Due to the increased demand become more expensive housing in the Crimea

24.04.2014 01:15
Articles about real estate | Due to the increased demand become more expensive housing in the Crimea In Crimea, the rapidly growing demand for real estate. Accommodation in Crimea snapping locals, to get rid of the hryvnia, and the Russians. Mainly buy apartments in new buildings of the Crimea and provoke a rise in price: only in March prices rose by 25-100% depending on the city.

Eyeing the coast

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Activation of buying real estate in Crimea for several reasons, first and foremost currency: active devaluation of the hryvnia to the start of the year, and the desire to basically get rid of the monetary unit of Ukraine, which the new government will soon threaten to withdraw completely from the money turnover of the peninsula. As soon as the Crimea developers have noticed the intensification of demand, it began to change the sales policy. There was quite a new trend: the price per square meter began to raise not depending on the stage of readiness at home and the number of sold apartments. "The more sold apartments in the building, the higher the price of housing in the Crimea, even if the object is on the foundation stage", - explained the "lead" of Olga "InterStroya". For example, on the object on the street. Baturin in Simferopol, which must pass in the fourth quarter of 2014, only 17 remained unsold apartments from 89 exposed and the price per square meter of apartments March 24 rose to $ 50 - from $ 700-750 to $ 750-800.

In Simferopol, buying apartments in the main Crimeans. "In February and March, there were almost no transactions in April was more cheerful, - says Olga from" InterStroya ". - Up to 95% of apartments in the new building to buy our own, Simferopol, and often for themselves, at least for future lease. But visitors - both Russians and Ukrainians - try to invest in an apartment by the sea in Sevastopol and Yalta. "

In Sevastopol interested in apartments in the projects under construction and Ukrainians of the central and eastern regions, and the Russians from almost all regions. Real estate prices since the beginning of the year increased by half - to $ 700 per square $ 1,000. "However, buyers in the Crimea, to conclude an agreement by installments, this jump is not visible: in the square fixed price contracts in the new building", - explained to us the expert of PR-service of "Karbon" Vladislav. At the same time, he said, the majority of purchases are now performed when the absolute pay, and take any currency (including cash). And last week recovered the possibility of cashless payment. "We opened the ruble account in Sberbank of Russia and now accept payment in rubles and UAH at the rate of the bank", - said Vladislav.

Developers of housing in the Crimea and the report of the active growth of sales of real estate in Yalta. "Sales are going very well. The buyers - the Russians and their relatives, mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Buy one-bedroom apartments for themselves, for rest, - boasted of Diana LCD "Sea Garden". - But the new Ukrainian buyers in March was not. Nevertheless, a third of the apartments already sold, and the prices of apartments in new buildings jumped by 25% - from $ 1,500 to $ 1,900. " However, according to developers Yalta, Yalta for the rise in price of new building on the 25% - not the limit, many still under construction objects square cost has already exceeded $ 3 thousand.

The club complex "Black Sea" (pos. Black Cape Tarkhankut) apartments are bought only by Russians. "Peter, Moscow, Novgorod, Krasnodar ... Buy for recreation, very often - elderly parents, - told in the department of VSK sales. - But quite a lot and those who intend to rent apartments, and so is shopping. " Prices rose in the beginning of April, an average of $ 100 per square meter - from $ 710-890 to $ 790-1000.


Realtors are convinced that with the lowest risk in the Crimea is now possible to buy this kind of real estate - apartments in new buildings of the Crimea. "We were promised that all permits are valid in Ukraine - and the land acquisition, and state expertise of objects and coordination with agencies. And when we finish building the object - by the autumn, and will decide the legal issues of property rights, including the entry into the register, "- promised to the expert sales department LCD" Primorsky Boulevard "(Yalta) Diana.

However, quite a large risk for the buyer retains even here. And political. "For example, if the developer's shareholders refused to take Russian citizenship, they may be the object just do not take into operation and not connected to utility networks" - gives a simple example of the President of Ukraine Confederation of Builders Leo Partskhaladze. As is known, the Russian town planning legislation is very different from the Ukrainian, therefore, despite the promises of recognition of all permits, there is always a chance to see the "inconsistencies". "For example, in January 2014 Russia introduced mandatory insurance object under construction (like our automobile liability insurance for drivers), none of the buildings of the Crimea, to my knowledge, has not yet been made," - said Partskhaladze.

