Do realtors have to society?

18.12.2010 11:35
Realtors have to work 12 hours a day and, if necessary, go to work, even late at night.<br /><br />He must deal not only property but also in public relations, law, psychology, public utilities tariffs, a thorough knowledge of the city, especially its commercial and residential areas and know the latest news about the life of politicians. Since it is necessary to wear a bag-office, which is located a few mobile phones and at least two notebooks. And look at the same time he must perfectly, with a smile on his face.<br /><br />Such findings correspondent Bagnet "made after a day spent with the agency one of the capital real estate agencies. By the way, spend the day working in the "Nedviga, led us to our readers, who argue that realtors - are parasites that are not needed in our country. So we decided to see what they were engaged in their jobs.<br /><br />The work, which at first glance seems to be "gratis", in fact, very troublesome, requires a lot of knowledge not only professional, but specific. This is not an office rubbing pants and the pursuit of a piece of bread in the truest sense of the word. For this job you must be physically and psychologically enduring persistent. Every realtor knows that he must rely only on themselves.<br /><br />On the first job we went to Irina, who works in real estate for more than five years. I - beginner, she - a professional with a snap. My morning began with a cup of tea and half asleep in the subway. She managed to work to go to the gym and have a 9 am to view.<br /><br />"View" - a so-called meeting of realtors, which receives the "clients" and "masters" to get to know each other, view real estate for rent or sale, and to discuss all the exciting questions.<br /><br /><strong>11.00</strong> - the next show. Office space for Poznyaky. Nasty weather, the tenants are late for 10 minutes, have them wait - we and the mistress of the room. Arrives at the Mercedes, because it went two men, a short introduction, a quick glance at the room and after 30 seconds, potential tenants are removed, leaving only the acrid smell of expensive perfume. They took one disdainful glance, to show that the room does not suit them. But realtors once offended, he needed a way to surf the Kiev real estate.<br /><br /><strong>12.00</strong> - realtor can afford a cup of tea in the office. View sites of real estate, monitoring of competitors' sites. Discuss the latest news, ads on the property, which shall be sold, and, of course, phone calls. But relax once it's time to escape.<br /><strong><br />13:30</strong> - Image of office space at the Crypt. Open Space (open space) 150 USD per square meter. Came to watch the woman who is looking for a room for a private showroom. Clarifies the nuances on the payment, inquiring about prices of utilities, make pictures to show my director. Removed, promising: "I note your room as one of the best options." We accompany her, but do not go, because the approach ought to wish to remove this premise. "I rent this office before the end of the week", - said Irina.<br /><br /><strong>14:10</strong> - woo came to our office are young people. They want to organize a training center here. "The lads good, but to all appearances that they have little money. Podiskutirovav with Irina at the expense of prices, they understand that a discount of up to 100 hryvnia per square meter of them no one will do.<br /><br />Realtor gently but firmly defended his "own" - the price can not be reduced and this office is worth it. The talks were held soon, probably with these customers we saw in the first and last time. Can go into the office, which is located nearby.<br /><br /><strong>14:40</strong> - coffee break, negotiations on the phone, sending email and other "paper" case. And I still get acquainted with the office, which is inhabited by real estate guru. The building is still "sovdepovskoy hardening", a modest office, a few tables. Realtors now also have to save. This is due to the same crisis, stagnation in the real estate market, and customers are more finicky.<br /><br />CEO Ludmila Sil'chenko claims that its wards fans of their business and real estate market is not going away, despite the financial difficulties. Many employees turbulent past work in public relations, law ...<br /><br />Hatching a debate on "and why do we need realtors. Ludmila agrees with indignant anger, which complain about the work of Realtors. In her opinion this is due to the fact that the market for a lot of incompetent amateurs. "The real estate market a lot of amateurs who are doing their job poorly, but there are still companies that work with clients on tough conditions.<br /><br />After working with them, of course, remains one of frustration and bad advice, "- she said. Illustration of what has been said not long in coming, Lyudmila for an interview that the young girl. Wants to get to work agency. But neither the experience nor the motivation there. Previously, she worked as a waitress and now decided to go into real estate, for the "easy" money.<br /><br /><strong>15:30</strong> - it's time for the next show. Surprisingly, the same premises. "We have an unprecedented revival in the housing market, like New Year everyone wants to settle in new areas", - said Irina. The next customer waiting for 20 minutes, he is late. Already arrived and the owner of the premises, and broker a potential tenant. We have to discuss the new tax code to abuse of individual politicians and government in general.<br /><br />Finally comes our customer - Korean businessman. He inspects the premises thoroughly. He is interested in everything - right down to what kind of water flows in faucets and which side out the window. Examination ends, and a Korean goes, taking with them the next hope. Frankly speaking, it was difficult to understand, he liked office or not.<br /><br /><strong>17:00</strong> - business negotiations with the client regarding the preparation of contract of sale. Realtors need to know all the details and possible tricks. And at the same time we need to find a common language with the seller and the buyer. From the end of the negotiations depends, in fact, pay. "Sometimes you sit for three months without a deal of money and already want to quit.<br /><br />But then comes the revival of honey, meetings, views, and you have to abandon this idea. In fact, for those who have no financial support, and who feeds himself, that it is difficult to survive in this job for months prosizhivaya without money ", - said Irina.<br /><br /><strong>18:00</strong> - view apartments. Typically, residential real estate start to look at the end of the day, so realtors need to be prepared to nonstandard work schedule, to adapt to the client. While we look at an apartment, call the following wishing to look the same "apartment".<br /><br /><strong>21.00</strong> - yet another view, organized the impromptu. Customer calls - leaves everything behind and going to him for a meeting. For this realtor should have all the data with you - notebook with all your contacts, your mobile phone. And he should be able to simultaneously talk on the phone, record the information in a notebook, to negotiate and drink coffee. All life on the go.<br /><br />However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, which can be seen in one day. As explained in the agency, a day to day they did not like and you never know what tomorrow will bring. However, Irina are positive, it asserts that the property is sold and will be sold. Her profession is required - confident girl. "In fact, the work of a realtor sees only the landlord who makes demands.<br /><br />In addition, busy people who do their business, their own work, no time to search for housing or office space, it all falls on the shoulders of a realtor, he must negotiate, drive around town and look for suitable premises. Separate work begins when you make a transaction, the BTI certificate and other papers - all of these deals realtor ", - says Irina.<br /><br />Naturally, realtors are always talking about the importance and indispensability of his profession - the main source of their earnings. But there are many "nuances" associated with the activities of estate agents in Ukraine. Earlier, Bagent wrote about the problems that may arise from real estate agents in the case of adoption of the Law "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime. "<br /><br />If adopted, a real estate agency can "go into the shadows." And, of course, do not forget about the "black realtors". All these problems are somehow linked to the lack of proper regulation on the legislative level of real estate agencies in Ukraine.<br /><em>Bagnet</em><br /> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8426615393746993"; /* 468x60широкий */ google_ad_slot = "0633076384"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; //--> </script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>
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