Discounts in the cottage are a maximum of

17.11.2010 09:45
Articles about real estate | Discounts in the cottage are a maximum of The average size of discounts in the market of cottage townships is 10-30%. This is indicated by research data that had analysts' RealEkspo.

Interesting predolzheniya in the cottage will not be able to buy cheap
The study states that a year ago, the size of discounts does not exceed 7-10%. This means that the size of discounts offered by developers in the countryside its facilities increased from October 2008 to October 2010 more than 2,5 times.

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Active decline in prices was noted at the home being built towns, where there are few ready-made proposals and construction process through the village as a whole is far from complete. In the ready-made high-quality projects prices declined throughout the year by 10-15%.

A year ago, Sidky could reach a level of 30% at 100% charge. Significant role in getting a discount now play a further negotiations - if the client is really interested in purchasing a home, that discount could grow by 3-5%.

At the same time, developers are offering flexible options in the main installments: the initial payment was offered from 30 to 50% with subsequent installments from 3 months to 3 years (depending on when the project will be delivered the State Commission). Currently, the size of discounts that developers are ready to negotiate immediately, is 10 - 20%. The discount is not official and is considered in each case. Discount offered for primary negotiations, assuming 100% payment. Accordingly, in subsequent negotiations the discount rate could rise even up to 10%, resulting in discounts increased to 20-25%.

It is worth noting that the system of interest-free installments as practiced by developers. Terms installments remain about the same as a year ago - from 30 to 50% with subsequent installments from 3 months to 3 years.

"We can conclude that now is the time to buy holiday homes on favorable terms. In the spring of 2011 we expect growth in the number of actual transactions, which would indicate a gradual recovery in demand. But here it should be noted that the active reduction of prices more typical for homes under construction villages, where little is preparing proposals, and construction process through the village as a whole is far from complete. The finished high-quality projects prices have maintained their level "- sums up Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company" RealEkspo.

Confirm this information, and other construction companies. For example, especially for future residents of the town elite "Mayetok" Pearl Іtalії "developed favorable conditions for repairs and finishing work.
When concluding a contract, a contract for $ 100 000 $ - Hire purchase payments
6 months and a gift for your choice:
- Design project for 1 UAH
- 30% discount for carrying out engineering work without taking into account the cost of materials
- Landscaping in the amount of 30,000 USD to the cost of materials.
Offer is valid from September 5. Validity of action for 3 months.

In the cottage area "Severynivka" when buying real estate for young families with a 3% discount on the cost.
At 100% payment discount scheme.
The builder provides a loan to buy a cottage for 10 years at 7% per annum with an initial contribution - 20% of the cost
The company offers an exchange of cottages on the property in Kiev and Kiev region

Cottage town "Borovik" (p. Novoselki, Vyshgorodsky area) offers prospective customers discounts depending on the order of calculation:
100% -15% discount
70% -10% discount
50% - 5% discount
As well as loans for 5 years, depending on the first installment from 9 to 21%.
Victor Kovalenko

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