Eco-construction: when «pozeleneet» housing?

25.12.2010 09:18
World headed for a "green building" in the 70 years of the last century. It began primarily with the United States and Britain. Today, in countries that support environmentally friendly development, is already tens of thousands of "green" buildings. In Moscow, from completed - only one. Is it possible in Russia, green-real estate development as such?

Standards of cleanliness

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Why is it in Russia (and even in one of the world capitals - Moscow) so few truly green building? After all, we constantly hear about the "Green Building, Energy Efficiency, see news about the launch of the next" clean draft ". The fact that not all new projects comply with international standards such as LEED and BREEAM, and really green-Development is possible only when the whole complex of activities.

So, the director of the Department of Facility Management NAI Becar Aidar Galeev, "green" building must be located in a clean place that is accessible by public transport and bicycles. The object should not be placed on agricultural lands, the lands designated for park areas. On the developed land must be present for at least 10 objects of social and cultural purposes. Properly targeted area shading from trees can significantly reduce energy consumption: by the standards of green-development in the daytime the building should be provided for 90% of natural light.

"The construction of such facilities must use environmentally friendly and made from recycled waste materials, pits should be designed safely to the ground remained at the same level", - said the expert. Reflective roofs also reduces power consumption by 50%. At least 50% "gray" water should be recycled and used again; for irrigation area is supposed to use purified rainwater. Furthermore, in terms of operation in the building should be provided with controls for environmental tobacco smoke, outdoor air monitoring (to carbon dioxide not released into the atmosphere), individually adjustable lighting, vacuum distillation of water (reuse). All of the above requirements prescribed in international standards for LEED and BREEAM, which have a gradation of the respective object.

Thus, while in Moscow, the certificate of "green" building on international standards (BREEAM) has only an office center Ducat Place III (st. Hasek, 6). How to tell the press service of the Russian representative office HINES (manages objects green-Land Development Worldwide), Ducat Place III was rated "very good" in the certification process of the object was implemented full recycling program and a series of measures to improve energy efficiency through what power the building for 2010 decreased by almost 35% compared with 2008, while savings for tenants amounted to more than $ 188 thousand per year. "Thanks to the procedure for BREEAM for" Ducat Place III "we could find ways to improve working conditions for tenants, reducing their operating costs, and reduce the harmful effects of life of the building on the environment," - commented a senior vice president and managing director of Hines Russia " Lee Timmins.

Also intends in the future to obtain a certificate BREEAM and Outlet Center Belaya Dacha »(Outlet Village Belaya Dacha), which is constructed taking into account the requirements of the standard and is set to launch in late 2011. Also, said Aydar Galeev, in the second quarter of 2011 was announced completion of construction of the office center White Garden (on the street. Lesnaya in Moscow), a number of projects green-Land Development announced in Sochi for the 2014 Olympics.

"Pozeleneet" Is Housing?

As we see, in Moscow there is a desire for international certification, so far only commercial real estate. While the above-mentioned standards are designed to assess the variety in its purpose of building (social infrastructure, some high-rise apartment buildings, apartment complexes), not only office and commercial centers.

However, it is understandable. Certified commercial facilities help attract good tenants and to increase rental rates, while operating costs are reduced and the quality of the object remains high. "At the 25% reduces electricity consumption by 30% - water flow, and reduced maintenance costs of the building. The cost of installing the necessary equipment offset by an average of five years ", - said Aidar Galeev.

"In addition to social responsibility and concern for the environment, for lease in green buildings, the company management to reduce their operating costs, which constitute approximately 10-20% of the total expenditure of the firm" - also said Tim Millard, Managing Partner, Cushman & Wakefield in Moscow.

As for housing, in Russia it is known to be bought in any form or by almost any quality, but the developer wants immediate profit, therefore, not all developers rush to build houses according to international standards.

One of the first steps in this direction - the requirements for energy efficiency. From 2013 to take the building into operation will be only after assigning them to a particular class of energy efficiency (including building after reconstruction, not just new). About this president told a group of companies "Investment Management" Remir Mukumov *. In Barnaul, the cost of one energy-efficient homes was 44 million rubles., All such buildings in Russia until nine.

However, like Aidar Galeev, energy efficiency alone is not enough to comply with this "green" standards. And it's true. Is often residential neighborhoods, we are built on good sites, are provided with absolutely all the infrastructure (ie, at least no queues in the kindergarten and school), while the houses are built of environmentally friendly materials and waste tenants fully processed? Obviously not.

Therefore, at best, our shelter receives local awards and certificates. When a residential complex receive international quality conformity assessment, it would be a great event for the market. True, there is no doubt that housing is to be elite, and therefore very expensive.
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