Ecological expertise suburban housing: detect the security zone

03.01.2011 10:00
Articles about real estate | Ecological expertise suburban housing: detect the security zone Make sure that the environment in a country house and grounds as normal today, it is easy, as there are organizations that provide money for such a service. But in the suburbs appeared and these cottage communities in which developers previously have undertaken these efforts: conducted studies of environmental parameters area and got the certificates. Any buyer can review them and make sure that life in nature, will only benefit his family.

The danger zone in the suburbs

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In the Moscow region in terms of ecology is far from perfect. Moscow region is extremely heterogeneous in terms of air quality, water quality, etc. Referring to the environmental-geochemical map of the Moscow region, Liudmila Ezhova, CEO of Terra Real Estate, noted that the greatest pollution recorded in the eastern and south-easterly direction (Gorky, Nosovihinskoe, Egoryevskoe, Novoryazanskoye highway). Adversity is characteristic of the surrounding areas to Moscow - the most polluted areas in the south and south-east (Podolsk, DME), the least in the west (Rublevo Uspenskoe, Novorizhskoe direction). There are pockets of pollution near the major cities in California - Klin, Sergiev Posad, Yegoryevsk, Serpukhov.

There is an area where industrial waste into water, and thence into pipelines settlements. The proximity of high voltage transmission lines (LEP) also affects health. Noise from nearby highways, again playing a cruel joke with his health. Environmentally safe, not all home - the reason used construction materials.

In recent years, interest in ecology of the area when choosing a suburban real estate has grown enormously. Victor Syukov, deputy director of building and investment company Alltek Development, told the, that if even a few years ago buyers suburban settlements was enough to ascertain the presence of a reservoir, forest and remoteness from industrial production, now the buyer interested in environmental history of the site as a whole, because few people want to live on-site disposal of domestic waste in a landfill or agricultural fertilizers.

To make sure health is not threatened, the easiest step - to order an environmental assessment. Ecological expertise is needed in villages if there is any suspicion, for example, the possible presence of burial - burial of cattle, bolevshego anthrax, for radioactive contamination of land, contaminated sites, radon, - says Vladimir Yakhontov, managing partner at MIEL-Residential Real Estate . According to Victor Syukova (Alltek Development "), special attention should be paid to settlements built on land previously used for agricultural purposes. Experts of "Logis - Residential Real Estate" believe that it is first necessary to conduct environmental impact assessments in the villages, located near Moscow, as well as the locations of military facilities, artificial reservoirs, landfills and industrial facilities.

Environmental impact assessment of land is a personal initiative of the developer, said Lyudmila Yezhova ("Terra Real Estate"). Therefore, many of them use the compilation of information on ecology of area or region, or study the results of previous studies.

That taking the test

Order a special environmental review could and the people themselves, and developers. Sergei Krivozertsev, managing director of Ecostandard, told us that the company provides such services to all asked the customer. In the case of a survey of suburban real estate of the research includes an assessment of the environmental situation in the area - it's chemical, microbiological, parasitological, radiological analysis of the soil, determining the presence of radon in the soil, chemical analysis of air. It also includes the definition of noise and acoustic studies, the measurement of electromagnetic fields, as well as a survey of buildings located on a site for the influence of negative factors.

For example, for chemical and bacteriological analysis of soil, except for an overall assessment of environmental safety is determined by the level of heavy metals and rare earth compounds. Full health and toxicological analysis of soil will help to detect pollution from industrial wastes, agricultural enterprises, roads and petrol stations factories alloy steels, nonferrous metals, alloys and other Parasitologic soil analysis to determine causative agents of intestinal parasitic diseases.

And even small doses of radiation can cause serious illness. Therefore, make sure that the site and at home everything is normal - it is the natural desire of the buyer or owner of the property. Research conducted by Ecostandard also include measurement of radiation levels in homes and on land, with the ground surface.

Measurement of electromagnetic radiation is required primarily in those towns that are near power lines. Sergei Krivozertsev (Ecostandard) warned that the impact of electromagnetic radiation is dangerous if homeownership is at a distance of 300 meters from the power lines. And a serious impact on the organism occurs when a person is on site for more than 3 hours at a time.

All of these studies can be ordered as a complex and individually. For example, chemical and bacteriological analysis of the soil to 69 criteria in one section of the company Ecostandard worth 4.8 thousand rubles. Full of sanitary-toxicological analysis of the soil - 7,5 thousand rubles., Comprehensive parasitological analysis of soil - 6 thousand rubles . Comprehensive survey of cottage settlement will cost 250-300 rubles. Together with the results of customers also receive advice on a possible way to eliminate problems.

Standard EcoVillage

High demands of customers for the environment has become one of the reasons that developers are interested in how to conduct environmental studies in their own towns. Moreover, in 2006 launched a new project - the environmental rating of EcoVillage, through which rural property is assessed in terms of environmental issues: a favorable place for the health of residents, the impact of construction on the environment, the availability of the necessary infrastructure for living and commitment to the developer the green movement, etc .

For each of these parameters set a certain level, ensuring that the village received the status of EcoVillage, will be much more favorable on all environmental aspects, as this corresponds to the average offer in the market. Initiator and by conducting an environmental audit is Ecostandard supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Committee on Environment and Health of the State Duma, Ministry of Agriculture and other departments.

According to Sergei Krivozertseva (Ecostandard), currently an environmental audit were 40 cottage communities, about 30 of them located in the Moscow region. "Of the six or seven companies seeking environmental certificate received only four", - says the expert.

