EBRD project resumes in Yalta

16.05.2011 14:15
Articles about real estate | EBRD project resumes in Yalta The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the power of ARC to resume the interrupted for about four years ago, the project EBRD to complete the modernization of water and sewer system of Yalta.

As the chief of information policy management group of the Council of Ministers of the ARC on Friday, a decision was taken at a meeting held in London on the Crimean Prime Minister Vasily Dzharty vice-president of the EBRD, Jan Fischer, participation in which also took Ukraine's ambassador to Britain, Vladimir Khandogy.

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"This project was shelved due to lack of interest of previous management autonomy. Now, in the Crimea has created a unified chain of command, ready to work for the development of the peninsula. We managed to revive the project, and I think in June or July to resume work ", - said V. Dzharty was quoted as saying in the message.

Vice-President of the EBRD said the interest in the reconstruction of water and sewer system of Yalta. "There is no reason to neglect this project. Let's go back to it and will finish. This is the first line of our concrete work ", - said J. Fisher, adding that the Bank will consider the remaining proposals of autonomy as well as explore the possibility of opening an office of the bank.

"The development of agriculture, new technologies in the agricultural sector - a priority for the EBRD," - he stressed.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers also requested the Bank's autonomy to participate in other projects in the ARC, particularly in the construction of waste treatment plants and enterprises on processing agricultural products.

"The EBRD funds may be invested in construction of grain elevators, the development of oyster farms. The Bank would participate in projects at various conditions, including conditions of co-financing. On the construction of plants for waste treatment plants for our part we are prepared to provide? 30-50 million, "- said the Crimean prime minister.

B. Dzharty drew attention to the position of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich, who declared that the Crimea can and should be "a strategic platform for the realization of state projects."

"This gives us a special status, special conditions and to carry out the orders of the president and to achieve our main objective - development of the Crimea", - said the head of government autonomy. He added that the state is the second year Crimea allocates considerable sums on the socio-economic development and social issues.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers also reported on the actions of the authorities of the ARC to create a very favorable investment climate and on progress in the fight against corruption. According to him, one of the most important steps to creating a favorable investment climate will be the adoption of the law "On basics of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the peculiarities of the investment activity in its territory."

"This law will be one of the main instruments for the economic development of the ARC. It will be spelled out specific conditions for investors who start work in the real sector of the economy and create jobs for the Crimean - including, and preferential tax treatment. Purpose - to show Europe and the world that the Crimea - a stable and attractive place for investment. We just yesterday discussed the issue with Viktor Yanukovych. I think that in June the president will make a draft law to the parliament of Ukraine ", - said V. Dzharty.

Moreover, he noted that political stability in the autonomy of attracting investors. In particular, the company Fieldstone Private Capital Group (UK) creates a network of wind farms on the peninsula worth? 1.5 billion, the investors from Austria interested in building solar power plants and factories for recycling household waste.

Opportunity to enter the Crimean tourist market interest and global network of high-class hotels. For example, Hyatt plans this year to begin construction of a 5-star hotel on the southern coast of Crimea, the head of government autonomy.

He also noted the increase in the attractiveness of FCA as a place to rest. "Last year, the number of tourists visiting the Crimea has increased by 20%. This year we expect growth of 25% ", - said the Crimean prime minister.

Recall W. Dzharty performs a two-day working visit to London and Brussels, during which represents the leadership and the business community of Great Britain and the EU's economic potential and investment opportunities in the ARC.

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