Development plan in Kiev until 2025 approved by the council members

17.09.2010 15:55
Articles about real estate | Development plan in Kiev until 2025 approved by the council members At the meeting of the Kyiv City Council on Thursday approved the Concept of Strategic Development in Kiev until 2025, confirmed Sergei Bronevitskiy, Chief CO "Center of Urban Development and Architecture." In this case, Victor Gleba, a former deputy Glavarhitektora Kiev believes that the concept was adopted solely for the "reporting".

Voted for the adoption of the Concept of 80 council members. This concept is a first step towards the adoption of General Plan of development of the capital and its suburbs before the 2025 adoption of the document has not been without comments and suggestions from the deputies and the public. "Basically, the comments focused on the sports component, medicine, job creation, on the left bank and maintain green zones of Kiev - told S. Bronevitskiy - the most constructive of these comments have already been addressed, others will be taken into account in the further development of the Master Plan .

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From public organizations and residents of the capital received 290 proposals and comments.

147 proposals into account, in particular with respect to better define the role and importance of Kiev in the space of Eastern Europe and Ukraine's mission and principles of development of Kyiv, the scope of the Kiev metropolitan area in the long term. Particular attention was paid to the need for accelerated development of engineering and transport infrastructure and road network.

To consider 29 proposals planned at the design stage of the plan, measures for its implementation, relating to the definition of immediate and urgent measures for the city's development, refinement locations citywide cultural facilities, sports, traffic and civil engineering.

Partially addressed 17 proposals on issues to be clarified and refined the design of the plan (placement of individual objects of sport, culture, refinement and deployment of object parameters of the road network, engineering and transport infrastructure).

Rejected the proposal in 1961. These proposals mainly concern the development in the concept proposals for administrative reform, joining the city lands and settlements of the region, indicators of demographic forecasts, the use of a multi-storey building areas Rusanovsky and lower gardens, making the airport Zhulyany in 2025, planning major sites multi-storey building for the city of Kiev - outside the city in areas of rural councils and other unreasonable proposal.

Under the Concept, will be built 28.5 million square meters. meters of housing to 2025

Also scheduled for reconstruction of 1 million square meters. m obsolete housing and construction in the area of 3 million square meters. meters of new housing.

It is assumed that housing construction will be carried out on an already allocated but not yet disbursed, territories: a housing estates Osokorki Central, Northern, Southern, Towers-3.

The period for acceptance of the General Plan, according to Sergei Bronevitskaya will depend directly on the stability of funding. Presumably Master Plan will be submitted to a session of city council and approval of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in autumn 2011

His views on the adoption of the Concept with the correspondent shared Viktor Hleb, a member of the Presidential Council of the National Union of Architects (NSAU), former deputy chief architect of Kiev: "adopted the concept of strategic development of the city of Kyiv, which is defined as the first stage of developing a 'General development plan for the city of Kiev and its suburban area for the period until 2025. In this case, currently in force and constantly violates the general plan, has not been canceled. As a scientific adviser said the developers of the concept, Professor Nikolai Demin, the problem developed and the submissions was to identify technical and economic indicators of the general plan. And this problem is certainly successful. " An expert noted that "the absence of an explanation as to why the current master plan is not observed, suggest that the concept adopted for reporting purposes only.
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