Do not sick your apartment?

24.10.2010 14:52
Articles about real estate | Do not sick your apartment? Disorder, chaos, piling up of things - it is a blood clot that breaks the flow of energy through the rooms, another "disease" apartments, which requires prompt treatment. The houses and apartments over time accumulate a mass of useless items.
Meanwhile, Feng Shui clearly expresses his opinion on the matter: only those items that are necessary for life, comfortable existence of man, his family, which are regularly used (to put on, are included, read, etc.) and are useful, able to attract to their peaks, or become its sources. Therefore, the only useful things can be stored in housing rights.

All the old, dilapidated, outmoded, unusable and useless must be released without regret, imposed outside the apartments to make room for new things. Worn, old things, especially strangers, you do not belong, can hold a negative energy, radiating it into space, reducing the energy potential of the premises. You will breathe easier, move freely around the apartment, if corridors, utility rooms (pantries, closets, garage, loggia and balcony) free from rubbish.

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Do not buy yourself and not giving other people the things that have no practical or spiritual values, struggle with the habit of bringing things into the house unnecessary, but get you free. Disorderly accumulation of things in any of the nine zones will create problems and obstacles in your life, work, have a negative impact on all living in the apartment people. First of all make sure to it that the hall, the corridors leading from one room to another, were always free, clean, well-lit. Named part of the apartment - it's the blood vessels that supply life-giving energy is distributed throughout the room, heal ailments of its inhabitants, bringing them success and happiness. Light bulb, creaking floorboards, trying to bully up linoleum or carpet, squeaking doors - these are serious obstacles to the chi. The darkness, the accumulation of things, dust, dirt, stagnant air, any malfunction generate step and thus negatively affect the atmosphere of an apartment and well-being of its residents.

Center for flat zone of luck, stay extremely close, keep it clean, to bring into the house of happiness and good fortune. The procedure in this area will contribute to the spiritual growth of each person living in the apartment.

Thus, regularly carry out audits in the apartment, throw away all the unnecessary things, arrange cleaning, putting things in order and clean, ventilate the room, do not delay for long repair equipment and facilities, are all the rooms, chairs, chairs, offices, cabinet or drawer, to reduce the risk of birth within Apartments negative energy. These measures - is the prevention of diseases of your home.

If the area of wealth in your apartment cluttered, unmade (for example, in this part of the room stands a wardrobe, in which a couple of years no one cleans out clutter, not ventilated boxes and sections), then the money you earn from work and earned money will not bring you moral Nogo satisfaction. More precisely, you will feel confused, not knowing how to invest, to take advantage of it. This circumstance is usually angers people, causes negative emotions.

The current tap or water pipe - a symbol of leaky money, meaning that all your efforts to earn more money will end in failure.

Waste of material resources will be unsound and not benefit, and your considerable income in any way will not improve the material welfare of the family. Maybe even the following ing generation of your family will live in poverty, misery. Once you establish order in the area of wealth, to repair valves, change the damaged pipes, family financial situation improves, commercial transactions and projects will generate considerable income and wealth will grow. Confusion, poor lighting in the zone of Fame generates in the soul of doubt and concern about the situation in society. Opinion about your professionalism, intellectual abilities, prevailing in other people, will be different bias estimates, injustice, you will often suffer from envy and hatred of others. Spend your spring cleaning, get rid of for years gathering dust in the attic of newspapers, old shoes or unserviceable appliances to get rid of his own complex, so complicated in recent years your life and communicating with people. Then the judgments of outsiders about you is likely to change for the better.

Keep clean and tidy the area of marriage, if you do not want in your personal, intimate life problems. Striving for a perfect place in the house, you simultaneously improve relations with a partner in marriage as you would like and not lose control of the situation.

Clutter area families will affect the relationship between its members, would create confusion, indifference to others' problems and needs, scandalously for demonstrating independence, which will lead to the fact that each household will live an isolated life, but the family as such will cease to exist. Clean up the area of the family, remove all visible obstacles to the Chi, strengthen the lighting and ventilation in the sector, and feng shui apartments will change for the better.

Ideally, in the area of the family provides the location of the kitchen or living room. Circulate chi in these rooms. Use all the stove burners, eliminate any of its damage and leaking kitchen faucet. Time to take out the garbage and wash the dishes, clean the fridge and pantry of products whose shelf life has expired. Regularly wet cleaning heavily contaminated surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant.

All chairs dining room, living room should be used, and broken television set, tape should not be in these areas. It is best to immediately refer them to a repair shop.

As a consequence, the family will gather again at the dinner table the evening chatting in the living room, the junior will start to listen to the advice of their elders, peace and harmony prevail in your home.

In the area of children usually have a child or teen bedroom. Procedure - a phenomenon that in these areas difficult to imagine, but it is extremely important. Of whether the child clean toys, not parents teach him to arrange all things in their places, to establish order on your desktop, in closets, on shelves and under the bed, dependent relationship between older and younger in the family, including children and parents .

No need to take care of broken toys, clothing store, from which your children have grown up. Of items that a child found in the street or traded them with friends, too, should get rid of. Not recommended to fill the space under the things cots. Otherwise, you and your children will experience some anxiety and uncertainty in their own strength and support of a loving person. The Chinese believe that things are stored under the bed, and come to a child in a dream, to break his rest.
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