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09.11.2010 19:40
Articles about real estate | Ecology for fidgets Parents are afraid to put plants in the nursery: a child suddenly overturn them. But it's all solvable. Indoor plants should have large leaves or large number of them. These requirements are met by rubber plants, arrowroot, citrus trees, etc. - they have impressive size and planted in appropriate pots that kids simply are not able to do. Meanwhile, environmental and recovers a stabilizing effect on indoor plants, of course, if they are not toxic and do not provoke allergies, is staggering: they have antibacterial properties that neutralize many toxic substances, air filter, saturate it with oxygen, moisturize. Only plants should be watered regularly and from time to time put into the shower.

Frightened, as though children do not drop the flower pot, grown for some reason are not afraid of "participation» DVD-player, home theater, they are contrary to common sense set in rooms polutoragodovalyh kids. And in fact called electrical appliances as well as many others (irons, vacuum cleaners ...) are dangerous not only because they can break, tip over, burned about them, but primarily because they are actively involved in shaping the electromagnetic fields (EMF), harmful effects of which increases a hundred times, if we are talking about children.

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Required attribute room every advanced kid and his parents' advanced - personal computers and televisions. They are, in addition to the main working parts (the base unit, image display - the display screen, a variety of devices, its input, output - keyboard, printer, scanner, remote control, etc.), as a rule, are additionally equipped with line filters, uninterruptible power supplies and other accessories. All this increases the density of the supersaturated EMF order. Under the computer desk focused wires. This coil is local, but very powerful source of electromagnetic radiation. Remembering the incredible mobility of children, their exceptional ability to get into any place, adults should imagine, on what will be sitting that will feel, and even bite them dear child. Keep in mind: a child's crib the presence of any wires strictly prohibited.

At the head of kids often put the lamp. There is no threat, the main thing - that he had a one-piece wire coming from odnognezdovoy outlet, which is located on the beds are not closer than 1 meter. No less than 1,5-2 meters should separate the rest of the child and the switch permanent lighting. From shimmering and mysterious colorful in the nursery have to give up altogether. Different lighting intensity is related to sudden changes in voltage, which negatively affect the growing child.

Incurable habit of young explorers to crawl on the floor makes him think about the heating. But with this thought better to leave once and for all. Even if the electrical work carried out ideally, the risk of a sharp increase of electromagnetic fields at low frequencies is unavoidable.

There is one very powerful argument in favor of electric minimalism. Theoretical and applied science is not the end of clearing up the question of radiation in household appliances and office equipment: whether it is in general, what is the dose and how it is dangerous.

Everyone at school knows that the basic principle of the nervous system - to send electromagnetic pulses from one cell to another. This scheme is incorporated in the work of the EMF. However, this similarity more minuses than pluses. Excessive amounts of electrical "family" becomes the cause of various diseases and pathologies. It begins with a general fatigue, inactivity, reduced efficiency, but leads to irreversible damage to the nervous, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems.

Get rid of some appliances and checking the wiring, it is necessary to critically look at the furniture in the children's rooms. Best place to buy beds, wardrobes, tables made from natural wood, possibly abandoning the chipboard (DSP). These products are polymeric materials, which release into the environment of toxic chemicals in significant concentrations: formaldehyde, phenol, acrylate, phthalate, benzene, etc. Their damage increases mnogazhdy if furnishings are made of poor quality or poorly finished. A dangerous microscopic dust from formaldehyde and phenol may be not only passive but also due to stringent mechanical action, ie child a lot of running, jumping, trying to check things out on durability.

How, then, must still be half a child's room? It is advisable to prolong the tree. And it is warm and clean. Of course, on the wooden floor you can put more and carpet. Nothing serious, and in the carpet, as well as in the trendy laminate. But on the linoleum - not even the highest quality - in the nursery must be abandoned.

Absolutely useless thresholds, doors, window sills and screens on the central heating radiators are made of particleboard. Plate almost immediately crumble from high temperatures, their gradients, as well as from the blows - even slightly.

Strength requirement makes the purchase of furniture from chipboard meticulously inspect the end faces and cavities. They should be neatly lined with veneer (laminate) or securely painted. And ideally, this is all that can be painted in the nursery. The lower limit should be reduced and the use of lacquer, as synthetic solvents (xylene and toluene) are rapidly fading, heading straight into the lungs of the child.

