Do not get fooled by low cost housing

21.04.2012 10:30
Articles about real estate | Do not get fooled by low cost housing In the Kiev region, particularly in Irpen, builders, private traders offer a low-rise flats in blocks of flats at a price of $ 20 thousand, however, such investments can be very risky for the buyer's home. This was announced by a lawyer, Alexander Popov.

Communication with the media Irpen developers avoid. The reason for the closure, according to buyers of apartments in the "maloetazhkah" in dubious in terms of legislation the scheme Construction of cottages. The customer is an individual, the documentation home run as a detached, and only after commissioning divided into apartments.

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Home prices start at $ 500 per square meter. m For the money offered apartments in the basement - the basement, which is not legally housing. $ 100 more for a "square" are flat in the attic. Accommodation on the first and third floors will cost $ 700-900 per square meter. m

In these houses built on the floor with four apartments a small area - 25 sq.m. Thus, "odnushku", for example, on the second floor can be purchased for $ 20 million that at least three times cheaper apartment high-rises, where the "square" is more expensive, and the area more.

In addition, the crisis has investors waiting for the commissioning of the house three or four years, and now complain of delays in processing the documents for housing, which also have to wait a few years.

"Such a scheme of construction is fraught with many pitfalls that can turn into problems for the investor. Perhaps the biggest problem - the inability to legally protect themselves from extinction is guaranteed to the developer with the money. Only way in which this risk is reduced, the use of mortgage to another property developer, at a cost comparable to the estimated cost of the apartment, "- said Alexander Popov.

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