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There is such an American movie "A Beautiful Mind." The name could not be better reflects the situation with classifiers of suburban housing. Ukraine - a country where many of the case and pressing problems are not solved for years, and are replaced by similar games - in a democracy, lawmaking, the choice of language or the way the European Union ", in science-like activities.
"Naming milk mushrooms - Serves you right!"
Somehow came across an article in the Journal of cottage "Olympic Park" which was given its class - "comfort"!

The first emotion - surprise! What a class is? After all, most recently the Committee on the suburban property at ASNU developed classifier with five classes - as in hotels, in which "comfort" does not mean!

But eventually, I realized - rather surprised by the attempts to create such a classifier, which, unlike a hotel, this segment of real estate is absolutely not needed. Let's see, "where his feet are growing:

"Country house will be divided into classes. The more "plus sign" will have a particular home, the higher its score and the more expensive it will cost a potential buyer, and vice versa. To achieve these goals real estate market are going to create a breakdown of suburban housing. This is necessary because of the fact that the existing division of the country real estate is fairly conventional character, which can break the implementation of the new evaluation scheme of housing.

According to the head of the Association of Realtors Vinnitsa Andrew Reznichenko, the emergence of such a classifier is long overdue. "This is very relevant today. After all, suburban real estate segment is formed, but not divided. It turns out that housing is built a lot, but to determine that this is better, and worse, we can not, other than just look at the appearance of building. That is now the approach to the assessment of suburban housing can not be called a professional "- he explained.

Do not be confused with the righteous sinful - a real estate appraisers, there are professional tools for assessment of this. The question is that the sale and the seller and the buyer, as well as a mediator of one party - the realtor, prefer to do without him. Maxim Loginov, an expert assessment of the company "Ukrainian Trade Guild" says that "regulated by law procedures for assessing real estate allow us to estimate its value as the cost of land, without resorting to the notion of class cottage village or town"

On the other hand it is clear that the name of "elites", "de luxe" economy "or" premium "- came to the classifier is not accidental. Title influences on consumer behavior and the class name of the product - too.

The idea of ??classification is logical - a tool for controlling the behavior of consumers, the same as a brand. Tool for simple and intuitive to the consumer. In this case, experts estimate details and assign a simple and understandable layman assessment - class.

In our case, a particular user imposed system of expert evaluations, which does not coincide with his own, with its priorities and desires. Expert in fact comes from the abstract points, and the buyer - from specific facilities or discomfort (from his point of view) for which he pays particular money.

It seems to be a classifier useful for realtors - since facilitates primary screening and the division of clients and projects. For that uses a complex system of evaluation of all parameters. Thus, the criteria of the suburban housing to the classes include: location, natural and environmental factors, internal infrastructure, architectural solution, and building technology. In particular, the mandatory criteria for the separation of real estate classes will include vehicle access, natural environment, social and operational infrastructure, utilities, architecture, buildings, building density, construction and building materials.
"Devil hides in details"

How exactly all these parameters are evaluated?

For instance, if the builder plastering the facade of the cottage cost 400 000 USD material "elastrong" (from OIKOS), covers the roof tiles BRASS, making moisture resistant lining clinker brick, and inside - uses ordinary clay, put the doors Rust, and the window - 5-chamber windows of KBE - I understand that it does not save on materials, but do I need it? Maybe I'll agree on cheap gas concrete and metal roofing on the roof to get even a sauna or pool for the same money "look rich"?.

But how are the foundation or monolithic times on the ceiling - fitting, proper shading and high quality concrete, restraint placed on the DBN parameters of 30-cm-wide - in the final product is no estimate.

Though, here, the opportunities for marriage, or theft of material deficiencies in construction weight. But in the end product they make will be hidden and will not affect the class.

A professional Realtor can explain all these details to the buyer, will speak what he pays and how much it costs in the market. Moreover, he will not be taken for the sale of substandard products frankly, just because they have a prestigious class.

The conclusion is simple - the classifier is not needed and competent realtor!

Valery Orlov, the developer of the town "Forest Glade": "breakdown prevents stand out among its competitors and reduces the diversity of features separate cottage for a few, and competition - the price!

In addition, the developer is more convenient to towns mixed development that do not fit in the sizer. In "Forest Glade" is represented by 29 semi-detached houses - worth 240 000 USD (For 125 sq m area), 29 cottages from 350 to 550 thousand cu - Only about 58 buildings. Moreover, social infrastructure for the convenience of staying in the village we conventionally divided into two groups. Demanded more of (hot Demanda) includes shop, bank, children's playground and spa, as well as - "real English" pub, located in the town. And the less demanded of the infrastructure is located in the village Bobrytsya, just across the road - is a school and kindergarten. This solution is convenient to everything - Village Council receives from us in their construction, we do not need to allocate land for them in town and pay for their maintenance and use of them may be our citizens and residents Bobrytsya.

And if we went on about the classification, trying to get to a certain class, it would have two unacceptable solutions - 1), all it would cost a lot more expensive, or 2) would have had to economize on materials to get a competitive price. "

Summing up the opinions of the respondents, the author, without pretensions to philosophical generalization, I would say this: the strongest fetters - invisible, but because - beware of those restrictions, which impose any abstract scheme. Their artificial construction often prevent optimal use of the space, materials and projects in order to meet the needs of specific groups of consumers. Any of us in fact makes the choice easy, guided by the binary logic of "like it or not." And if you like, then choose where favorite - "here" or "there".
Andrew Pavlo Lazarenko, head of affiliate programs log ProRetail
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