The expert also advised to pay attention to the nuances of the environment - the presence of yellow leaves are not in season, unpleasant chemical odors and any contamination. Experts are confident that with a negative impression of the overall picture of building a potential investor, but rather will choose a place to live in an alternate direction, rather than to delve into the evaluation data, or use of auditors.

Two-edged sword

Environmental impact assessment - a process around which are concentrated often conflicting commercial interests. And if the results of its cottage community "rejected" adverse information if you want the builder may be closed to the public as well as for clients. In the case of a possible rehabilitation of the site for the auditors and the owners of the town is related to the rights of consumers will be consequences, but negative developments silence could lead to the deliberate ill-health people. In this case the developer will not be able to blame - he has the right not to make no request of the investor ecological studies.
Another obstacle to the truth is the notorious corruption. Known wisdom "that can not be bought for big money, you can buy a lot of money" in this case is highly relevant - the alleged "purchase" the examination results for the builder is minuscule compared to the waste of multi-million investment. "I stand before the money is the independent environmental assessment?" - This question always remains open. Thus, according to the director of "The Cherry містечко Oleg Homa, environmental study can be considered objective only if the amount paid for any result will manifest, even negative. Since Mr. Khoma agree and Vladimir Korotchenko: "Independent Ecological Expertise is a weapon in the hands of interested parties, since it is paid. And everything is paid, is the way to the customer.
But Alexander Malitsky a different opinion: "Forgery of this kind can irrevocably damage the reputation of the company in the market. Typically, employees of companies, auditors receive decent wages and are subject to strict internal controls.

Environmental rating cottage townships

Today, the existence of an audit opinion from the builders and sellers of country real estate is a powerful argument in favor of a particular object. Besides, this is - quite a powerful and effective marketing approach, which influences the cost of housing, as well as positively affecting the reputation of the builder - "tick", placed under "Ecology", gives him a competitive advantage.
In May 2007, at the Second All-Ukrainian contest of the independent "Cottage містечко-2007" conducted by "RealEkspo" for the first time in Ukraine the First Environmental rating cottage townships, which was attended by about 10 towns, but as a result of screening and compliance with the brand "Safe for Life "only 4 left town:" Plutovo (Obukhov district), recreational complex "Sunny (Alushta), a complex of small towns" Maetok (Vasilkovsky district) and the town "Alexander Sloboda" (Obukhov district), who conducted an environmental audit in full and there is a certificate of Ukrainian environmental rating.
According to head of marketing department of the company "Maetok" Oksana Hridinoy, participation in ekoreytinge is, rather, an addition to the overall PR-promotion strategy cottage village. As added Ms. Hridina, the presence of a certificate of environmental impact assessment and its results - no harm, plus the very small town.
"It is no secret that a house built more than one year and not for a few years. Therefore, modern investor must bear responsibility for the future of their projects. After a serious environmental problem identified even years, can seriously and permanently "raised questions" reputation of the investor and developer. It is worth noting that the modern approach to environmental policy to transform environmental constraints in the business advantage ", - said director of RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko.
Perhaps the idea of a truly independent environmental impact assessment - only the beginning of the fight against ignorance and stereotypes of life in the countryside. And ecovillage in the Kiev region - testifies to this. Ecovillage residents profess a healthy lifestyle, live in clean comfortable and cozy homes of mud and straw, till the soil without using pesticides. Why in the world of eco-houses are built with all sanitary rules and norms in areas without any radiological or man-made pollutants. And if while domestic developers throw this idea because of its high cost, lack of popularity among buyers and difficulties in implementation, in the future such homes may well be the most appropriate type of housing. But the existence of the section of the park, garden or creek without a confirmed experts would not be a good environmental indicator of environmental cleanliness.

