Dnepropetrovsk approved the program of development of land relations before 2015

07.10.2010 20:06
Articles about real estate | Dnepropetrovsk approved the program of development of land relations before 2015 In Dnipropetrovsk, adopted a program of land relations in 2011-2015. The corresponding decision was approved at the 61 session of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council.
As explained in the management of security deputy of the city council, among other tasks, the program is designed to solve the problem of demarcation of land in the state and municipal ownership, pricing, land lease conditions and mortgage payments for the land.

Among the main activities of the program - inventory of land, creation of municipal information database, conducting certification of high-rise buildings, etc.

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The adopted program is expected to power the city would create a real data bank of land market, streamline the data on land and land users, to provide land and inventory information to local authorities and land managers.

To implement the program, according to the decision of the session will be spent 44.7 mln. In particular, 8 mln. be made available to improve existing and develop new technologies (including methodological and policy framework) of the Municipal Land Information System, 4 mln. laid on the development plan for the land-economic unit of the city with the zoning of urban development.

On the formation of the territory and adjust the boundaries of the city's program laid funding of $ 2.5 mln. For the distinction of state and municipal property - 5 mln.

Also, among the most costly activities of the program - the organization of work related to the regulatory and monetary valuation of land the city (2 mln.), The provision and sale of land non-agricultural purposes (5 mln.), The formation of the territory and the delimitation of territories which belong to the lands of historical, cultural, environmental and recreational values (4 mln.) implementation for the distribution in urban neighborhoods (4 mln.) implementation of measures to free the illegally occupied land (3.5 million USD .).
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