Ecology of the apartment: it is not necessary dust in the evenings!

14.03.2011 00:00
Cleaning of the apartment - an important part of our earthly existence. So in our own home was cozy, bright and comfortable, each of us must take a lot of time on this difficult but necessary procedure.

And yet this should have some knowledge and skills. It would seem a simple matter - use a vacuum cleaner, but it requires some skill and dexterity.

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It is not recommended to engage in cleaning and vacuuming the apartment in the evening. Running a vacuum cleaner dissipates in the air are in the micro dust particles that can cause not only allergies, but some infectious diseases.

In the evening, as has been proved by scientists, the body's resistance is much lower than during the day, so any cleaning of the apartment - as with a cloth or vacuum cleaner - it is better to make the day, preferably with the windows open.

Upholstered furniture is not enough vacuum. It is also recommended, and poke it. To do this, prepare a large cloth dampened with water and vinegar (a tablespoon per gallon of water). Cover her chair or sofa, and how should punctured. A soft leather upholstery on the furniture will last longer if occasionally lubricate it with beaten egg white.

Carpets will not lose its elegant look, if you vacuumed them from the inside. And no more frequently than once a week! And the paint on the carpets sparkle brighter if to wipe the pile with a cloth soaked in brine or cabbage in apple cider vinegar.

Conveniently cleaned from dust with a vacuum cleaner and a book: you need to remove every book from the shelves and clean it, because the book dust - the strongest allergen. And there is not necessarily to use modern cleaning agents that persistently urge to buy a TV screen. You can do the old antiquated advice - no worse, and, perhaps, an order of magnitude better for your own health.

The walls in the kitchen, painted with oil paint, well washed with warm tea, strained through a strainer. If doors and windows in the apartment painted white, they can be 2-3 times a year, wipe with a cloth soaked in warm decoction of bran.

Yogurt, cucumber and cabbage pickle, a slice of raw potato scour fine bronzes and brass doorknobs. By following these rules you will keep your house clean and save yourself and your home from many illnesses caused by allergies. And do not spare time for this!

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