Resale SALE semilegally

According to realtors, in the towns and villages located on the coast, there has been a rapid growth of interest in the secondary real estate of Crimea from the end of March. "The surge in demand we are seeing for three weeks," - told "Vesti" Sergey, realtor company AN "Partner". "Demand has really grown. And interest in apartments in the center and on the outskirts and in the suburbs. Ask and one-bedroom and two-, three-room - there is a certain tendency ", - has confirmed to us the head of the Academy" Yalta-Grad "Dmitry Polotnyanenko.

Increasing the number wishing to buy property in the Crimea was reflected in the cost of housing. "Prices for apartments in the secondary housing rose by an average of 5% in the Crimea", - noted in the Academy "Yalta-Grad". In monetary terms, this rise in price could reach one apartment from $ 2500 to $ 4750. For example, one-bedroom apartment is now available for $ 50-60 thousand, two-bedroom -. For $ 75-80 thousand, two-bedroom -. For $ 95 thousand.

But as a single State Register, which records transactions on real estate in the Crimea is still not working, some agencies in the pursuit of profit by selling apartments preliminary semi-legal contracts. "They prescribed amount of collateral in the transaction and indicate the date of: a certain date can be moved to the former owner of such a new one has to settle and transfer the money to the seller. it also registers the date of registration of documents, and in the Crimea, now it is difficult to determine, "- explains a member of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine Ivan Kudoyarov.

At the same time, lawyers are reminded of the risks: a contract is not legally binding and does not constitute direct evidence in court. "Percentage of wins in such cases - 5% of the total flow. And then, in the case where the judge decides to seize the property, on which the contract in question ", - said the lawyer. According to him, the main risk in concluding such a transaction lies with the buyer.

But the majority of Realtors still chooses wait. "To sell an apartment under such contract illegally. We therefore do not deal with. For now, just accept calls, drive on views ", - says Dmitry Polotnyanenko.

Yevpatoria - for pensioners

Yevpatoriya developers suddenly felt that their facilities can be quiet abode for Russian pensioners. "We are building a home for life and not for spa vacation. It is far from the sea line - 2.5 km. This pronounced ekonomsegment - five-storey building with no lift. But near a kindergarten, school, supermarkets, - said Vadim Kirienko of the LCD "Prospect Victory" (Evpatoria). - So, the ratio of buyers from Russia and Ukraine over the past three weeks has changed, and the Russians about three times more. People from various regions of Omsk, Kramatorsk, Tyumen, Moscow.

Judging by those who are eyeing the apartments in Yalta, we have a great chance to become a city of pensioners. " Home buyers in Yalta realtors say that interest in housing for their elderly parents. And this despite the fact that prices for apartments in Yalta in April rose to $ 150-200 per square. "We started to build with the price of $ 600-700 a square, now we enter into a contract for $ 900. Realtors offer equal prices in Anapa, but I think we still reach only the price of the Krasnodar Territory "- Kiriyenko said.

Calculations in Yalta are currently only in rubles. Buyers, Ukrainians, not fully paid their installments, draw up an additional ruble contract with fixed prices.

Because of the disruption in the banks in the Crimea is practically impossible to book an accommodation for rent - a problem for people to send to the peninsula prepayment. "We hung on the website information that does not take reservations - say on the" Rent-Sevastopol.Info portal. " - Our clients can only be those who have friends in the city: they can make an advance payment on the spot. " But with the tourists from Russia there are no problems - they take great booking fee through Russian banks.

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Influx of tourists in Odessa is not observed, despite the fact that the expectations due to difficulties with the Crimea is about to happen. "I have a flat in the heart of the city, it is removed frequently and campers, and travel. But the May holidays two rooms of three empty ", - says the realtor Lydia. At the same time the Russians, to book accommodation in advance in Odessa, take a prepayment. "I have friends and frustrated customers who do not ride the first year", - said "News" the owner of the apartment under the surrender Natalia Pashinskaya.

HOST "pegged" to the dollar

"Reservations for the summer of Ukrainians take only acquaintances or under the responsibility of regular customers, if they do not have a rest this year. At the same time we ask to transfer an advance payment - amount of the reservation for the first night. Prices for daily rent is now pegged to the dollar. So, a good two-bedroom in the center cost $ 80 per day (previously - 640 UAH, and now - 960 USD). We accept payment in UAH and in Russian rubles, "- he told us the owner of the apartment in Sevastopol Lydia Dolgopolov.
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