Questions to the developer

Often, heavily at the start of construction of suburban real estate, developers do not have documents such as:
• the conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological examination of surface and groundwater by chemical and hydro biological indicators;
• the conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological examination of the main source of water supply;
• the conclusion of radiation-hygienic survey of the construction;
• the conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological examination of the soil plot construction (replacement of natural soil imported - expert opinion of imported soil).
In addition to these documents is recommended, as a rule, have information about:
-State ambient air.
Hydrogeological situation-plot;
- On the territory of the site or its environs local treatment facilities agricultural facilities, settlements, existing and abandoned graves of various types (landfills and solid waste (up to age 150 years), burial grounds, cemeteries, etc.), stocks or graves of agricultural chemicals.
Studies have also shown that in most projects there is no section on the evaluation of environmental impact assessment (EIA) and Environmental Protection (EP). According to the GOS A.2.2-1, this section should include an assessment of the environment at the start of construction and the possible negative consequences of the construction and operation of facilities in the future. EIA developed on the basis of geological engineering, sanitation, engineering surveys and studies based on modern techniques and technology.
The introduction of architectural and engineering decisions on planning and landscaping without regard to its environmental conditions can lead to irreversible negative changes in the environment. For example, the neglect of hydrogeological features leads to the fact that in areas with shallow groundwater is often observed basement flooding and water logging adjacent to the buildings of the territory. The reason for this is that during the laying of the foundation has not been taken on the challenge of water, and construction of the foundation was to act as an impermeable barrier to the movement of groundwater. The increase in soil moisture and building materials creates favorable conditions for microbial growth and various insects.
Activities to change the relief area, the geometric dimensions of open water bodies, creation of new reservoirs, etc. require very careful assessment of environmental impacts of their implementation. Unfortunately, the decision of setting up the artificial terraces or transforming the river into the lake developers are guided solely by considerations of aesthetic beauty, displaying blatant ignorance in matters of ecology. By the probable consequences of capricious changes in the natural landscape may include, for example, subsidence and collapse of terraces and alluvial banks, overgrown and "blooms" of the artificial lake, destroying the foundations of buildings.
There is another option, not less important, and that developers and buyers rarely take to attention. We are talking about environmental safety of construction and finishing materials used in construction of real estate. Substances harmful to health are many and in construction and finishing materials. Part of the problem can be solved if we use only those materials whose safety is confirmed by certificates of quality and consistency.
Certification of materials is carried out to determine their harmfulness or harmlessness to human health, and to mark the application of this material. Nevertheless, certified materials are not always really safe. It should be emphasized that the certificates of quality and hygienic safety of radiation-related party or group of parties of the material, ie a certificate of that party or the sample is not suitable for other parties of the same material not mentioned in the certificate. To assess the quality of construction and finishing materials can be thoroughly studied in its certificate of authenticity and reliability of these data in it. Conduct recommended at the stage of the decision to purchase the material. In the case when the material is already used in the construction or decoration other than certificates are encouraged to explore a number of experimental studies of building materials and the environment in which they are used and exploited for the presence of hazardous components.
And finally, landscaping and landscape works, under which you can often meet with the crude use of trees and shrubs, flowers and lawns, the combination of which can give the allocation of hazardous chemical or bacteriological components.
Thus, the availability of a comprehensive objective information about situational environmental conditions of the object will help the buyer of real estate not only to avoid buying low-quality goods, but in some cases to prevent damage to the health of people living at this facility.
Availability of real estate buyers of such information significantly affect the liquidity facility, which in turn will reduce the attractiveness of investment projects. Green Marketing, green branding - the concept has long been firmly entrenched in civilized markets. In today's world often ceteris paribus decisive in the choice of goods is its environmental component. Manufacturers of organic foods, cosmetics, cars left far behind competitors who failed to promptly readjust. It claimed the qualitative characteristics of the goods are confirmed by independent experts, working within the law, on the audited and approved procedures, implemented by qualified personnel with the help of modern analytical equipment.

