Each apartment has its own power

12.10.2010 03:11
Articles about real estate | Each apartment has its own power Each apartment has its own power. And how much energy dwelling harmoniously blends with its inhabitants, the wellbeing and success of people living in it.
Feng Shui considers housing as one of the most important factor that influences the destiny of man. Data based on the Feng Shui analysis recommendations will help to increase the energy potential of space, affecting human health, luck, wealth and other factors necessary for a happy life and successful work.

The most effective feng shui apartments will be on the stage of selection, or repair a new apartment. In this case there are more opportunities for the most successful allocation of rooms to suit the personal power of tenants. In every apartment there is a sector with both favorable and with negative energy. In an ideal feng shui apartments should be organized so as to place the main stay of tenants: a bedroom, living room, kitchen, children fell into the sector with positive energy.

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Yet often have to work with apartments in which tenants can not use the favorable sector. Then come to the aid methods for correcting the negative impact. The use of color, shapes, certain items that carry the energy of one of the five elements - that's the most affordable ways to improve the feng shui apartment.

Expert advice affects the deeper questions. Effect of space per person can not be undone. It is important to understand how this influence will manifest itself in the life of the individual. Feng Shui analysis Apartments identifies potential problems and possible successes. The purpose of consultation is not only the correct energy housing, but also offer customer specific actions aimed at improving the situation.

Feng shui apartment - first steps
The first advice sounds pretty corny: Point in the house clean and tidy, get rid of unnecessary and have not sought-after things. Checked several times - is to sort and arrange closets general cleaning in the room with favorable stars and the next day is some pleasant event.

Do not forget to ventilate all rooms daily. Thus, you get fresh air and create conditions for the renewal of Qi.

Try to keep your day all the blinds on the windows were spread that the house penetrated as much sunlight. In winter, when the light is very small, well try to illuminate the entire house, not forgetting the corners. Remember that light accelerates the bad Qi

Do not forget the good flavor. Carefully put them in public places such as bathroom and toilet. If possible, flavoring indoor air aromomaslami and spices. Good Feng Shui assumes the good smells in the house.

Try to use in your home a little more natural materials.

Do not use in the interior of the abundance of all sorts of decorations that are heavier and do not give the power of Qi to move freely.

Make sure that the corners of furniture were not directed at the sitting or lying on a chair or bed people. If you can not move furniture, try zadekorirovat angles creepers or just close their screen.

Feng Shui Bedroom
Feng Shui attaches special importance to the bedroom, which is the second most important after cooking.

Bedroom in the house should be located as far from the front door. It is also important, as is the door to her. Undesirable if the bedroom door is opposite the entrance door, an arrangement of the inhabitants of the bedroom door can cause a sense of subconscious anxiety and alarm. It is also not recommended layout and bedroom closet doors against each other.

Of course, the important role played by the position of bed in the bedroom, not recommended to put a bed in the middle of the room, without contact with the wall, in this case would not support. Do not put the bed opposite the door, and even more so to put to his feet it was facing the door.

From the perspective of Feng Shui negative role played by the exposed ceiling beams, which are the source of negative energy. Impact beams may have a negative effect on human health and success. Avoid the negative impact of ceiling beams can, using bamboo tubes hung them to the joists. The ideal solution - it's suspended ceiling.

Feng Shui warns against hasty use of a mirror in the bedroom. It is beautiful in any other place, but not in the bedroom. Sleeping man should not be reflected in a mirror, this situation mirrors leads to quarrels and disagreements between the inhabitants of the bedroom.

It would be nice, waking up in the morning and see something good for you, favorite things and objects that evoke positive emotions and memories. In the bedroom should act without hindrance sunlight and light from the street, but one should bear in mind the undesirability of direct sunlight on the bed, in this case, the thick curtains - the solution to your problems.

Plays an important role in Feng Shui condition of the bed. Inside the bed, where should be stored linens, pillows and comforter, is strictly prohibited to store all sorts of books, unnecessary things, not related to rest and sleep in the bedroom. And also under the bed should not be hampered flow of positive energy, Qi, and there should not be foreign objects, dust and dirt. Not recommended to put the bed just under the windows, even from the standpoint of common sense - it is fraught with catarrhal diseases.

Double bed must necessarily have a single mattress, otherwise you may receive the difference between the spouses.

The position of Feng Shui in relation to colors in the bedroom - a negative, if there is a desire to have them in the bedroom, they can be placed on the windowsill, and during sleep to close the window curtains.

Feng Shui Kitchen
In terms of Feng Shui, the kitchen is responsible for your welfare and prosperity of your financial situation. Clean, comfortable, well equipped kitchen talk about what you do not have financial difficulties, that troubles you bypass the party. Untidy, ill-equipped kitchen points to financial difficulties, the constant money problems. It was in the kitchen most often used techniques that bring wealth and prosperity at home.
Thus, a large, well-equipped kitchen by itself is the key to wealth and prosperity. However, this does not mean that your kitchen should be huge and equipped with the latest technology, it must first be neat and clean, everything should work.

With kitchen furniture and appliances, be sure to note the importance of the elements. It should be remembered that the refrigerator, sink and dishwasher are responsible for water, stove, coffee maker, toaster - for the Fire. To maintain balance, it is important to avoid a "clash" of the elements, ie, in other words, do not put near fire and water. This can be easily accomplished by placing between objects that symbolize the elements of an antipode friendly to both the elements object such as a wooden cabinet.
Make sure your stove is working. If any items are damaged plate (of particular importance are the heating elements), this could significantly impact your wealth, your income can be significantly reduced, you have financial difficulties. Every time you clean the stove, then symbolically "clearing the" path of income, wealth and prosperity, are demonstrating their intention to become more successful and richer.

Several methods of feng shui, with which you can improve the look of your kitchen

* Install good lighting - it helps you to work and show you the right way of Qi.
* Try as much as possible to use your stove - this will improve your well-being.
* Keep the kitchen free passes do not clutter them. This will help to move freely not only you but also Chi.
* Organize your kitchen space, hang a variety of cupboards and shelves for cooking utensils and spices. It is these little things can create confusion and even chaos in the kitchen.
* Make sure that all devices are working - it will help you reduce costs.
* Keep your kitchen clean - it will help you to avoid unnecessary hassles with health and financial losses.

Feng Shui House
Most often, the room has two or three sectors, each of which possesses its own energy. Logically zonirovat room, provide space for recreation and a place to work. For example, place the upholstered furniture sector with favorable mountain stars, and a computer desk with suitable water. You can use different kinds of lighting, putting in a recreation area lamps with soft diffused light, and in working to use brighter lighting.

Most people do not protest is the requirement of feng shui, which chairs and sofas should be back to the wall and not to the chairs or windows. Position against a wall or next to it gives a sense of peace and security. However, usually it is impossible to place all the seats back to the wall. Where the chair is standing at the window, the position will help to correct the plant on a windowsill or low shelves.

Chairs, sofas and chairs can be positioned differently relative to each other. If one put a chair in front of another, even over a low table, it will create a situation well suited for a frank conversation, but not too successful for the silent or poorly familiar with each other people. There is nothing worse than sitting in front of a talkative person, when you're not inclined to talk or do not want to respond in the same manner.

If chairs are set at an angle to each other, it will create a more comfortable environment, and people can join in the conversation, when they want it. The same situation is created, and if placed chairs facing each other, but at an angle to the couch.

In terms of feng shui room is important not to overload the room with too much furniture, plants and ornaments. Movement of qi energy should be free, otherwise you will create a feeling of lethargy and depression.
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