Following 2010 audit in compliance with EcoVillage 2.0 «Eco-friendly cottage communities" were "Eastlandiya (developer - Integra Group)," Staronikolskoe »(« Trend group »),« High Coast »(« MOZAIK development »),« Counts ponds »(« Alltech development »). Previously received a certificate of such famous cottage villages, such as: "Barvikha Village» - is a continuation of the famous project Barvikha Club MIEL "," Westphalia "- the first village PeterHaus network in Russia, the village" President "," New Veshki », Barviha-Club "Pine Beach", "Forest Stream", etc.

"Among the projects are implemented by our company, there are villages, recently received such certificates, such as village" Eastlandiya ", which originally made the rate on environmentally friendly - says Valery Lukin, head of the office" Priobrazhensky "Department of suburban real estate company" Inkom-real estate " . - The area of the village is designed so as not to cut down trees because of the planned development. "

As told Victor Syukov (Alltek Development "), to obtain the status of EcoVillage-2010 in the village of" Earl Ponds "the company had to comply with all mandatory requirements. For example, the requirements of the block, "The impact on human health" include the study of the village on the parameters: radiation safety, electromagnetic security, soil composition, water content, the composition of air power, "The impact on the environment - waste management, energy efficiency, planting area; block" Comprehensive assessment of the territories "- an assessment of transport availability, infrastructure, natural objects (water, forest), proximity to industrial plants, the possibility of intellectual and cultural activities, etc. "Only in the standard was about a hundred criteria, but environmentalists are not found in our settlement of any violation, which is why we were able to get such an important award for us," - said the expert.

It should be noted that companies involved in environmental ranking of EcoVillage, not only got the certificate of conformity and the right to use the logo EcoVillage in promotional products, but also a detailed technical report that they are happy to show homebuyers.

Valery Lukin ("Inkom-real estate), notes that although the suburban housing market, many developers say their projects as eco-villages, often support this - the proximity of forests and waters, favorable prevailing winds and other natural goods, as well as use in the construction of environmentally friendly building materials. "The certificate that documents the fact that ecological village - an important step in positioning and further implementation of the project, and let the direct impact on inflation, he has not, however, greatly increases the liquidity and attracts buyers' - believes Lukin.

Ilya Diskin, director of the Silver Horseshoe ", also believes that any disclosure of information increases the confidence of customers, which will positively affect the dynamics of sales:" To meet this interest from our customers, we posted on the site of the village digest from all of the environmental survey: soil, air, water, and the directions of research: chemistry, radiology, microbiology and parasitology.

According to Victor Syukova (Alltek Development "), to conduct environmental impact assessment developers must still at the stage of site selection for construction. After all, if it subsequently appears that any of the options do not meet the standards, fix it would be not only difficult but also costly. As confirmed by Ilya Diskin ("Silver Horseshoe"), the Town Planning Code, all developers must conduct engineering and environmental surveys at the stage of pre-design study. "We commissioned this research in" Shaneko ", - the expert added.

Publicity stunt or a guarantee

Yet participation in the project EcoVillage our commentators are assessed differently. "We believe such a certificate course of advertising, image speed at the initial stage of sales, to attract the customer," - says Valery Lukin ("Inkom-real estate).

Source to another company, who requested anonymity, believes that to conduct research in the already constructed a cottage village, in general, is meaningless. Indeed, studies of soil and building materials, such as radon, occur during the construction phase and in-built village, they do not need. However, the study site or a house for radiation true if there is speculation that he is on any military or burials at the site of the former landfill, which is commonly known and well.

A similar position is occupied, and Gregory Altukhov, Adviser to the President of FGC "Leader". According to him, like EcoVillage examination conducted in the first place, to attract more buyers "tabs" clean room. At the same time overlooked the fact that the organization of many such examinations and measurements just need to get a positive conclusion of state expert on the project, even if it comes to construction of inter-utility networks. There are dozens of volumes, regulatory and procedural documentation to assess the safety and environmental sustainability of the soil, building materials, buildings, etc.: SanPiN, guest, construction regulations, etc., which are guided by certified companies for studies of possible contamination. According to him, the company is not a participant in the EcoVillage, but she has not stopped in his cottage Vita verde ordered a comprehensive survey, including: toxic-chemical study of soils for heavy metals, petroleum products, benzpyrene; radiological study of soil radon ; biological study of soil on the content of pathogenic microorganisms, E. coli, etc. All studies have shown full compliance with existing norms.

As for the environmental assessment of homes, we must clearly understand the purpose for which it is needed. According to Vladimir Yakhontova (MIEL Residential Real Estate "), it is important to check the building materials for radiation - but now ordered building materials from major manufacturers who provide reliable quality certificates. And now for the builder risks are minimal. However, when private construction more difficult to trace the origin and safe materials. "So, in the 90 years there have been instances where construction materials were brought from the Chernobyl radiation-contaminated sites - but now these cases are practically no" - reminds Yakhontov.

Boris Butz, senior technical specialist in ventilation and microclimate profit representative "Aereco" in Russia, a member of the Expert Council of the Committee for Construction and Land Relations of the State Duma sure that does not always make sense to spend money on expensive research. In particular, examination of the quality of air in the house can hold its own, buying a thermo hygrometer (a device for measuring temperature and humidity) in the store "All for bath and sauna. Excessive humidity is the main indicator of pollution in the house and said a violation of air in the room, the lack of proper ventilation. The air accumulated carbon dioxide, harmful emissions from furniture coatings. The very moisture accumulates as a result of human activity: breathing, shower, cooking. Naturally, its excess leads to mold. "You want your home was the right air with fresh air and removal of contaminated, you must install a ventilation system and then measure the amount of formaldehyde and other harmful substances that may be, is no longer necessary", - says Boris Butz.

Summary log

As you can see, the market participants there is no consensus on the need for special environmental review. So here is the final word will be the buyer. If the market suburban housing starts this competition, the environmental certification will be a weighty weapon in the fight for the customer.
Ludmila Chicherova
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