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Articles about real estate | Ecology home Since ancient times, people give priority attention to the place of his permanent dwelling - dwelling. And that attention was not only because housing must be comfortable, warm, accessible and secure at the same time, ie be comfortable. They felt that in different parts of their habitat was being different - sometimes felt unwell, weakness, a feeling of inexplicable fear and anxiety. Pets, too, did not want to stay in these places. Sometimes the discomfort was so severe that people thought that they act devil, and called such places "witches circles", "Bald Hill", "black spot", "dragon's teeth" and other names that characterize the negative impact on human animals and plants.

Our ancestors were able to adapt to these manifestations of negativity, while avoiding their places of localization and positioning in neutral, friendly places. Search cleanest places led to the discovery that there are places that are undergoing increased comfort, a sense of lightness, tidal forces. In such places, people not only sick, but even already acquired earlier disease could be cured. These favorable for well-being and health of the place came to be called holy sites. Here and vegetation has evolved to an enormous size, differed riot of colors, fertility, beauty and durability. Naturally, people began to build in places such temples, altars, temples. Everywhere in such places are still various megaliths (like Stonehenge), dolmens, pyramids, stone images and other structures occult nature. Some places are covered, and spiritual strength going through the man - the so-called namolennye place.

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Among the people have always been people who have devoted most of his life studying the heterogeneity of space. They were called before lozohodtsami, rudoznattsami, witch and wizards, attributed to them divine qualities.

More recent science in the USSR diligently ignored the fact manifestations of dowsing property rights, as could not explain the mechanism of "vision" of a person through the layers of the earth. Recent advances allow scientists have an explanation of many phenomena (theory of physical vacuum and torsion fields Shilov and Akimov, Theory of lepton fields Iskhakov, etc.).

Now experts have identified the adverse zone, neutral zone and favorable location.

Critical zones differ by source of pathogenic effects on:

geopathic (GEA), associated with stress in the crust - it's faults, ore bodies, voids (karst, etc.), underground water flows, as well as stress in soil surface layer - landslides.
biopatogennye zones - places associated with the expansion and destruction of organic matter (different piles, landfills, cattle cemetery fallen from an animal disease, slaughter, mass graves, cemeteries, hospitals).
technical pathogenic zones with harmful radiation from various devices, structures and devices (relays radio and television, mobile communication, transformer stations and booths, appliances household appliances).
global frame - energy network. This so-called line Hartman, Wittmann, Carr.

Very thick, comparable with the dimensions of a person, a network of Hartman. Strip width of about 20 cm followed in parallel to each other from north to south through the 2.0 meter and from west to east across 2.5 m. Where they intersect, the node is formed as a vortex vertical flow. Strips - waveguides have different characteristics when crossing lanes of one sign produced eddy currents, reaching the top - down, twisting in a clockwise direction, and at the intersection of raznoznakovyh bands formed by the vortex flow of a bottom - up, twisting counter-clockwise direction (according to the rules of "corkscrew") with a diameter of 50 cm
Similarly oriented network Witteman, but it has a different order. Her cell is a 16x16 square meters, and width from 3 to 5metra (15 years ago, its width was about 1.0 m). Naturally, the vortex flow is formed larger (? 5-7m) and the power to order more.

Curry lines are oriented at an angle of 45 ? with respect Wittmann lines (also called the diagonal). Its cell size of 5x6 m wide strips about 30 cm and the diameter of the vortex flow about 70 cm

These energy structure attracted attention in ancient times. There is information about the Chinese emperor, who 7 thousand years ago, went with the vine in their palace, determine the most favorable place for him.

In the mid 20 th century they were again under scrutiny because of its qualities - a very pronounced pathogenic nature.

Characteristics of radiation of the global frame-energy network.

Energy anomalies, referred to, represent regions of space, long stay in them (work, sleep, rest) has a negative impact on human health, livestock productivity, the yield of crops, as well as the integrity and security of buildings and equipment mechanisms. Over the past decade, accumulated large statistical data on the harmful effects of geopathic zones and the global frame - Energy Networks (Hartman, Wittmann, Curry).

