Difficulty buying a country house

10.10.2010 16:05
Articles about real estate | Difficulty buying a country house Buying a country house - a process quite difficult. Perhaps it can be placed on a par with such major events in human life, as a wedding or the birth of a child. It is not for nothing that the famous proverb says that a man should bear a son, plant a tree and build a house. In today's world, building a house, in most cases, is replaced by its purchase. And here it is very important not to err, then to not be upset about the wrong choices. There are several aspects that need to pay attention, buying a cottage. Let's consider them in order.

One of the most important aspects, of course, is the location of future homes. Here there are many pitfalls. Even a perfect, at first glance, the place can conceal a lot of unpleasant things. The greatest danger is represented by objects located in the vicinity of the site. Ivan Shulkov, Director of investment consulting and analytics company "Manor" advises in the first place to look for the following objects in the immediate vicinity of the village:

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• Airport. Air transport corridors.
• Large industrial and CHP.
• Transportation Highway and railway line.
• Logistic centers.
• Landfill MSW (municipal solid waste - approx. Edition) incineration plant.
• Cemeteries, cattle cemetery.
• Sewage treatment plant.
• Livestock and poultry enterprises with farming.
• High voltage power lines, radar, towers cellular operators.

The presence of at least one of these objects can greatly spoil the fun of suburban life. Hope Grebennikov, head of the company's projects "Terra-Real Estate", sees the location of the village yet another danger: "There should not be too strong elevation. It is inconvenient for residents and may cause problems with drainage area. The second limitation - the location in the valley, as at this site will be high humidity, which can pose a risk to health. Also likely swamp the territory.

As for the aspects that increase the level of comfortable living, then they can be attributed the existence of such "natural goods" as forest and water body, regardless of what he represents. It may be a pond and creek, river and reservoir.

Quality construction
Today, most homes are bought at the stage of construction. This makes it possible to control the process of building, use your engineering supervision, ie, can help you avoid low-quality materials, to track the quality and construction time. But here, you may encounter some difficulties, says Elena Pervakova, head of the suburban real estate luxury real estate agency TWEED: «Usually developers are not welcome, when shoppers check the quality of construction and are usually not allowed to do so in the process. Perhaps this is correct, because additional control may delay the construction indefinitely. Also, when buying a house for a client takes an act of acceptance. And just at that moment, he can hire experts to raise all the documentation for the construction and if it is not satisfied with the quality, according to the law (Federal Law of February 7, 1992 № 2300-I «On Protection of Consumer Rights" - approx. Editorial ) request to eliminate the defects or even abandon the purchase of this object. This situation is absolutely normal. With Helen Pervakovoy agrees and Maria Litinetskaya, CEO of Blackwood: «In general, the developer can not prohibit the buyer to monitor the progress of construction, however, affect its course it will be difficult. This may be correlated with the design object in the property when the buyer before the end of construction is not the owner of the site and therefore has no legal right to be in the area. Despite the fact that the experts see some difficulties in the possibility of monitoring the quality of construction, yet not be immediately retreat. As we know, the customer is always right.

If you are lucky and you are allowed to monitor the construction process, we recommend that, first of all, pay attention to the culture of the construction. Its absence can be seen with the naked eye: the lack of normal access for construction equipment, dump construction debris at the site. A good contractor will never allow itself to such things.

