Doing environmental assessment Apartments

21.11.2010 00:01
Doing environmental assessment Apartments As "cheap and cheerful" to carry out ecological expertise of the apartment you plan to buy or rent? Do not rush to the experts - our advice is sometimes possible to do without them.

Ventilation of the apartment (especially the bathroom)
Ventilation - a significant factor in ecology apartment. Excessive moisture and fungus on the walls of the room may be the result of inadequate ventilation, the bathroom.

It affects the carbon dioxide content in the rooms, as well as whether harmful substances secreted by furniture (in small doses), accumulate to unsafe levels.

Look for vents. Homes built after 1960, ventilation should be in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

From the street to the apartment should arrive fresh air into the apartment. Ventilation could be violated if the wooden window frames were replaced by plastic box with no special valves for ventilation.

What to do

Have to buy air conditioning.

Ventilation grills tested for traction, bringing to them a match: with good traction flame can burn almost horizontally or inclined. If there is no traction - the flame is lit, will not deviate (vertically).

What to do
Do not buy an apartment - to repair the ventilation will be very difficult.

High humidity that accompany misted windows and poor drying laundry. In such circumstances, grow mold. Black, red, green and gray spots appear in the bathroom and the window frames. It can cause allergies and respiratory diseases. If the apartment quickly moldy bread in the air, most likely, is fungi.

What to do
Hygrometer to measure humidity, which shows the relative humidity in the room. At the same time, remember that the humidity level in the apartment should vary 45-60% - it's the most comfortable for humans. If in the fight against high humidity too much to reduce it, it can lead to fatigue, dry mucous membranes, and the apartment will be a lot of dust.

If you find mold in the apartment - do not buy it, because to get rid of the fungus is very difficult.

Electromagnetic fields

Strong electromagnetic fields (EMF), which can cause headaches, fatigue and even cancer. Their sources - tangles of wires in a flat, improper wiring or electrical floor heating. Adversely affect nearby power lines (power lines) and transformer substations.

What to do

Ask the experts - self vymeryat and minimize the level of EMF is impossible. They carry out the screening of special materials.

Radiation background
An important component of urban ecology - the radioactive background.

A cheap portable dosimeter is 2-3 thousand rubles. It must be turned on and off ten times, and then calculate the average.

Dosimeter shows the degree of gamma radiation. Of alpha and beta particles can get lung cancer, breathing radioactive gas radon. Radon is released from the earth. He has a lot of weight, so going into basements and first floors of houses. If ventilation is working, background radiation, most likely, will not reach dangerous concentrations.

The concept of ecological safety of housing in our time become more urgent. We spend much time in his apartment, and need to make it more conducive to health. If the independent study did not show, and certainly in the environmental safety of the apartment left - order examination of housing specialists.
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