Eco-friendly repair - a few simple rules

29.01.2011 19:00
Articles about real estate | Eco-friendly repair - a few simple rules If you are going to make repairs, primarily defined with objectives. What do you consider most important? Beautiful and comfortable interior? Maybe safety and environmental areas? If you decide to make eco-friendly renovation, it will be useful for a few simple tips.

Making eco-friendly repair:

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* Parquet - is the safest flooring, there is nothing better than natural wood. With parquet lacquer sure that the varnish that contains no strong synthetic components, which will be released in the air. Always consult with a specialist, a parquet lacquer would be the safest.
* If you finish you are using ceramic tile, make sure the glue to attach it does not contain harmful impurities. Then the tiles will be perfectly safe decorate your home.
* For environment-friendly repair suitable paper wallpaper, which are the cheapest. It is also safe from an environmental point of view is wallpaper made of bamboo or jute, but at a price they are significantly superior to other types of wallpaper.
* Laminate and linoleum are very harmful types of floor coverings from the viewpoint of ecological repair. These materials are able to provide a mass of air pollutants, and is absolutely not suitable for premises where children will live.
* Plastic panels do not use the kitchen. Since at high temperatures (a few degrees above room temperature), they begin to devote to air pollutants.
* Use only well-known paint manufacturers, which have been tested for safety.
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