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08.12.2009 16:18
Unrestrained growth of prices on the Kiev real estate market stirred up during the unhurried affairs in a country segment. The year 2006 can be called the year of commencement of the development of cottage property. During this year the number of projects cottage settlements doubled.

Level of Land Development in suburban real estate market

Development cottage real estate in Ukraine is in the process of nucleation, which can be compared with the state of the retail and business centers in 2000. For this period was characterized by a lack of classification, strategy development and professionalism of its main participants. "Today is cottage real estate market left many: from speculating land and owners of various types of small plots to large players who plan to earn income on the final product - sold prefabricated houses, and have income from management of the cottage towns, - says Vadim fidget, CEO consulting company "Ukrainian Trade Guild, specializing in full support of development projects. - In the air, smell of anticipation of the big money, and today the risks associated with the pilot projects, it can be justified by very high income. The market situation resembles cottage real estate promotion blind to the touch, hoping for positive results and success that we see in the example of suburban projects. "

According to experts, the development of cottage property in the capital region is dictated by the fact that in recent years come together are two factors that stimulate increased demand and, consequently, the growth in supply houses in Kiev and the region. "On the one hand, more and more buyers are coming to an understanding of a brand new lifestyle, which has long taken root in the West - nizkoetazhnaya buildings, own a home, owning a plot, and it all away from the city noise. On the other hand, developers and builders increasingly difficult to find land in the city, and if you talk about sites that are suitable for high-end housing, such is actually not at all "- says Vitaly Boyko, Deputy General Director of Ukrainian Trade Guild".

Suburban real estate market in Ukraine is still very chaotic and not formatted, universally accepted and understood by all proposals. Absence of a formal classification and inhibits the development of clear criteria for the market, generates differences in the estimates of different types of homes and misleading potential buyers. With the advent of new projects and increasing supply will gradually build up a theoretical and practical basis that will structure the cottage market and consumers. It is necessary both to developers and buyers of the cottages. According to analysts, only after two or three years (based on the analysis of constructed facilities) will form the typology and the methods of effective organization Land Development cottage real estate. Large role in this play the first buyers of the opinion and the changing demand.

Today in the suburban real estate market is really not enough skilled developers, who have passed all stages of development in this segment and have achieved financial success. "For an active segment of cottage property is not enough research base, and consumer culture, which are the basis for a more literate and qualitative push for a transition from the chaotic development of structural and formatted projects to projects with pre-programmed profitability, timetable for the withdrawal of the object market, etc. etc. All this is impossible without the support of theoretical and practical base - says Vadim fidgets. - In the Ukrainian market there is no required number of objects for analysis, there is formed consumer preferences, which are necessary for the creation of such structural and organizational formations, as cottage complexes. All this complicates the work of developers and creates a large error in the choice of strategy and tactics for project implementation. Accordingly, this segment of real estate is much more risk. "

Not too actively developing rural property and the fact that today's average income level of the population can not be generated strong demand in this segment. Wanting to live in a private house in recent years is really very much. But not everyone can afford to invest in land. And what about the financing of the 200-300-foot cottage, the infrastructure for future campus and other things? Existing financing instruments suburban real estate are under development. In comparison with Europe and Russia we do not have enough confidence in the banks to such projects because of complete lack of experience of developers in this market.

The above factors suggest that Ukraine is at the stage of nucleation of cottage real estate and property developers will go the way of errors and problems that continue to allow you to create objects not in the form of chaotic and frantic construction, and with a clear marketing, architecture and business concept.
Market trends

The main trends of the market analysts of "Ukrainian Trade Guild" include the following:

1. to replace the chaotic suburban building in suburbs of Kiev projects come with a single concept, with well-developed social infrastructure;
2. reduced area of ??cottages;
3. gradually increasing the area of ??the territories, which assigns cottage townships;
4. there are townhouses and apartment buildings;
5. in parallel with the development of the more remote areas are gaining momentum as those areas that previously were not popular.

"Obukhov direction through the forest, near the Dnieper and convenient access routes to the city is the region of the first cottage development with limited territory, which leads to the search for alternative sites. In coming years the greatest number of cottage townships are expected to Zhytomyr, Vyshgorod Brovarskom and directions ", - predicts Vitaly Boyko.

