Does the loans to buy suburban real estate?

17.06.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Does the loans to buy suburban real estate? This was told the director of consulting company "RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenko at the round table in LigaBizesInform May 31.

- To date, the mortgage as a form of economic activity there, but as a tool for the development of the construction market - no. Mortgage arrears emerged even before the crisis, and today the mortgage - is "sick" part of the Ukrainian economy.

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Mortgages currently give around 30 banks. Conditions are approximately identical: an initial contribution - at least 30 per cent interest rate - 18 per cent per annum in the hryvnia, the credit period - up to 20 years.

However, the requirements for the borrower and the interest rates are such that it can be concluded that the banks just are positioned. What sane person would take out a loan for 20-23% per annum? Based on the situation, which now takes place in Ukraine - the banks are also unwilling to take risks. In the future, banks will try to credit the buyer, but sluggish, while the trend in property prices "going down" is not replaced by "growing".

Mortgages must be accessible, but it requires the growth of real incomes of Ukrainians and demand for mortgages.

The fall of the real estate market is not the only issue that worries bankers today. Their situation is complicated by the small number of customers who can provide official documentation to support its financial condition.

Mortgages for the purchase in the cottage give a few banks, loans to developers.
Many developers offer interest-free loans for up to 1 -2 years.

I believe that there are all preconditions for falling interest rates on bank loans up to 12-14%, not earlier than 2012. Cheaper mortgages, together with the normalization of the promised road-transport situation in the city and region should lead to competition between low-rise housing and urban real estate.

Victor Kovalenko

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