Do the infrastructure on the decision to buy real estate?

20.04.2012 09:15
Articles about real estate | Do the infrastructure on the decision to buy real estate? According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, the infrastructure in the cottage for a different effect on the decision to buy houses. When making a decision are important location, distance from the city, accessibility, price, quality, and followed by infrastructure.
If you bought the land in the cottage, on the infrastructure component of the low pay attention.
When buying a cottage in the cottage economy class should be mandatory surveillance, checkpoint, children's and sports grounds, made-up communications and office management and service company.
In the cottage business-class collection of objects infrastrktury expanding. Would be desirable to mini market, pharmacy, fitness center with swimming pool.

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But when making purchasing decisions in the cottage elite class customer requirements increase and infrastructure component plays an important role.
Here, preference is given to landscaping, lake, garden, school, spa, fitness, courts, restaurant, swimming pool, etc.
It should be noted that the infrastructure seriously increases the cost of "square" and their contents rests on the shoulders of future residents.
Viktor Kovalenko
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