Dmitry Alenichev may lose home over debt

04.04.2011 00:00
Bank RosEvroBank suing family of the famous football player Dmitry Alenicheva. At the Gagarin district court in Moscow seized by Alenichevu and his wife to collect the debt under the credit agreement.

According to a source in the court in 2009 Alenichevym and his wife Anastasia from battery RosEvroBank was obtained a loan of 12 million rubles for 10 years on the security of existing property (a house in the cottage Prudy in the Moscow region town of Pushkin). But now his wife can not handle this loan, and therefore the bank and tries to recover from their debt and interest. "In the case of satisfaction of the claim recovery of the debt will be through the sale of the mortgaged property at public auction. The lack of funds after sale of house ushers will collect from Alenicheva and his wife, other property until full repayment of debt," - said our source. The first court hearing is scheduled for April 4, 2011.

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The Bank has already approached the court in connection with the non-payment of the loan and the court will hear the case - at the disposal "Gazety.Ru" was the definition of the Gagarin district court signed by Judge Tatyana Debt, dated March 17, 2011. As stated in this document, the court finds the subject of an application for debt collection and identifies a security for a claim to seize property owned Alenichevym amounting to 439,439 U.S. dollar 81 cents (within the claim). "Determination shall take effect immediately and may be appealed to the Moscow City Court within 10 days" - the document says. However, as explained familiar with the details of the source of litigation, this determination was not void, "since the lawsuit clerical errors were made."

Get the official comments in Gagarinsky court has not yet succeeded.

In the CRA RosEvroBank declined to discuss the claim to celebrity, citing the confidentiality of customer information and the impossibility of bank secrecy.

Alenichev himself is not yet available for comment.

However, the footballer's wife Anastasia confirmed the existence of problems with bank credit amounting to 12 million rubles. According to her, the appearance of a claim from the bank was for her "surprise". "In recent years, negotiated a debt restructuring, followed consultations with the lawyers of the Central Bank and RosEvroBank even" paint scheme, "such a restructuring. I never thought that comes to the fact that our children will take the house in which they live - she admitted. - And now, still hope that the lawsuit will be withdrawn. "

How to tell a spouse player, the credit for the development of business (what it is, it is not explained) was taken in her name, as used in real estate as collateral are also listed for her.
Alenichev in this agreement acted as a guarantor, and now, since the borrower is unable to service its debt, the bank makes a claim and the surety.

The problem with credit has arisen due to heavy family situation, admitted Alenicheva. Dmitry proved himself not with the best hand - dropped these problems for me, did not return calls lawyers and staff, but still puts a spoke in the wheel - she said. - He did not give consent to the restructuring, now is not giving my work record . But I do my best to resolve the problem with the bank and not to disgrace his name. I do not want this story has affected his career. "

Dmitry Alenichev is currently the coach of the junior team of the Russian football (boys p 1993.), Before that he was a member of the Federation Council. In four Alenichevyh two children: daughter Paulina (born 2000) and son Daniel (born in 2004).
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