Ecology and Real Estate: the problem of ignorance

05.12.2010 13:13
Articles about real estate | Ecology and Real Estate: the problem of ignorance The general trend today is that people tend to buy not just any property, but for the most part, supportive environment that is not harmful to human health. However, here too it is easy to be deceived. Now, not all citizens have full and objective information about the status of territories, as well as materials used in the construction of an object.

This situation is due to several reasons: firstly, the developers themselves are not interested in the dissemination of such information, and secondly, there is no wastewater system and mechanisms for communicating such information to the public by public authorities. That's kind of a situation that, buying property, the buyer pays for the so-called "luxury housing", while it subsequently inflicts substantial harm to his health.

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While the ecology of the area can still be somehow visually assessed (eg, the presence of highways, factories, parks and clubs), then here is to determine the degree of danger to the house is not easy - is not always clear what materials it is built, as well as what in the room the level of radiation. It turns out that the acquired property may at some point, "please" surprises.

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