Ecologic whether frame houses?

05.09.2010 08:30
Articles about real estate | Ecologic whether frame houses? What kind of environment you say? Do you have the same vapor barrier film, it's like to wear a bag on his head and breathe. Your house is not breathing - what environment?

Vapor - this is not an ordinary plastic film. Parobarer - reinforced diaphragm, a fairly strong material, which protect you insulation from moisture. Parobarer breathable, ie the house is breathing, but just enough to maintain its energy-saving features. Air flows, bringing cold, the house does not penetrate. You do not "warm your street" your heating system, spending money for nothing.

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How warm? Glassy? Did you know that small glass baby forever settles in your lungs?

What is ecological - it's GLASS! It is better to build a brick house - after all the clay.
First, modern insulation - this is not the wool, which everyone remembers from the Soviet times. Over the past few decades, technology has made several steps forward. Mineral wool and basalt fiber, which we use as insulation are environmentally friendly natural materials, in contrast to polystyrene, environmental friendliness is questionable, as well as fire resistance.

What is mineral wool and how it is produced? The manufacturing process begins with the melted rock in the shaft furnace at 1500 ° C and then melt like liquid volcanic lava, poured in a centrifuge and by a strong air flow formed fibers. The fibers are cooled rapidly by air, they added a synthetic binder and water-repellent agent. Then the fibers are collected in precipitation in the form of a carpet of cotton wool, after which the polymerization in the cell at about 200 ° C the final curing and the formation of the product.

Wool is used in virtually all areas of insulation, and thanks to its unique qualities can perform multiple functions simultaneously. Providing good heat and sound insulation, mineral wool ensures a high fire resistance, limits the emission of noise and dampens vibrations. As for environmental clay bricks - clay very well absorb the natural and man-made radionuclides (radioactive particles). Therefore carried out on the basis of clay brick (in spite of the impurity, he is regarded as the natural material) - for example, widespread red - also has a somewhat elevated background radiation. In practice, environmental impact assessment of such cases are uncommon.

A box - plastic betting PVC - it's not environmentally friendly.

We understand that PVC is used to produce the window. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the product of complex chemical synthesis, which is based on natural raw materials - salt (sodium chloride), oil and gas. The resulting material is chemically inert and durable. In this case it does not emit harmful substances - remember, even many foods are packaged in PVC - kefir, yogurt, drinks in plastic bottles. PVC made even containers for storage of blood and blood plasma. In addition, new windows throughout installed in hospitals, kindergartens and schools, which, in turn, also proves the safe use of PVC windows.

The idea of using PVC for the production of plastic windows, was designed in 30-ies. Initially, PVC does not meet the requirements for longevity, but long-term research work has solved this problem. And in the early 50-ies PVC windows have been widely distributed.
This result was achieved through the improvement of raw materials and machines (extruders). Technology added to the mixture of titanium oxides as stabilizers improved the quality of production and to solve the problems of mechanical strength of plastic windows. Also active during the work on heat, sound insulation and weather resistance. There remained only one problem - yellowing of the windows of time under the influence of sunlight. Solve it possible to add a stabilizer - lead to the mixture to produce a profile. By the way misconception that plastic windows turn yellow over time, which has survived in some hitherto appeared in the 90 years - then shipped to Russia and Ukraine window profiles were generally of poor quality, and really turned yellow.
Modern technology eliminates the color change profiles over time. This is achieved either by adding lead, either by using as a stabilizer of calcium - zinc (CaZn).

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