Heterogeneity of space manifests itself in various degrees of comfort and well-being in different places of their residence. For example, there are "good" place to stay (where it is convenient, comfortable, relax) and "bad" place where you feel stress, the body vibrates, the soul is alarming, it is difficult to concentrate and all attempts to do this only lead to rapid fatigue and wanton irritation. Problems arise, first, the functional nature of the deteriorating attention, headache, deteriorating vision, hearing, there is a heaviness on my heart, reminiscent of his old disease, and etc.

These symptoms may go, but may persist for a long time. All attempts to cure does not lead to positive results, at least for a long time. The disease mutates but does not go away. Symptoms, diagnoses, treatment methods and means of change, and health problems only get worse.

This will continue for as long as man withdraws from the abnormal area in a neutral or favorable. By the way, frame - energy network takes only 10-15% of our living space. Sometimes it is enough to move his bed to 0,5-1,0 m in order to achieve a sense of comfort and feel better.

Statistical data of scientists from different countries suggest that the effect of geopathic zones and skeleton-energy network on human health as well (!) The sum of all other risk factors, including unhealthy lifestyles, environmental problems and costs of health care. With their influence is closely related to cardiovascular disease, about 70% of cancers. Disrupted the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, there is a general reduction in vitality, deterioration of health, vitality is lost. Long stay (more than 8-10 years) in the core leads to the disease of leukemia, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spastic phenomena, migraine, seizures and unexplained rise in temperature up to 39-40 ? C. Hormonal, immune system unbalance and suppressed, reduced enzymatic activity of the organism.

Austrian researcher K. Buhler for tens of thousands of people found that the signs that a person is in bed pathogenic zone are: antipathy to his bed, a long sleep, restless sleep (sometimes nightmares), fatigue and tiredness after waking up, nervousness, gloom and depression, often leading to mental disorders. Becomes more frequent and disrupted the rhythm of the heartbeat occurs leg cramps, etc.

In children, it added more fear, anxiety, screams, creaking teeth, coldness in bed, loss of appetite. According to K. Buhler, only 5% of people in the anomalous zone, stay healthy through their existing stock of protective forces.

Effect of active zones on children's health
Research scientists from different countries showed conclusively that geopathic zones (GPZ) and Frame and Energy Network (IES), which passes across the Earth, have a significant impact on the health of humans, animals, insects, plants and buildings. They can add and anthropogenic (man-made) factors of negative impact - it's different communication (transmission lines, subways, tunnels, etc.), and repeaters teleradioretranslyatory mobile communications and mobile phones themselves and the whole machinery that surrounds us at work, at home.

Health of any nation can not be without a healthy young generation. But today we know that by the end of school for all students is hard to find at least a few healthy adolescents. On the way young people are many visible and invisible barriers, among them our environment habitat to which children are most susceptible.

The greatest volume and quality of research and findings of these fulfilled the Austrian "lozoiskatelnitsa Kathryn Buhler, who published them in books," The positive place, "" The experience of one lozoiskatelnitsy and others guides, published in Germany. More than 3000 cases of C. Buhler researched home school and university students, their classrooms and auditoriums, and determined that the success of students depends on various factors: due diligence and the surrounding psychological climate (in school and at home), as well as the GPP and the IES, along with other causes. In particular only on the direction in which the light-oriented students in the classroom susceptibility information they can vary by 30-50% (best orientation - facing east). These facts have so far been little known.

Effect of GEA from the effects of underground water flows (horizons) leads to fatigue and sleepiness, and their intersection with the network Curry - to anxiety and nervousness. More importantly, where and in how many places experiencing harmful effects of the child. If in several places then there is school difficulties - lost care, reduced the degree of assimilation of taught material. A child can not sit still, spinning, distracted subconsciously trying to get away with uncomfortable seats. When the bed of schoolchildren are exposed to terrestrial radiation (GPP) or CEC, the children begins to show fearfulness, nervousness, tremors of the body. They are constantly tired and weak, with poor sleep and can never get enough sleep, that is, have different sleep disorders, everything is constantly overlooked.

Bed restless child Ursula (Austria) was in the house over the intersection of network Curry with underground water flow. At night, the child rushed to the bed gnashed their teeth, get up tired and sleepy. Has become easier to be exposed to colds. Everything has changed for the better with the change in her bed.

