Eco House: chip developer or benefit for the tenant?

17.09.2011 11:48
Articles about real estate | Eco House: chip developer or benefit for the tenant? In modern house construction prefix "eco" or epithet "green" is akin to the concepts of "trendy" or even "glamorous." Advocates of healthy lifestyles is becoming more and more. Catching these trends, many developers have focused on ecological security of housing.

Sun, air and water

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All the fun and fashionable comes to our market, as usual, with the West. Green Buildings there have long ceased to be a gimmick. Soon became a necessity. "One of the main features of the house - the economical use of resources", - said the head of department Sretenskaya company "Inkom-real estate" Anton Arkhipov. Both in the UK decided to save water, because in many countries, saving and energy, equipping homes with solar panels and using energy efficient appliances. For example, a similar apartment has got Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. His house overlooking the Hudson Bay is equipped with an autonomous system of providing energy from solar panels.

Some houses are designed so that the roof can be fitted with a real natural solarium. These apartments are being built today, for example, even in Latvia.

Insolation of housing (that is, its natural lighting) - an important point for those who want to live in this eco-houses. From this perspective, a health penthouses, after all these apartments often have panoramic windows and a view of all four sides of the world.

In Moscow, these penthouses are small, so they can somehow replace conventional apartments on the upper floors of buildings where the owners also were not too lazy to do a good repair and glaze the top floor, and then equip it with access to the terrace.

But in the proper organization of light housing plays an important role not so much a panoramic coverage, how much the meridional orientation of the building, said Anton Arkhipov. If the house or eco village planned so that the main axis runs north to south, in the first half of the day the sun will be covered the eastern side of the house, and the second - the western.

In addition to the insolation of premises, owners are concerned ekonedvizhimosti quality building materials. Already mentioned the house in which lives Di Caprio, for example, built using paints and finishing materials that do not emit into the air toxic substances.

In the UK there are a set of rules, which has six levels of requirements for the construction of environmentally friendly housing. While such construction is considered experimental, but by 2016 the authorities plan to tighten the requirements and commissioning of new buildings only, which correspond to six levels. It will house, built entirely of natural materials and do not let the atmosphere of carbon dioxide. True, it is unclear how to deal with carbon dioxide, which is formed in any room, home to man ...

And of course, a role played by the location of the house: the ideal eco-housing is located outdoors, near water, in a wooded area. And yet do not lack infrastructure.

How should the environment for the people?

In the capital and beyond a few projects claim to be called "Green Buildings": for example, LCD Oxygen from the company Inteko, "Ecopark Elk Island" from "Don-Story", a club from the village of Grunwald "Mosstroyrekonstruktsiya. However, no engineering wonders such as solar or solarium on the roof, we are not provided. Builders are positioning these residential complexes in the first place as located in the ecologically clean area. That agree, for the inhabitants of gassed metropolis has a considerable advantage. Although, for example, Oxygen is near the metro "Youth", not far from the thoroughfare. Obviously, the housing complex was named eco-friendly because it refers to the area Kuntsevo - historically prestigious and well-positioned relative to the wind rose.

Country objects, following this logic, have more right to a name with the prefix "eco": beyond the Moscow Ring Road still air is much cleaner.

However, in addition to environmental clean development implies, as mentioned above, the use of natural materials. This and puts the company "Mosstroyrekonstruktsiya" that is building the village of Gr?nwald with natural stone and wood. "Natural stone provides home and ecology, and status, and long life. The combination of natural wood and natural stone in interior design that most closely to human perception. This approach allows walls to breathe, and the tree gives a feeling of warmth and closeness to nature "- explains the manager of ZAO Mosstroyrekonstruktsiya Ivan Romanov.

True, wooden houses, being the most environmentally friendly and heat-saving, especially in demand do not enjoy. Basically, in the suburban housing construction, especially in the construction of luxury houses, currently used clinker brick. If the tree is used, it was mostly glued laminated wood. Expensive projects of wooden houses offers a Finnish company Honka. But usually it's holiday format Property: house in the woods, on the big water. Tree better fits into the suburban landscape of Forest, said the director of investment consulting department, and analysts "Manor" Ivan Shulkov. The average cost of such households may reach $ 600 thousand

In Oxygen cost 1-bedroom apartment is on the level of $ 300 thousand in the residential complex "Ecopark Elk Octrov - $ 400 thousand in Grunwald, which provides spacious apartment of 300 square meters. m, the bidding price can reach $ 2-3 million and is under construction. After the commissioning of the price increase.

Biofuels for life

If the use of environmentally friendly materials developers are experts, then the energy savings have not yet become a priority in the metropolitan and suburban eco-houses. Solar panels in central Russia are unlikely to be widely distributed - too few clear days a year. Therefore it is necessary to resort to conventional fuels.

According to Ivan Shulkova, mostly in suburban towns that have access to gas supply, the houses have their own boilers. If a settlement is not gasified - boilers using solid fuel (usually coal) or to electricity. Also in the townships is applied and central heating.

Alternative to traditional forms of heating has recently offered a group of companies SU-155. The company has launched a plant for production of wood pellets - pelett - in the Vologda region and plans to produce 300 thousand tons of fuel a year. Raw materials for production pelett - waste wood (wood chips, sawdust). It is interesting that 1 ton of wood pellets can replace 1.6 tons of wood, 480 cubic meters of gas, 500 liters of diesel fuel and 700 liters of fuel oil. In this case, the toxicity of combustion pelett 50 times lower, then there is the smoke from them is much smaller. However, for the use of this fuel boilers need a special design, which now is mostly prevalent in the West. Therefore, the first time the plant will operate for export. Feed pellets in a boiler can be automated, so be "a mountain" the homeowner will not have to. Pelett consumption - about two kilograms per hour. These undoubted advantages, such as environmental friendliness and low fuel consumption, can make boilers pelettah very popular method of heating town houses, said Anton Arkhipov.

Ivan Shulkov agrees that fuel from the SU-155 "can take its place in the market, but it would certainly take some time. In the future, plan to "SU-155, the granules will be widely used to provide warm low-rise settlements. Perhaps, the first bio-fuel boilers builder Tools in newly constructed homes Tskhinvali.
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