Doronin give Naomi's Palace in Venice

03.11.2010 16:37
Russian oligarch Vladislav Doronin all immersed in a love pool, it all means indulge his favorite supermodel Naomi Campbell. Although it has not lagged behind, you just have to remember about the dinner surprise. At this time, Doronin gathered to give his beloved a magnificent palace.<br /><br />Yes, it is a palace reception of the XV century, is located is a marvel of architecture in the magical and romantic Venice on the left bank of the Grand Canal. Contarini-pheasant (Palazzo Contarini-Fasan), namely the so-called these apartments, is one of the most elegant and air, thanks to the carved balconies, the "city of canals." The palace itself is Gothic, and quite a miniature, until it was built on the site located one of the watchtowers guarding the entrance to the Grand Canal. In Venice, a building called the "Desdemona's house, allegedly known to Shakespeare's heroine had lived here before she married Othello, but it's just a legend.<br /><br />On a trip to the Venice Film Festival, Vladislav and Naomi at the same time examined and Contarini-phase, and, apparently, decided to buy. Their couple is somewhat similar to Shakespeare's heroes, only in reverse, let's hope that the purchase of the palace will not bring them to the fate of Othello and Desdemona.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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