Drawing of Kiev apartment in social networks believed 14,000 Ukrainians

10.01.2014 01:15
Articles about real estate | Drawing of Kiev apartment in social networks believed 14,000 Ukrainians According ain.ua, just two days since the inception of Facebook-community "Live in Kiev" has gained more than 14 thousand likes. Approximately the same number of users to share the news about drawing defunct Kiev apartment. Call for Proposals was published in the morning on January 6. To participate in the drawing " a brand new studio apartments of 28 sq / m in the new house in 2013 Obolon " had to share this news on his page and subscribe to the page live in Kiev. According to the administrators page , the winner will be determined by lottery on March 8 .

However , many users of the social network Facebook noticed that the page does not specify any contact details for the organizers nor the legal details of the competition, as it is done in such cases large companies . " Picture " is easy to find an apartment in Google sites for planning and design of apartments , but as the background photo community used a picture of the residential complex in Alushta. All this suggests that the competition is not real , and the page was artificially spun unknown SMM- schikami .

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Similar in content to live in Moscow page was created for the Russians . But users headings reacted to competition with less confidence than the Ukrainians - per day fasting has shared only about a hundred people.

According to the administrators of the popular community Typical Kiev , the fake lotteries are often used for promotion of the new Public . According to SMM- specialists are likely so is the accumulation of the audience for the new urban community and in the future will be placed in the group of city news . The cost of one advertisement in similar content groups is approximately $ 100 . It is also believed that this situation may be associated with the community around nedavnimskandalom "Typical Kiev" and further developed into a another clone of the popular Public Kiev .
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