When moving the place of sleep and employment (education) comes improvement of general condition, appetite, sleep, improving intellectual ability, memory, attention and growing interest in learning, perseverance. It occurs in 95% of all investigated C. Bahner cases where the identified impact of ILI and IES (especially during sleep).

We had a case where parents simply do not know what to do with children (a daughter and son), which are poorly studied, behaved rudely and insolently, quickly irritated, fled for a few days from home. On examination it was found that their bed (bunk) was located just below the intersection of the lines and lines Harttmana Curry, and at the same time through this part of the room passes under a small water stream. After moving a bed in a neutral venue and an explanation of the causes of irritability and children (teens) and parents have improved their relationship, as well as with peers and teachers.

We also recommend you focus on the bed sides of the world, positively affecting the human condition (subject to finding a safe neutral zone) - the orientation of the head to the north or east. Worst orientation bed headboard to the west - one it can cause headaches ("iron" head) and not vysypaemost.

There are different recommendations until the desks on rollers, which moved to a better place. It would be nice to be convertible tables and seats for the student could not just sit, but also, and stand where he is wanted.

Impact on the child could begin in the womb. It is important that the expectant mother slept in a good location, and the bed is oriented correctly, then the woman can easily experiencing pregnancy and childbirth, especially if in the hospital room for delivery will be in a favorable or, at least in a neutral location. Because the risk factor is so powerful that it may contribute to the emergence of spontaneous abortions, and late and languid delivery, the consequences are too well known. Moreover, when the chair is in a strong GPP or IES, not only giving birth is difficult, but obstetricians and hard to concentrate and avoid mistakes. Natural and postpartum women need to lie in a good location, otherwise, the mother and baby feel very uncomfortable and try to quickly leave the room. Research in hospitals, as well as in hospitals, schools, health centers and other places where people want to preserve or improve their health, should be the same rate as control SES, environmentalists, firefighters and other services that take care of health and life .

Just a few examples. The appearance of a false pregnancy in one of the women disappeared when her bed was moved to a safe place. After 5 months, she recovered, and soon the child was conceived, which remained healthy in the womb before their birth. The child also found a place suitable for his life and development.

One of the couples over 10 years could not have kids. My wife noted abdominal pain, cramping legs. When they lived some time in another place, then conceived and gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. After returning to his home, with the help of an expert they ceased to bed in another place, in which a woman to feel comfortable.

There are instances when children often are treated in hospital (persistent abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea) they do surgery, treat, and the condition does not improve until a bed is not a favorable place to outsource. An incomprehensible allergies, then asthma, then the failure of the kidneys is already in childhood, and other ailments that can not be cured - all it needs to attract the attention of physicians, and especially parents, to check that place of sleep a child and his training place (and home and at school). Examples can be listed in hundreds. Many cases, the negative impact of ILI and IES are described in the literature and in popular publications. However, the important principle itself - the influence of harmful emissions has already been proved at first indirectly - in the state of human health. At stake is handed down addresses of patients according to hospital outpatient clinics in the cards, and then on a map carried Rift Valley, powerful GEA, underground water flows, landslide areas and compared their situation - a comparison to convince even the most inveterate skeptics. So in St. Petersburg have been identified at home, where the incidence of tenants exceed the city average of 70 times.

Very little studied, the so-called biopatogennye band, formed either in the ground long stay in critical care or in mass graves as people (cemeteries, graves) and animals (nekrofilnye field). For example, the little girl slept Lott after the death of his grandfather to his former position. The result - disturbed sleep, appetite, there were headaches, there were gaps in the school. I moved my new bed in a neutral, clean place began her recovery.

In many cities and towns schools, kindergartens, hospitals and homes are often in geopathic zones - over groundwater, streams, faults, and motels - often in landslide areas that have not been found, either not considered in the design and construction of 20 - 30 years ago when there was major mass construction. However, now even public servants (they, too, want to be healthy) no longer shy away from such information.

In the 90 years the Minister of Architecture and Urban Crimea Kravchenko, VG approved the "Regional rules of construction and land use", which already advised to take into account the influence of the GEA and the IES for the design and construction of buildings and structures, especially in the areas of recreation and salitebnyh (residential) zones.

Who knows - that is armed against the surprises and dangers. Learn, learn, apply - be active creators of their lives, and God helps those who are at least doing something about their development and improvement.

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