Ecology of a wooden house

12.09.2010 18:06
Articles about real estate | Ecology of a wooden house Wood - an environmentally friendly and useful material that has properties that are traditionally valued by people since ancient times.

When we got the question from which to build your holiday home, then we do not even think. Our choice was clear - wood!

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Why not a stone or brick? It's very simple. My mother is sick with asthma and it is the best fit was a wooden house. Wooden Houses breathe, emit a special light, the atmosphere in such a house is always fresh and clean. In the construction of modern houses made of modern materials, tend to use different kinds of compounds to increase the strength of structures and make an attractive appearance of the facade. Such compounds are usually very unhealthy, and if a person suffers from diseases such as bronchial asthma or a predisposition to allergic reactions, if these houses are very harmful to their health. These homes may not be the source of the disease, but may be provocateurs activation of already existing symptoms of the disease.
After all, the tree contains many useful oils that can have a positive impact on human health and especially on the respiratory system.

In the construction of modern houses can be used, wooden items, but you must admit that now that the construction put away the plastic bags instead of wooden frames and, as a rule, the future tenants are not asked. A wooden frames are more expensive procedure plastic windows, but they are very clean.

So when we start construction on its suburban areas, then give preference to natural materials. We want to be closer to nature and improve their health. Benefit now have a choice of wooden houses - it can be frame-panel houses, or houses made of timber, or simply logs. All these houses are very durable, environmentally friendly, warm and comply with all requirements of modern construction and safety.

Constructed such shield frame or log houses quickly. Practically in one sitting such houses are going like a constructor. They may be feasible without the involvement of costly services of technicians and special teams of builders.

We have a house built by themselves, without professional help. Because now you can buy just a frame and do not rack their brains over how to assemble it.
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