Does Ukraine really get free land?

05.01.2020 00:45
Article 121 of the Land Code, the fact that everyone has the right to acquire land for the construction and maintenance of the residential home, gardening, farming, a cottage or garage, works. Picture: Does Ukraine really get free land??This opinion was expressed lawyer Alexander Popov.

"Get a free land at all - really. But it is necessary to consider that in this area we reigns "feudalism." Almost every town and district is different, sometimes very significant effect on the practice of the implementation of this law. You can select only one law: the prime locations, where the potential site, the harder it will get. For example, in Kiev, it is almost impossible (acting purely legal means), except in the case of privatization of land on which there is a private house belonging to the right of ownership to the applicant, "- said the expert.

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He also noted that, in addition, be sure to take patience and persistence.

"Do not wait for that issue will be solved in a few weeks. Even if we strictly follow the law of the term of registration of privatization will be at least 3 months (in practice often even longer). Also, do not be discouraged by failures, will appeal against them ", - said Popov.

According to him, the chances of success increase involvement in the process of a lawyer who specializes in land issues in the region of interest, ideally - district or village. It will help to overcome the "local conditions" procedure and can save significant time and money.
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