Disagreements among realtors Ukrainyzemleustroystvu. Appropriate decision support for 243 MPs.

22.09.2011 16:10
Articles about real estate | Disagreements among realtors Ukrainyzemleustroystvu. Appropriate decision support for 243 MPs. The quiet smoothness of adjustment in property prices to economically justified values ​​of real estate of public organizations is a persistent struggle for the formation of the foundations of the real estate market.

The press occasionally appear mutual claims of supporters of two opposing camps. Somehow, the media paid no attention to past Odessa business forum "Property. Odessa - 2011. " But it was a remarkable event.

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In one city, at one time, at one point gathered the heads of all-Ukrainian public organization of Realtors, as well as heads of regional organizations:

- Bondarenko, chairman of the Realtor Chamber of Ukraine (RPU)
- C. Sinister, president of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine (ASNU)
- A. Rubanov, President of the Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine (SSNU)
- J. Ploschansky, president of the Ukrainian Guild of Realtors (PEM)
- A. Krizhanovsky, president of the Kiev SSNU,
- P. Moysol, chairman of the Mykolayiv Oblast Association of Realtors (NOASN)
- O. Arkhipov, president of the Realtors Association of Odessa and the region (ARC and O),

The forum was attended by special guests:

- P. Mihaylidi, president of the Union crisis-managers of Ukraine, Chairman of the Public Council for the development of self-regulation;

- S. Bovsunovskaya, vice - president of the League of Ukrainian experts, the lawyer - an expert;
- T. Abbasov, President of International Real Estate Federation FIABCI Ukraine.
In the discussion of draft laws "On the real estate activity" and "On the self-regulatory organizations" passions reach boiling point. But to the credit of the organizers it was all beyond the bounds of decency. When conducting a talk show about the opinions of Realtors, the draft laws were divided.

As previously reported the news agency LigaBusinessInform from 09/15/11. Quote: "In consideration to the Verkhovna Rada a bill N8781" On the real estate activities. "Sami, realtors and lawyers have to the document large enough tolichestvo questions and comments. In a detailed consideration of the bill, it turned out that the realtor may be just the person with higher education is not lower than bachelor's degree. What is education - not so important, whether it's doctor, teacher, or a marketer. In addition, the necessary qualification and passage of special education. "

Representatives ASNU and OAG supported the adoption of the law "On the self-regulatory organizations" and strongly opposed the bill "On the real estate activity."

PAR, SSNU made from a position that the law "On the self-regulatory organizations" can be taken, but he can not fully address the issues of Realtors. Therefore a need for the law "On the real estate activity."

The parties were so confident in our position that one of the parties was suggested to eat a tie opponents in the event of a law "On the real estate activity."

Particular point of view of Nicholas of Realtors (NOASN) expressed GP Moysol.

First, the law "On the self-regulatory organizations" must be supported, as it aims to support community organizations of all businesses in Ukraine.

Second, the legal regulation of real estate is necessary and no doubt about this should not be. In Ukraine, runs the real estate market. But so far it no legal recognition. De facto, the real estate market there is, de jure, it is not. Thus, Ukraine needs a basic law of the real estate market, which will determine what the real estate market, which tangible assets are present, who is a party to it, rights and responsibilities, and determine the mechanism of state and public regulation in this area. Therefore, the development and enactment of the real estate market should be a priority of public organizations of Realtors, a strategic objective number 1.

In achieving and implementing the strategic objectives can be promoted through the tactical steps, such as the adoption of the law "Onreal estate activity. " He should continue to enter into the basic law of real estate market.

In the draft law "On the real estate activity" should be amended:

- Raise the status of estate agent, giving him the real mechanisms for the implementation of its activities;
- Strengthen the role of regional public organizations of Realtors.

Third, in disputes about the necessity of the law "On the real estate activity" major "public figures" have slept or knowingly fail to see that under the draft law "On the ground", which introduced to the Verkhovna Rada Cabinet of Ministers on 6 September 2011, Realtors completely excluded from the land market, which is a cold shower for the realtor community.

I would hope and believe that the main organizers of Kiev, and their colleagues in the regions finally realize that their main mission today is not "sink" each other on the tactical steps in matters of self-regulatory organizations in the real estate environment, and to combine their capabilities in developing concepts building the foundations of the real estate market of Ukraine.

Yu. Shchetinin


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