Glue layer which should be thin and uniform, too, should not be abused. So, to mount a child hanging ceilings are strictly forbidden - how good they are, as is still abundant adhesive compound will emit harmful gases into the air.

Because of this, in children's rooms do not use wall-mounted panels, which are made from synthetic materials.

When buying a DSP-products have to deal with a completely unexpected problem. For example, after the furniture brought from the cabin, it has a distinct flavor - even very nice. But the suffocating smell very quickly get bored, especially if supplemented by headache, nausea, dizziness, allergies. The reason for the deterioration of mood and well-being lies in the resins, which are losing active aromatic properties in a week. If this does not happen and furniture continues to "smell", it is not necessary to return the bag to the store.

Smell good and brand new windows, corresponding to the two main conditions that must be strictly observed in children's rooms: insulation and teplosohranenie. And the design meets the wildest imagination and fantastic taste. However, adults in the choice of windows must exercise reasonable care. The fact that under the harmless abbrevitaturoy PVC hides not only is PVC - a polymer unsafe, so once banal and chlorine, the slightest "overdose" which would entail an incurable dermatoses. And the curious child, leaning against his nose to the plastic or the frame, until the redness rubbing their eyes.

Despite the resistance to noise, humidity, abrasion, etc., without any temporary wall in the children swept aside the film with a synthetic coating (eg, vinyl, PVC, self-adhesive). All of these advantages jettisons from the fact that these wallpapers are supplied in a double set of air toxins: not only "their" monomers (vinyl chloride, styrene, urethane, etc.), but also toxic substances from the co-solvents, emollients, metal powders - hexene, methyl, ethyl benzene, etc. In other words, hang wall in children's rooms have only a paper-based wallpaper. But they must be reasonably firm, or start to deteriorate rapidly, highlighting the paper dust - an extremely active allergen.

Since the walls veneered environmentally friendly cellulose then ceilings are best covered by whitewash. She breathes and absorbs moisture.

Of polymeric materials can not be waived altogether, but to neutralize their harmful activity - especially where children live - is necessary. Because the toxins are doing a monstrous evil: the lower the immune system, cause colds, dermatitis, lead to degenerative changes of the liver, kidneys, heart, brain, but the most important and terrible - they contribute to the formation of cancerous cells.

Decoration and filling out a nursery in accordance with the simple environmental guidelines, parents remain very small - not tired and lazy to maintain cleanliness and order. Tips, again, very simple: a few times a week, vacuuming, and even better - always do a thorough wet cleaning, biased examining all the nooks.

Resistant allergy can cause the carpet, pet toys. For example, a squirrel, a true color of which is securely hidden under a thick layer of dust. A child whose parents are from dawn to dusk care are stuffed with vitamins and tonic decoction, due to their negligence per night can breathe with the air about two tablespoons of dust! Therefore, all the pile and plush items to be cleaned.

Is not open that baby's room should be aired - and often for a long time. It is desirable that the baby was sleeping only when you open the windows wide open or at least the window, which should draw a grid of dust.

Many adults, unfortunately, do not even imagine how important the so-called passive ventilation. Being ignorant, they are carefully glued to the drawing rooms and condemn dormer windows. Instead of monitoring their purity, and then mount another hole.

The need for active ventilation is more evident. His channel will be able to seamlessly provide air conditioning. it should be stressed: in the case of improper use of split-system quickly turns into a useless box. Therefore, it is best to provide service professionals: they will check the status of filters, replace them, clean the hood and so on.

Air conditioner, as you know, filters, purifies and deodorizes the air, governs its intensity, cools and heats, moisturizes and dries. But most importantly his dignity lies in creating a stable air mikrorezhima. That stability is most needed a little restless!

Intensive ventilation in baby's room prevents the appearance of fungi. Yes, yes, "grow up" they are not only in dank basements and uncomfortable bathroom communal apartments. Fungal pores focus on many materials and surfaces (concrete, plaster, wood, rubber, etc.), and their presence in the air is quite acceptable, because they regulate its moisture content. But it should not exceed 70-80 per cent, or fungi unnoticed, but instantly "stray" into a giant prison. The children very quickly start complaining of feeling unwell (runny nose, cough, headache, intoxication), which can result in complicated skin-respiratory allergies, asthma, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, central nervous system and digestive tract. Therefore, in the nursery minipool excluded, and if there is an aquarium with goldfish, it requires special attention.
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