Earth will be virtually impossible to sell within five years

26.01.2011 11:26
Articles about real estate | Earth will be virtually impossible to sell within five years SLC in the fight against speculation in farmland imposes restrictions on the resale of plots. Landowner can not sell land for at least five years, if not willing to pay a fee of 100% of the land.

The Government is actively preparing to lift the moratorium on the sale of farmland. SLC has initiated changes to the law on State Duty, which involve the introduction of huge taxes in the case of rapid resale of land. This measure is proposed as a preventive against unscrupulous buyers, says Case.

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"For example, if you bought a plot of land this year and want to resell, then in the Law" On State Duty "written that you must pay 100% of the normative monetary valuation. It is in Ukraine on average 11 thousand UAH. That is the meaning to engage in speculation will not "- says Nikolay Kalyuzhny, deputy head of Ukrainian State Committee on Land Resources. According to him, such protective duties be introduced over five years with a gradual decline in rates: first year 100%, the second - 90%, a third - 80%, fourth - 70%, the fifth - 60%.

Among other "nuances" of future land transactions - prohibition on change of land earmarked for 10 years after the purchase, restrictions on the area, which can hold one nat. or legal entity, as well as a ban on the acquisition of holdings by non-residents. The latter point can create problems for the "Ukrainian Cypriots"
including the number of agricultural holdings have changed residence for example in preparation for the IPO.

According to Nikolai Kalyuzhny, large agricultural holdings that rent is now up to 300 thousand hectares of land "is not really even want to buy" land ". "From 1 to 3% of the rent they pay and to buy up such a huge area, what is it necessary to have huge amounts of money" - he says.

Arkady Kornatsky, founder of LLC Agricultural Company Kornatsky "for his part noted that large farms cherish formed land bank and are interested in purchasing it in order to plan the investment at a time like now for leasing arrangements to do so risky. "Nobody is going to run the country by changing one square on the other, and vacant land in such a quantity is not so easy to find. Of course, the lifting of the moratorium is not profitable to those who had the administrative resources to achieve isolation of any liked the site and could change them as often as desired "- said the expert.

He noted that until it becomes clear in what form will be pleasing to the accompanying legislation, can not assess the impact of lifting the moratorium for market participants. "While I can not say that we will lifting the moratorium. Maybe it will be an opportunity to raise funds, investments, entering into the statutory fund complexes such as trans-shipment to the port to become a direct exporter of grain. And maybe it will become a headache if the laws be adopted in such a way that will give ample opportunity for corruption "- he says.

Note that, contrary to claims publicized, the moratorium will not be canceled on Jan. 1, 2012 - turnover of agricultural land even if the adoption of key documents will be delayed probably for another year. "During this time we will take the bills that will not let opportunities for speculation and corruption. Uncontrolled land market nobody needs "- says Nikolay Kalyuzhny.
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