Ecological situation in the Kiev region
Ecological situation in the Kiev region is tense. It is reported by the State Administration of Environment and Natural Resources in the Kiev region. Among the factors of environmental hazard in the area - the poor state of water supply and sewerage networks, unauthorized disposal of waste, often unsatisfactory landfills for waste disposal, lack many facilities stormwater systems, closed water, pylegazoochistitelnogo equipment. The main tension in the Kiev region pose an environmental hazard sites of national importance - Solid Waste Landfill No. 5 of "Kievspetstrans and Tripoli TPP. Landfill continues to be subject to the potential threat of pollution of groundwater leachate. Tripoli TPP - the main air pollutants, in addition, there is the accumulation of ash and slag waste station. In the Kiev region remains unresolved problem of eliminating man-made pollution aviation kerosene territory near the town of Uzin and, therefore, to ensure quality drinking water to residents of the 22 localities of three regions: Belotserkovsky, Rokytniv, Kagarlykskogo, as well as the city Uzin. Strengthen voltage problems such as lack of sewerage treatment plants in 10 locations and facilities in the mismatch of existing facilities to actual needs. Affects the ecological status of the region and the presence of obsolete and banned pesticides and other agrochemicals. Remaining issues of concern galvanic waste disposal, waste solvents, paints and other chemical production waste that is stored in the enterprise.
According to the director of "Spann" Alexander Malicki, crowned with a halo of prestige and huge hype Obuhov direction rather dirty. Due to the close proximity of solid waste in Pidgirtsi № 5 (large combustion plant in the Kiev region), Tripoli TPP and ground construction waste № 1 Pirogovo in soil and groundwater are present poisonous substances. Many inflict harm and going through the entire area Obukhovskie highway - Old and New: the air is saturated with the exhaust gases.
Equally popular Odessa and Zhitomir direction "suffer" from a vibrant airport Juliani. Its future development will lead to more pollution Kiev Svyatoshinskiy district, directly adjacent to the south-western part of the capital.
The suburbs of Kiev, located in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area experiencing pressure from industry and Cherry waste storage at the village Kryukovshchina. Among the ecologically safe settlements in this area can be identified Boyarka and sat behind her.
In Gostomel's'ke (Warsaw) and Vyshgorod directions, according to specialists, often radioactive sites, there is also contamination of natural components from external sources.
Vyshgorod and Irpen directions, attractive due to the beautiful natural landscapes are among the buyers country real estate areas with elevated radiation levels due to the proximity to Chernobyl. According to ecologists, the radiation situation in these areas are normal, except for certain areas, where due to external effects may occur deviations from the norm.
In Brovarskyy area residents' health may worsen the tailings pond Kiev factories and enterprises for the processing of waste, do not meet the requirements of environmental safety.
In turn, Boryspilske direction "famous" air pollutants such as the international airport "Borispol", incineration plant "Energy" and Bortnicheskaya aeration station.
Rural areas located behind Troyeschina also get to the area of environmental risk due to CHP-6, is the second largest source of pollution in Kiev after the TPP-5.
Alas, this is not the only, and only the main negative factors adversely affecting the environment. In the aggregate not less impact on the ecology cause vehicle exhaust, waste from households, cattle cemetery, landfill sites, farms, industries and spontaneously thrown debris.
Director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko believes that clean yet remain the satellite towns of the capital, which in the past were sanatorium zones. Among them: Irpin, Vorzel, Forest Bucha, Pusha-Vodytsya, Boyarka in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area. By Obukhivskyi highway of the most safe and healthy places can be called Kozin, on Boryspil - mountain village or cherries. Odessa direction, too, is not alien to the natural purity - there is an ecological zone Kruglyk, Ivankovichi, and Vyshgorod - Liutizh and Hotyanovka.
According to an independent environmental auditor Oleg Kartavtseva, the question itself is incorrect, as the places which are ideal in terms of ecology in the area does not exist, and absolutely clear we can name only a few very small area, rather than regions or areas. At the same time, officials are more optimistic picture is seen, and the panic they are in no hurry.
Environmental problems in the suburb of Kiev associated with waste, especially the economic sphere, eg, unusable pesticides and toxic chemicals that are stored in warehouses since the Soviet times. On the other hand, environmentalists believe that the situation in the Kiev region is still not ahead of the pollution of the capital and in some cases may improve with the condition that you follow the recommendations of the experts conducting the examination.
Victor Kovalenko

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