Do not let the bugs in the sale of country houses

01.01.2020 00:15
It is often faster the transaction for the sale of suburban property is hampered quite serious errors, which allowed experienced realtors
Experts of company "RealEkspo" today is called the five most common mistakes when selling a home town.

1. Overvaluation of the object. Never forget that the main task of the seller is that as soon as possible to sell the house, but the main purpose of the buyer with all this - to find the best deal on the whole market. The seller, of course, the house wants to get as much as possible, and the buyer with all this - to pay as little as possible for all real estate.

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Sellers usually takes a lot of time on understanding the entire real estate value of their own. Absolutely every third salesman of real estate in certain real estate that it was his "most unique." This is what prevents an adequate assessment. And the inflated cost and delays to a large extent the entire sales process.

2. Unmarketable appearance of an object. Significantly impedes the realization of the object is somewhat unpresentable appearance. Most of all salespeople do not think about that, why should be prepared to sell the house - perfect cleaning of the house, prompting the simplest and most elementary of order on the land, the house will help sell more quickly, and sometimes a lot cheaper. While still did not forget that any of the property there is no such flaw, which would lower prices are not compensated.

3. Trying to repair with significantly increase the cost of the house. Deciding to run in the house redecorated, most importantly - do not get carried away, and repairs as a result does not turn into major repairs. Most of all owners believe that it is a fundamental value of the property maintenance and increases to 20-30%. Experts believe that this is a very grave error. Need to understand that not everyone is able to increase the cost of finishing the house. And especially it can not do this at a very low demand for all suburban housing.

4. The presence at the show the owner. Show very often becomes very difficult for the seller to psychological testing. In all cases, those especially when people built a house and settle it for years, and now, just have to sell it. It is for this reason, the most experienced realtors to all its customers on this procedure is not recommended to attend. If you suddenly during the show have any questions that would be difficult to respond to the agent on the phone, he can always contact the owner of the house.

5. Cheating customers. Often it happens that the seller is hiding some information. For example, can hold back the debts, liens, family members. This is where it should be remembered that "all the secret always made manifest." It is for this reason, all the primary information that was obtained from the owner of the buyer, did not differ from the data that will later be made available.

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