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03.12.2009 13:07
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Sergey, this is not your first building. It is said that in honor of the parents you at his own expense built a church in Penza?
Yes, I really dedicated his temple. My parents were amazing people, I learned a lot from them: the Pope - patience, modesty, my mother - assertiveness, commitment and ability to achieve goals. Generally, it is my heroine. I remember when my father was at the front, we lived in a hut, my mother went to "punch" the family apartment. Before she went to dad, but he refused. A mother in this city committee of all struck by the dedication, and we finally got home.

Now you have built your house. Tell me, how long have you toyed with the idea?

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Long, very long time. However, and not built quickly - six long years. From the outset we are summed up one organization that takes the house. I could not monitor the construction of the constant touring, had to rely on the professionalism of employees. But, alas, the building materials were purchased by a very low quality, the house itself is built with violations of all possible technologies. Two years later he went cracks.

Partially. Friends have recommended other workers. Wizards look at what has already been built, proposed options for correcting errors. For example, the facade of the building enclose a decorative brick, to hide the cracks, and poor brickwork. Much fixed, many altered. It took about another three years.

Sergey, and you yourself have made any changes?
Constantly! I grew up in a large family, we lived very modestly. I dreamed that my house would be a huge and spacious, so where all my friends have enough space! In general, all these six years, I often implanted in the draft of his childhood dreams. Something get accustomed, something eventually turned over, but something always lacked. Some rooms originally intended for some purposes, but suddenly I began to think that we should do things differently. For example, on the first floor, I would like to make a concert hall, equip it well, it hold a party, to arrange musical evenings. But it turned out that the house of a huge basement, and I decided to postpone the concert hall there: has sound insulation, put the good equipment, everything turned out super! Or this one room, made the first stylish hookah. But this failed to calm down. Eventually something reworked, twisted, and got a room for rest and relaxation.

Apparently, the designers you Namuche ...
What to do? My house - is the embodiment of the reality of my childhood dreams. I'm going to live here and want everything to be as I want. Besides design - this is my hobby, so that the interior was engaged myself, really helped me only when creating an architectural project.

Frankly, I'm struck by the exuberance of colors that fill your house. Bright walls, ceiling, doors ...
You understand, Moscow - the same eternal darkness and gloom. Most of the year is winter, cold, slush, mud, and I want a holiday! I myself have a very merry and bright man and I want my house was the same as my mood. Here, for example, living room, lemon-yellow. You came here and immediately feel the joy, because the yellow - the color of the sun. Agree, nice after a wet and dull streets to find himself in a comfortable and bright place.

Moreover, when this place so much!
Well, not so my living room and large. With a ceiling height of 14 meters, it has an area of 300 sq.m. But what is clearly not to take away - is air and space. But in general I have all the rooms different colors.

Particularly impressed bedroom in red. Meanwhile, psychologists say that red stimulates the nervous system.

You'd know what I'd heard "friendly" advice on this matter. But red is my favorite color, and I am extremely pleased to wake up in the bedroom. A view of psychologists little interest to me, most importantly, I feel myself.

You have a very stylish concert hall. He recalls a night club ...

Indeed, I was planning a concert hall to do in modernistic style nightclub. It seems that the idea failed. The entire interior is in black tones because the equipment is against this background looks elegant.

This room does not look bleak. It feels very good!

It is for this was added a few vivid strokes: paintings in gilt frames, floor Cherry. And if we take into account the excellent acoustics and a luxuriously comfortable furniture, then take my word, my friends here do not want to leave.

And who evaluated the interior comfort and professionalism of the equipment?

Not so long ago came Luba Assumption, Il Otieva here singing.

Well, when the artist is a place where you can sing for your pleasure. But you are here and working, I suppose?
The Western artists have made the house a concert hall, and it is for them not a whim but a necessity. So I do not understand why we are not accepted. At home I have prepared two programs: rehearsing with my actors and musicians. And really cool that I can, at its stage to do what you want, or under who do not adapt, do not look for any options. Of course, not every actor can boast that in his house there dance hall. This is extremely convenient.

In addition, you have created the conditions for the artists.

You know, when many gastroliruesh, comes in magnificent halls, speaking at the good scenes, but while you are in a completely unsuitable for the needs of artists dressing room, it becomes very sad. Not only that they are close and inconvenient, so there could not be more elementary to rest. It's really easy to prepare for the speech, because all planned: light, mirrors, furniture, space. It is very important for the artist.

What kind of music you listen to yourself at your leisure?
Depends on my mood. Yesterday I, for example, called friends, opened a bottle of brandy and listening to jazz. Usually I listen to George Michael, Barry White, Billie Holiday ... In general, I prefer the lyrical music. Sometimes the soul simply put something club, dance, without meaning.

Let's return to the home and talk, for example, on the kitchen. It's so comfortable, functional. You like to cook?
To be honest, I cook from the riffraff. Scrambled eggs - the maximum that I can cook, and she Prygorov! Himself in food is not fussy. Favorite food - fried potatoes. Actually, I think, it's not what you presented as food, but how you do it, in what mood, how much soul you put into place.

You never wanted to have a family? This large house needs a mistress.
Frankly, I have recurring thoughts about the family. I was married, but divorced, although very experienced. But I am a free artist, and family life - is a big responsibility. I almost never at home: trips, tours, shooting ... What kind of woman this can be done? Sometimes I'm really very sad and lonely without the Lena, are obsessed with the thought that went wrong with it. But we are still in very good terms, and when she comes to Moscow from London, we all spend time together, we are well. Maybe because we are both free.

Let us leave this sad subject and return to the interior. Tell me who and how to choose fabrics for your home.
Me and only me. I wanted to ease, lightness. There is almost no velvet and other heavy fabrics. Most organza, chiffon, taffeta. Everything is very clear, weightless, a lot of drapery. I in fact and in costumes often used taffeta. This is generally my favorite material.

Sergei, in the living room on the marble floor lined with your monogram, is a tribute to fashion?

It is not in vogue, although I know that many rich people are so stressed his status. I've been using this logo for eight years. He has developed a design company. And I put it on all the plates, postcards, business correspondence.

White marble floor highlights the depth of the living room reflects it. Why, in other rooms you use the floor tiles?

Marble good material, which is long and looks good, but at some point, I considered it inappropriate to apply it to the house.

What kind of ideas you are guided in choosing furniture?
Idea was simple - the transparency and lightness. Furniture was selected comfortable, convenient, but not bulky, so the tables with glass surfaces, cabinets with glass doors as open as possible, sofas and chairs with soft flowing over the lines. Well and accessories in unison - blankets, rugs, pillows, all sorts of trinkets.

Sergey, and the construction of the pool - this is also your childhood dream?

No, originally I was about him and not thinking. And then I decided - why not? Especially since I love to swim. Now my every morning starts with a swim. That left only room to bring the mind, the ceiling finish, but we just now working on this.

Thank you so much today talked about pleasure, to tell what it means to enjoy life "in Penykovsky?

To live in pleasure, especially for myself. In this life you have to be a little selfish ...
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