Developers were not prepared to pay the real estate tax

15.03.2013 00:45
Articles about real estate | Developers were not prepared to pay the real estate tax January 1, 2013 came into force on Article 265 of the Tax Code prescribes a tax on residential property owned by individuals and legal entities, including non - resident. In practice, it was found that the ratio of taxpayers to the new requirements NKU largely in line ready to administer the new tax payment.

However, many questions about the payment of the tax for residential property advance came from developers and lawyers. "The object of taxation is that it is used for personal use. And that makes the developer, with the legal and accounting point of view is considered a commodity "- insists Elena Sukmanova, advisor practices of dispute resolution law firm Integrites.

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"Logically, when a tax-free housing applies to the final consumer. The builder also makes no accommodation for their own accommodation, but for sale "- seems to be developing, and so clear idea Biriuchenko Victoria, Director of MTD" Audit ".

And what's interesting, is open to constructive discussion, the representative Mindohodov: "Regarding the property tax, there are many questions. We are ready to change the tax base and the possibility of benefits for developers. "

Builders are waiting obviously necessary corrections legislation and mused about how to avoid paying taxes without consequences. Among the ideas expressed at the round table, there are two: the delay to the introduction of facilities in operation and the refusal of registration of property rights. The second idea is extremely risky and not only in the application of tax laws. But the first is not without flaws. So Elena Sukmanova says: "To the developer may apply sanctions in the Criminal Code is an article about hiding the object of taxation."

Solution to the conflict is likely to depend on the position of officials and deputies.

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