Domestic furniture is hazardous to health

18.11.2010 13:50
Articles about real estate | Domestic furniture is hazardous to health For health are safe only 20-30% of building materials in Russia, suggest results of a study conducted by EcoStandard Group. But other experts believe that this percentage may be even less.

Only 20-30% of building materials in Russia comply with environmental standards and can be used without harm to human health, suggest the results of a study conducted by EcoStandart Group, dealing with environmental expertise. This was told the director of business development Nick Krivozertsev, RIA Novosti reported.

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"We came to the conclusion that at present the market is very much low-quality building materials, said Nicholas Krivozertsev. - About 30% - it is really problematic materials with very serious violations of environmental standards. For example, the use of varnish or paint in this category may lead to a significant excess of standards for formaldehyde.

Chemical analysis
In the study, the company analyzed more than 500 kinds of building materials in Russia, told GZT.RU deputy head of the testing laboratory EcoStandard Group Catherine Rzhevtseva. According to her, quite a large proportion of the test materials release hazardous toxins.

How to test materials
Analysis of materials EcoStandart Group was as follows. The sampled material is placed in a special test cell - the so-called "climatic chamber. In her sample was kept under certain conditions for some time. After which the chamber was carried out sampling and laboratory analysis of air.

"The biggest release observed from the boards, impregnated with creosote, - says Ekaterina Rzhevtseva. - Many continue to use them in construction, meanwhile creosote negatively affects the nervous system, causing effects such as headache, weakness, tenderness of the liver.

Also in the laboratory are often faced with discharge of harmful substances from chipboard (DSP), which is very often used for furniture manufacturing and construction. "ADI is often allocates substances such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, phenol, ethyl acetate, etc. Particularly intense release of these substances in the damaged protective layer, - said Rzhevtseva.

Were not less harmful varnishes and paints, which contain organic solvents. They may produce toluene (causes toxic effects on the nervous system especially in
auditory centers, is toxic to the liver and kidneys), and xylenes (causes skin irritation, and prolonged exposure to toxic to the nervous system, kidneys and liver), as well as other substances. "Sometimes the harmful substances begin intensively allocated only when wet surfaces", - said the expert.

Wooden Ecology
Safe material is ceramic tile, says Catherine Rzhevtseva of EcoStandart Group. However, often the result of the use for the finishing of granite is an increased radiation background, he said.

Also beneficial are the materials of wood (logs, lumber), brick and concrete, adds Nicholas Krivozertsev. Meanwhile, is not environmentally friendly material frame, impregnated chemical composition (antignienie or antipozhar).

Toxic fraction
However, the proportion of friendly building materials may be even lower. "The share of environmentally friendly materials in the Russian market - no more than 10%, - says Natalya Galechyan, Director of Public Relations of the St. Petersburg Ecological Union." - This is a case in assessing not only consider the results of laboratory tests of the product itself, but its effect on the environment. Unfortunately, today we can rarely find products that are environmentally safe for human health and the environment. We can say with certainty until about a domestic manufacturer of flooring, which has passed a tough assessment of the products of throughout its life cycle. It is true that there is such linoleum a bit more expensive than a traditional "- explains the expert.

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