Specific requirements for the presence of any infrastructure on the territory of the plot does not exist. The developer is usually stated in advance what facilities will be built in the village, thus attracting the attention of buyers to your project. Buying a vacation home, you need to clearly understand the purposes for which it will be used - for permanent, seasonal or as a home weekend. Depending on this you can make claims to the existence of infrastructure facilities. Traditionally, in any town there are objects such as guest parking, security, office maintenance, children's and sports grounds. According to Mary Litinetskoy, all that is beyond the scope of this list, increases the cost of homes. "To date, the requirements for infrastructure facilities in villages with different people and depend on the amount of money that the customer is willing to spend on a house. In the high-budget clients are usually more demanding of the infrastructure of the village. In selecting the village economy-class potential buyers pay less attention to this aspect, "- she said. In spite of what the infrastructure and the extent to which alleged in a newly built village, their presence is necessary to prescribe in the contract of sale. Unfortunately, not all developers are willing to take this step. But if you want to insure themselves against the fact that the developer of the project eventually decided to abandon the construction of the fitness center or spa, you have every right to insist that you specify in the agreement of all the objects vnutreposelkovoy infrastructure.

If one or the other infrastructure may vary depending on the village, then to the communications imposed more stringent requirements, said Elena Pervakova: "There should be a good village roads that could pass one another 2 cars, with sidewalks for pedestrians. Must be the presence of stormwater. If it is not, then after the rain the roads will accumulate a lot of water. We certainly should be routed network, namely, electricity, sewage, gas, lighting done in villages.

Usually, the presence of communication problems arise, the difficulties may occur in the other - not uncommon, when laying roads, installing fire hydrants, storm sewer placement violated State Standards and SNIP.

This point needs to be monitored even during the construction phase, otherwise, the supervisory authorities represented by the SEA or fire will not make claims to the developers, but to the summer community, which member would be you. According to the Director-General RODEX Development Valery Mishchenko, in order to avoid problems is to address the experts: "For these procedures, the purchaser must engage the service of technical supervision of construction or independent experts. In case of violation of standards, and does not address their main contractor, the purchaser may, in consequence of the exercise data correction, but at their own expense. He also noted that all the networks necessarily need to prescribe in the contract. If the seller refuses to do so, it makes sense not to buy and find a more suitable option.

Category of land
Many experts believe that the first thing that we should pay attention when buying a country house - a category of permitted land use area. It is important to ascertain whether the land is owned by the developer, in which category the land was at the time of purchase, whether there would be translated, in which category and what type of permitted use. Valery Mishchenko advised not to leave this factor is ignored: "It is necessary first of all for the rule of law development of this area residential real estate, but also for understanding the possibility of registering in the homeownership in the future." The problem of registration concerned and Mary Litinetskuyu, CEO of Blackwood: «Categories of permitted land use affects only the ease of registration: in the category" under the country construction "saw more difficult because there is no clearly established procedure."

Term construction
Recently we have witnessed numerous cases of people who have bought real estate, faced with a flagrant violation of terms of construction, and even its complete cessation. The problem of "co-investors defrauded" more characteristic of urban housing, but also out of town no one is immune. In order to understand how realistic the completion of the stated term, to learn the history and reputation of the developer, says Elena Pervakova. "It plays a big role reputation builder. First and foremost, it is necessary to make inquiries, that the company which built the facility. If the construction of settlements, erected earlier, the developer had not caused any problems and keep the time, we can assume that a certain guarantee in the future ", - she said. An important role is played by the financial health of the company-builder. Lack of funds for continued construction can significantly affect the timing. However, not all companies are ready to demonstrate their accountability, "says Ivan Shulkov, Director of investment consulting and analytics company" Manor ":" Determine the exact financial condition could only be for those developers, which are public, that is conducted IPO. Unfortunately, companies engaged in cottage construction, openly publish its financial statements a little. In our country, in principle, it is difficult to be in something 100% sure, and even if you contract with a major company that had worked in the market town real estate, requires making a separate penalty clause for breach of contract relating to delinquency stages of construction and completion date.

Unfortunately, even knowing all the pitfalls encountered in the process of buying a country house, can not give you full confidence that you will get exactly what they wanted originally. So finally I would like to give one more advice. Do not rely on his knowledge of the market by purchasing information, contact a professional realtor. Only these professionals for many years devoted to studying suburban real estate market can help you avoid common mistakes in selecting and enjoy a carefree stay away from the city.

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