Eco-island in the Caribbean with his own hands

29.10.2010 08:00
British citizen has built himself an island in the Caribbean from 120 thousand plastic bottles. In a new resident of the island is a house, private beach, two swimming pools and even a small waterfall. Previously, he had already created something similar, however, Hurricane Emily in 2005 destroyed his creation.

A well-known environmentalist Richard "Rishi" Suvar built his original home in the lagoon near the tourist resort of Cancun on Mexico`s Caribbean coast, writes the Daily Mail.

The inventor has used the factory bags for transportation, which filled used plastic bottles. He then attached bags on wooden platforms. Created on the island so the defender of Ecology built a house, the beach, has created two swimming pools and even a waterfall that runs through the established on the island of the solar battery.

One gets the impression that "Rishi" has created his own piece of paradise. Meanwhile, Briton used for the construction of the island and all objects on it, plastic bottles, ie, in fact, rubbish.

"I`m not a scientist, but I just believe in the power of nature - says he" Rishi ". - I take my bottles at the local landfill. We have a big problem with garbage. If we start doing more islands of the bottles, we do not need to be look for places where they (the bottle) could be placed. They turn into treasure - create the earth. "

"Rishi" is not confused by the fact that plastic bottles - an artificial origin, he says they are easy to agree with the environment. As soon as his house continues to grow, corals get accustomed to the lower parts of the design, said, "Rishi".

The issue with the electricity on the island settled by the solar installation. As an adventurer decides to sanitation and water supply, the authors do not mention.

In order to reach the shore, "Rishi" uses the boat. He receives visitors from all over the world seeking to help his ambitious project.

Island near Isla Mujeres near Cancun - the second in a row, built "Rishi" in this way. In 1998, as the Mexican coast, he created a much larger island, using 250 thousand bottles. However, in 2005 it was destroyed by Hurricane Emily. " A new island, which is called the Spiral Island II, "Rishi" built in a place that is more protected from the vagaries of nature.

per. Natalia Isaeva
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