Supply and demand

According to the "Ukrainian Trade Guild", today in the Kiev region totals about 60 townships, more than half of which is at the stage of design or concept. For comparison, in Moscow, now more than 500 existing settlements and projects. Until the end of 2011, according to experts, offer homes on the market cottage real estate Kiev region will increase at least nine times.

The main amount of cottage townships located in the zone of 10-20 km from the city limits. The greatest demand, according to experts, enjoy the sites, which occupy an average of not less than 15 acres, and the home area of ??250-300 square meters. m

In Ukraine, the townhouse is difficult to take root - the type of houses which was distributed to the mass market of the West. Capacity of this market is very small. Number of customers who prefer this type of real estate is small. It is connected with the Ukrainian mentality, and with poor development of the middle class. According to the "Ukrainian Trade Guild, only 22% of potential buyers suburban property would consider buying a home in such houses.

The average price of housing in existing towns and projects now stands at $ 1,520 per 1 sq. km. m, minimum - $ 600 and the maximum - $ 3,000 per 1 sq. km. m

Analysts "Ukrainian Trade Guild" believe that the main factors affecting the price are: project implementation period cottage, the remoteness of the city limits, the direction towards the city, the availability of natural conditions (forest, pond) and the size of the plot.
Complexity and decision

"The lack of significant own resources, difficulties in obtaining credit on the purchase of land and construction, the difficulty of raising funds to home buyers during the construction phase, no need to implement projects for market research and much more - all this is pretty much holding back the development of the market, - says Vitaly Boyko. - Our company has developed an effective scheme for the establishment and development projects, cottage villages, based on market research and concept development. In our work we rely on the preferences of potential buyers, the Russian experience, particularly the real estate market of Ukraine. Result is a business plan that includes marketing support, architectural design, with detailed planning solutions and economic rationale. "

"To properly create any type of real estate requires a comprehensive and structured approach, based on scientific knowledge, practical experience, developed techniques and other attributes, which are now run by large consulting firms. Thus, since 2006 we have been successfully held four consulting work in the Crimea, Kiev and Donetsk for creating marketing concepts of promotion and positioning of the project, architectural concepts and financial analysis of future cottage communities in these cities, "- says Vadim fidgets.

According to experts, the role of consulting companies in the cottage real estate is becoming increasingly important and relevant. A recipe for success cottage community - a quality concept, which enables knowledge-based market, its trends, opportunities for the site, the views of consumers and experts on the spot, and so choose the type of accommodation, plan your site, create a master plan for the settlement and determine the need for consumers and sufficient for successful promotion of the project additional infrastructure.
Market Forecasts

Cottage real estate market by most measures, is under active development. Appears more interesting projects that lay in the minds of consumers a new approach to the cottage towns, and life in them.

"However, the level of consumer culture is still very low, as not supported and will not develop any popularizing this kind of life tools and techniques: mass media, specialized programs, advertising and PR-campaigns, etc., - says Vadim fidgets. - Therefore, all developers must now pay this much more attention. "

From the unattainable at the price of housing for the elite area in the cottage becomes more accessible for people with money a little above average. In the future, is expected to expand further ways to finance projects suburban real estate. "This may be as project developers lending and mortgage lending customers. While the deal to buy houses using mortgage loans are rare, but as soon as possible to predict the introduction of a mortgage on the cottage housing market as a mass product ", - says Vadim fidgets. This will attract a new segment of buyers for this type of real estate.

One of the advantages of suburban real estate is the saving of resources. "The increase from the end of 2006 utility bills more than three times will hit the pockets of citizens. That is to reduce these payments, they will look for ways to self-sustaining resources to their individual consumption, savings, and, accordingly, pay only used. This will allow consumers to pay attention to individual housing, which can act as a country house ", - says Vadim fidgets.

Experts believe that the segment of the cottage housing will become more democratic and people-oriented middle-class. The development of suburban real estate will continue on the path of becoming housing for the city as an alternative to a city apartment, and not add to it.

Need to engage consultants to conduct work in a suburban property is dictated by the complexity of determining the type of property, its characteristics, the size of houses, apartments, plots, characteristics of the target audience, etc.

Professional counselor is needed to ensure that all components of the project - its marketing, architecture and business concept - were three-pronged challenge to get the most effective product with minimal risk when entering the market.

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