Dirtiest cities of the world

09.10.2010 09:53
Articles about real estate | Dirtiest cities of the world The rapid development of industry causes environmental disaster. We offer ratings, which hit dirtiest cities of the world.

10. Kabwe (Zambia)
Causes: development and smelting of lead and zinc (1902-1994 biennium).

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The result: heavy metals pollution of surface and underground waters that nourish the city. In many cases the level of lead in blood of children is seen as potentially fatal. Most workers and residents affected by lead.

9. Chernobyl (Ukraine)
Causes: Accident at nuclear power plants.
Result: 5 million people living around Chernobyl, suffered from this technological disaster. The level of infertility and birth defects remains high. Even 20 years after the accident Exclusion Zone remains deserted.

8. Norilsk (Russia)
Causes: Emissions Norilsk metallurgical plant. The plant annually discharges in the air oh, about two-million tons of sulfur dioxide.
Result: The average life expectancy for factory workers in 1910 less than the average in Russia. 15.8% deaths in children due to respiratory complications.

7. Dzerzhinsk (Russia)

Causes: Chemical Industry. From 1930 to 1998 about 300 000 tons of chemicals found themselves in the environment.
Result: In some parts of the content of dioxins in water to 17 million times higher than permissible values. In 2003 the infant mortality rate was 260 ‰. Average male life expectancy in the city of 42 years.

6. La Oroya (Peru)
Causes: Mining and smelting of metals.
Result: In 99% of residents reported high levels of lead content in blood. Despite the high level of premature mortality. Vegetation surrounding affected acid rain.

5. Vapi (India)

Causes: Plants that stretched for 40 kilometers near the city, is a source of income in the environment a large number of heavy metals, cyanide, pesticides and other toxicants.
Result: Mercury content in groundwater in 96 times the standard World Health Organization. Among the people observed a large number of cases of respiratory diseases and cancer.

4. Sukinda (India)

Causes: chrome ore mining (97% chrome ore reserves of India is on the outskirts of the city).
Result: 30 million tons of spent rock found itself on the surface. In 60% of samples of drinking water is celebrated two times exceeded the national standard of maintenance of hexavalent chromium. Approximately 2.6 million people affected by the industry of the city.

3. Tyanin (China)
Causes: smelting of lead (most manufacturing in China).
Result: The content of lead in air at 10 times the national standards. 140 000 people are constantly exposed to high lead content in the environment.

2. Linfen (China)
Reasons: The largest power plant, coal-fired (about 2 / 3 "coal power" produced plants of the city).
Result: Most vague air pollution in China. The air contains high concentrations of arsenic and sulfur dioxide. Despite the high level of lead poisoning among children. In total about 3 million people are regular victims of this massive power.

1. Sumgait (Azerbaijan)
Causes: Petroleum industry (40 factories).
Result: 120 000 tons of hazardous emissions annually finds himself in the environment. The incidence of cancer by 51% higher than the CIS average. 250 000 people are constantly experiencing the negative impact of industrial production Sumgait.
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