Discounts, gifts, installment - what to choose when buying property?

05.01.2011 22:10
New Year's tradition to arrange the sale, give gifts to homebuyers and to carry out various special events has long been customary for the Russian real estate companies and real estate agencies.

Massive wave of discount and gift shares began about five years ago, and today, even though the times of crisis, is gaining momentum.

All of the standard

As a gift for buying an apartment or cottage is often proposed standard gift "set": a car, the brand and grade of which depends on the value of the object, a trip to the sea or ski resort, audiovideotehnika or five or two "squares" of floor space free. The upcoming new year is no exception.

And now, in early December, the company Uniparx Service to all buyers of homes in the cottage Velegozh Park promised at his own expense to build a Russian bathhouse on the site. And for those, and this little surprise will be a walk in the comfort of a limousine on New Year's night. Also, for those who dare to invest in a home of the third stage Velegozh Park, will present garden cabins, a cozy fireplace and in addition 12 boxes of champagne. Kids also can count on New Year's greetings Santa Claus with a personal show at home.

Such largesse suggest two different polarity of thought. Either the developers came to the realization of homes and land, or vice versa, very smartly run sales, and management of the company thus decided to generously reward its customers. After all, this gift does not rain ended. So, in the forest cottages lucky home buyers will bestow the keys of the car Mitsubishi L200. And in the cottage Pryvillia that the bank of the Oka, to give the machine and build a bath developers do not intend to, but each buyer of land on the eve of New Year's party promised a 20% discount.

Everyone remembers well Freestuff days when Rodex Group provide customers with households in any of their settlements implementation of free landscaping on the site. Future owner of the village Bylov also awarded a free designer, which in this case served as a project at home.

And in "Miel" for a long time did not philosophize. A gift may like or dislike, but a tidy sum of money will always have handy. And so during the holiday season when purchasing an apartment for repairs to customers "on the spot" will be counted for 200,000 of cash rubles. "Let the money our customers spend at their discretion, the more that soon the New Year and Christmas, and it's time to please yourself and loved ones - said Alla Vishnevskaya, the head office" University "MIEL". - We are not magicians, but very much want to be. However, customers may choose a gift, and we are willing to pay for it. "

At the same time the most "miserly" developers get off with a small New Year's gifts: kitchen, appliances, holding of free internet, if not a bunch of flowers or a bottle of French champagne.

However, there are also more than the original proposal. In the segment de luxe consumer audience quite demanding and selective, so a "friend on wheels" and even the usual discount it is not interested. But the company Villagio Estate found an honorable way. In honor of the three years are offered to homebuyers in the villages of Millennium Park and Monteville opportunity to decorate your home unique mosaic panel area of 30 square meters. m. The cost of such work - at least a million rubles.

Gift or a discount?

Alas, but every year at the town market amusing and exclusive of gifts is getting smaller. The fact that not all fans of living in nature peck on the "freebies". Even such an expensive gift, like a car, causing a lot of doubts and disputes. It's not every buyer of real estate requires an extra car, not everyone is suitable and that brand, which "vparivaet" developer. Same with travel vouchers.

Give the same trip on vacation, say in Egypt, staying at a four-star hotel a young man and big businessmen - the peak of absurdity. Not everyone is wealthy buyers will enjoy and imposed a gift washing machine or TV. Why should they him if he had long since decided to install all the appliances of luxury from the famous German company?

And the choice of cheaper real estate client and do prefer to get a substantial discount, rather than gifts. According to the sellers themselves, rebates and discounts much more effective than a snowmobile or office container plank. Indeed, in some cases, the discount can reach 50%. The second most popular event - the provision of payment by installments.

For example, in "Monomah" you can get it for 10 years. For comparison: in the pre-crisis period installments available only for 1,5 years, in rare cases - for 5 years. Discount manipulated by many companies. For example, on the eve of the upcoming Christmas special conditions presented in the Club village Little Italy, where the cottage is ready to design repair an area of 444 square meters. m can be purchased with a 10% discount.

If full payment Apartments in Spring on the Baltic, that All the street in Moscow, buyers also get 10% discount from the original cost of the proposal. Sellers of country real estate where more generous in the New Year days. And those who are ready to pay immediately the full amount for housing in the village of Little Scotland, company representatives promised to throw off at once 15% of the total value of the apartment in townhouse.

And in "NDV-estate" even developed a whole system of options for New Year discounts. For example, customers buying a property in the format SMART, can rely on discounts from 3 to 10%, but only on condition that the payment of the property will be complete and paid within 5 banking days. Before New Year, this option will be distributed to the most popular items from the company's product line. Thus, when full payment apartments in the neighborhood Tsaritsyno buyer can expect a discount of 3% in LC "BOGORODSKII" and "Sea Symphony" - by 5% in the elite Train "Chocolate" and rail "New" - 2% and the IFC Marshal apartment - all 10%.

"Discount stocks - shares the secrets of Irina Strizhova, director of marketing and sales of the tower of the Mercury City" - characterized by sales of housing business and economy, but not the category of luxury. The fact that an impressive discount, for example, in the elite village or the house may not attract the target audience of buyers, and thus spoil the image of the entire project. "

And yet the most prudent sellers offer is not generous discount and a gift for your purchase. It is understandable. Any Present from the economic point of view is beneficial only for the developer: firstly, the gifts are always purchased in bulk, which reduces cost, and, secondly, in retail outlets where they can be purchased, sold at dumping prices.

"See for yourself, - says Irina Strizhova - one of the companies, realizing the cottages," trailer "to buying a home ownership bestowed and snowmobiles. It would seem that substantial gift, but on the amount that the buyer had to pay for a cottage, the price of motorcycles was less than one percent. At the same time provide a one percent discount would be undignified. And to reduce the cost of the house at 10 percent - is economically inefficient. "

And finally, no matter how much said about the "big heart", and yet the price gift is almost always included in the price of the transaction. In this case, and "free" presents selected from each company's own financial capabilities. Although the practice shows that the substantial cost of purchase, the greater the gift buyer can expect.

But in any case, there are a few rules for a successful gift shares. First, the gift should be an interesting and necessary to the buyer. Secondly, not ordinary and standard, and exclusive to successfully stand out from other gift suggestions. Finally, any initiative must have a certain validity. Perpetual shares of the New Year smoothly flow to, say, Pervomaysky, as practice showed, tedious and not as effective.
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