Documents required for the sale of the house

30.08.2010 09:15
Articles about real estate | Documents required for the sale of the house In order to be ready for a deal on selling or buying a private house, you should know what documents should be in your hands before them to suit your taste.

Selling and buying real estate requires a number of documents from the city or village executive committee, the BTI and other institutions, wrote City 24.

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List of documents:

- Title document, under which the dwelling belongs to the owner;

- Help on the valuation of property obtained in the BTI. Validity of this document does not exceed 3 months from the date of its receipt. Following the filing of documents and arrive at the site evaluator documents are prepared within two weeks;

- Help on the number prescribed in the house man. In this buyer's real estate the best situation is the complete statement of all tenants of the property they purchased;

- If a house alienated from the land, the necessary documents on the privatization of land. In the executive committee must obtain a certificate of the legal status of land. The sale of land with a house requires a certificate of expert assessment, taken in the regional rating agencies, with that in it the cost will be paid in tax. 2% of the estimated land prices are paid by the notary and 1% held by the Pension Fund of Ukraine;

- If the purchase of the property commits one of the spouses, the other spouse must be present when signing a contract. If he is alienated from the purchase of a home, you must be registered with the written consent to the alienation. In addition to the passport of husband and wife should be identification codes and a certificate of their marriage;

- If a house or at least part of it belongs to a minor child, apart from being present at the deal his parents (or guardians) must be obtained Board approval of custody of the executive committee. If the child's parents died, the necessary evidence of their death;

- At the conclusion of the contract of sale of private property, both parties must have passport and identification codes. If the buyer or seller is a foreign citizen, then at himself, he should have an immigration card on the border of Ukraine.

Another advice for people wanting to buy a private house, is the need to check the arrears in the payment of municipal services. Of course, if the electricity supply to the house of the best gasoline power plants and water from a well or borehole, then the problem does not exist, but that's when you connect to the city's communications might be a decent debt. The amount of debt for water, light or gas is usually deducted from the total contract.

As Ukraine's energy control requirements for each dwelling house must be fronted counter. Of course, desirable housing in voltage regulators, but this requirement is not necessary, but the computer you have to put any case.

With preliminary approval of all terms of purchase property with the seller to find out if this is not a house in a bank or other mortgage. If when checking to land and other registries find that housing is in the mortgage, the transaction will be canceled and a notary is not framed.

In the end, after the registration of all documents notarized drawn two contracts: one for land purchase, the other for the purchase of housing. The cost of certification of a notary will be approximately 1500 hryvnia.
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